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Programming a Qualcomm Cellphone

[11/04/99] - Programming a QUALCOMM  Cell Phone

    I should have written this article a while ago, but I have been
postponing it due to the fact that I'm not sure how useful it will be.
While I was goofing around with my cell phone I realized how easy it was
to get into the "non-customer" features. By typing in the number "1" six
times (it should look like 111-111) and pressing in the dial shuttle you
can bring up a new menu. This menu contains three extra functions,
Version, Programming and Field Debug. Obviously if you select Version it
will show your phone's version, mine reads: DB2.0.10. Version also gives
you a submenu named "more" which reads PRL then a four digit #. I'm not
sure what this stands for but it could be the  personal ID number for
whoever set up your phone. Now to the more interesting stuff. The Field
Debug menu requires you to enter a six digit code before you can access
it. On my phone (the QCP-1920, ver.2.0.10) the access code is really
simple, "000000" After you press the last zero the menu reads "Screen,
Test Calls, Errors, Clr Errors, and 13k Voice. If you have a dual mode
phone your passwd might be different. I'm not going to explain all of
the features because I don't want to bore you, but the one I find most
interesting is the Test Calls. Once you are in the Test Calls menu u can
do many different things. You can make a call in 8k or 13k while testing
for errors, but it will only let you test for about 34sec per call.
There is also a loop test which can be performed in 8k or 13k. The 8k
did not work for me even when I disabled 13k voice. but the 13k did just
fine. Speaking of disabling 13k voice this can be done by selecting 13k
Voice in the main debug menu. I made a few calls with it 13k voice
enabled and disabled but I noticed no difference.

    I know you probably only wanted to know about the Programming option
so I'll move on. When you select Programming,  like the Debug Menu,
stops you with a required passwd input. This passwd is differs from each
calling area. So in theory every one in the Seattle area should have the
same programming code. The code has to be six digits long and no,
"000000" does not work. Now you either can type in 000000 through 999999
until you get the right code, (not only would that take a REALLY long
time but just to help slow you down,  your phone will shut off every
incorrect passwd entered) or you can do a little social engineering.
They best way to get the code it to call your cell phone service
provider and tell them you need to change your number. Give any reason u
like, like you want to change your # cuz you have been receiving
harassing phone calls. Now you also need to have a excuse for why you
can't come in to their service center just incase. Now if all goes well
they should have you re-program your # right there while your talking to
them. Which means they'll have to give you your phone's passwd. Now try
to remember everything he/she has you do for later reference, its not to
hard to do but if your worried you can always record the conversation.
One thing to keep in mind, they might change the code right after you
get off the phone. So make sure you enter the Programming menu ASAP.
Most likely they wont change it for a few months or not at all if your
real lucky. Well I hope this helps you get started on "customizing" your
QUALCOMM phone. In the future I'll try to write another article that
goes into more of the programming codes, so keep checking back every
once and a while.

-Kyle Dalan

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