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Radio Shack CT-102 NAM Programming


CT-102/103/104/1030/1033 (17-1076/1077/1078/1020/1006) Dual-NAM Programming

STEP 1 (Enter Program Mode):

Type:   *3001#12345  9    Phone Responds:  InStALL
Type:                     Phone Responds:  IdEnt IF InFO Pri
Type:     (see Note 1)

 Note 1: If you wish to program the phone for a 2nd cellular phone number,
         press  BEFORE pressing . At this point the phone will
         display "OPt InFO dISAbLEd". Now type:  and then .
         You may now continue with Step 2 as normal.

STEP 2 (Programming the Primary NAM information):

The phone will now inform you of the parameter it wants you to enter on
the top line with the previously programmed parameter (or factory default) on second line. The starred (*) lines require information that MUST be
supplied by the cellular carrier.

*Line 1 of Phone: HO- Id     Type:  5-digit Home System ID then
 Line 1 of Phone: ACCESS     Type:   IF line 2 displays: 0 then
 Line 1 of Phone: LOCL OPt   Type:   IF line 2 displays: 0 then
*Line 1 of Phone: Phon       Type:  10-digit phone number then
 Line 1 of Phone: ST CLASS   Type:  0 8 then
*Line 1 of Phone: PAging Ch  Type:  4-digit Paging Channel then
                                    (Note: Channel A is: 0333,
                                           Channel B is: 0334)

Line 1 of Phone: O-LOAd CLASS Type: 0 and last digit of phone # then
Line 1 of Phone: PrEF SYS     Type:   to toggle between "A" and "B",
                                      (Note: A if PAging Ch is 0333,
                                             B if PAging Ch is 0334)

*Line 1 of Phone: grOUP Id     Type:  2-digit Group ID then
 Line 1 of Phone: SECUrIty     Type:  5-digit Security Code then
 Line 1 of Phone: 1 dAtE       Type:   (Do NOT change this)
 Line 1 of Phone: 2 dAtE       Type:  (todays) 6-digit date (in the form:
                                      mmddyy), then
 Phone: Prog donE    Type:

 The phone should now be correctly programmed.

Settings List:                                   Accessories:
 1     Display Carrier Priority             17-504   PC/FAX Interface
 11    Change Carrier Priority (A/B)        17-705     Wiring Harness
 2         Enable/Disable Horn Alert                 (CT-102/103/104)
 3         Display Time of Last Call        17-704         Horn Alert
 33    Display Call Timer Total                      (CT-102/103/104)
 44    Enable/Disable Key Entry Tone        17-706  Handset Extension
 5         Clear Call Timers                         (CT-102/103/104)
 6         Change Auto-Shutoff Time         17-610    Battery Charger
 7         Change Primary/Secondary NAM                     (CT-1033)
 88    High/Low Power                     23-187 Rechargeable Battery
                                                 T16-DV124 4500mAH Battery
                                                 T16-DV127 7000mAH Battery

Switching NAMs

Selecting NAM 2
     1.  Press  7
     2.  Press <7> to change phone number
     3.  Press  to accept new setting

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