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Radio Shack CT-500 NAM Programming

Programming Instructions:

Press and Hold the Function Key (FCN) down and enter 9 2 3 8 8 5.  This
will put the phone in the programming mode.

The ESN will be displayed.  This number can not be changed.

From this point on, do the following:

PRESS       DISPLAY SHOWS                ENTER

#           CODE 0000                    (Lock code for viewing only,
                                         can not change here)

#           EMERGENCY                    3-10 digit number, i.e., 911 if

#           MIN1                         10 digit phone number
#           SUB NUMBER 1                 10 digit phone number (same #
                                         as programmed in "MIN1")

#           SID 1 (currently prog.       5 digit System ID number
            # appears)

#           IPCH 1 (currently prog.      0333 or 0334
            # appears)

#           ACCOLC 1                     0 + last digit of phone number
#           GIM 1                        00 to 15
#           MARK 1 ON                    if "off", change to "on" by
                                         pressing number 1

#           MIN2                         Press END/ON/OFF key (prog.
                                         second # at this point if

Phone will turn itself off and back on and the phone number programmed will
scroll across the screen.

NOTE:  The phone can be programmed multiple times without "LOCKING UP".

The lock code, CODE 0000, can be changed by the customer through the FCN 2


PRESS and HOLD the Function Key (FCN) down and enter 9 8 7.  The ESN will
be displayed.

PRESS "#", enter phone number.

PRESS "#", enter SID number.

PRESS "#", then Press END/ON/OFF key.  (Again prog. second # at this point
if applicable.)

NOTE:  If you experience problems in programming the phone, call Ericsson's
       Consumer Assistance Line, 1-800-227-3663.


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