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Radio Shack CT-301 NAM Programming

Programing Tandy CT-301 Cellular Telephone
                By RECON

Caution:  This procedure is intended for use by Radio Shack Store
personnel only.  Do not give this information to a customer or any
other outside person.

You can program the NAM parameters into the CT-301 using the phone's
keypad.  The following chart shows the parameters in the order they
apper on the display during programming.  The chart also provides the
parameter abreviations used on the display, the number of digits for
each parameter, the possible ranges of each parameter.

The security code is set to 12345 at the factory.  You are given the
option to change the lock code at the end of this procedure.

The parameters listed in the YOUR PARAMETER collum are the parameters
for the Boise, ID area.
NAM            :Displayed   :Number:           :Your
Parameter      :Abbreviation:Digits:   Range   :Parameter
Home System ID :HO-ld       :  5   :00000-32767:00272
Access Method  :ACCESS      :  1   :0-1        :1
Local Control  :LOCAL       :  1   :0-1        :1
Option         :            :      :           :
Phone Number   :PhonE n     : 10   :0000000000-:
               :            :      :9999999999 :
Station Class  :CLASS       :  2   :00-99      :10
Mark           :            :      :           :
Home Paging    :PAGE ch     :  3   :001-666    :334
Control        :            :      :           :
Overload Class :O-LOAd      :  2   :00-15      :15
Group ID       :GrouP       :  2   :00-15      :15
Security Code  :Sec CodE    :  5   :00000-99999:

To program the phone:

1. Enter
         [*] 17 [*] 2001 [*] secrity code [*]
The first parameter cattegory [HO-ld; for home system identification]
appears on the display.

2. Press [SEL] to display the current value for the parameter.

3. While the current value is displayed, enter the correct number on
the phone keypad.  If the parameter is already correct, proceed
dirctly to the next step.  If you have problems, see "Programming

4. Press [SEL] to display the name of the next parameter category.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4 to program each of the parameters.

   When you press [SEL] the last time (after entering the customer's
5-digit security code), the parameter information is stored and the
phone returns to the normal power-on mode.

6. Although the CT-301 automatically selects the preferred system, you
still have to set the system priority to A or B, as described in the
CT-301's owener's manual.

Programming Hints:
* If you try to enter a parameter that is out of the listed range or
that has fewer than the listed number of digits, a beep sounds.
Repeatedly press [CLR] until the display is clear, and enter the
correct value.

* To check the entered information, re-enter the programming mode and
repeatedly press [SEL].

* You can terminate programming at any time by pressing [SEL] [END].  New parameters entered to that point are stored in memory.

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