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Illustrated - How to Unlock a Sagem 9xx (including 930)
How to unlock a Sagem MC930 phone  

How to unlock a Sagem 9xx

for example MC930

Thanks to http://sagem930.ifrance.com

Dear Friends!

Unfortunately there is still no working
cable solution for the Sagem 930.

The only true unlocking solution is based
on a tiny micro processor, a PIC.

This website describes how to install this PIC
into your mobile phone. I bet you'd like to try it yourself.
 But be warned!

Soldering modern SMDs is complicated and dangerous.
You could kill your phone within seconds.
So start working only if you have some experience.

But I'll take no responsibility whatsoever,
if your phone is damaged.

I also decline all responsibility for damages
caused through errors on this website.

Good luck!
GSM Master


1. Remove the battery and losen the four Torx-T6-screws

2. Take off front cover and keyboard

3. Remove the two torx screws above the display

4. Turn the motherboard upside down and remove the
black plastic cover. Don't losen the two small screws!

5. When the work is finished your phone could look like this:

1 - PIC 12C509, glued upside down onto the motherboard
2 - SIM card reader
3 - 1K resistor, also glued onto the board
a - Ground
b - +2,8 V/Vcc
c - I/O
d - CLK

6. This is the famous PIC 12C509.
Please choose the SMD version, no DIL housing!
There is not enough space inside the phone for a DIL.

7. First you'll have to program the PIC.
A simple and cheap programmer is the P16Pro

8. Pull off CAREFULLY the grey plastic from the SIM card reader

9. Even worse: you must remove a 10 ohms resistor from the board.
This resistor is connected to the card reader's I/O pin.
It is a really tiny black rectangular SMD component.
It could be on various locations depending on your phone's firmware version.
In my phone (FW4.1) it was placed beside the "d" pin of the card reader.
You'll have to trace it with a "beeper".
And please take care to remove just this one resistor, nothing else!

The resistor was connected to pin 9 of the IC named "18599662-5".
One edge of the IC is cut off. Count clockwise for finding pin 9.

10. Now we will install the PIC:
Connect pin 8 of the PIC to contact a of the card reader.
Connect pin 1 of the PIC to contact b of the card reader.
Connect pin 2 of the PIC to contact d of the card reader.

Connect pin 6 of the PIC and contact c of the card reader to
one end of the 1K resistor.

Connect the other end of the 1K resistor to pin 9 of the
"18599662-5" IC or to the corresponding contact of the
10 ohms resistor that you have removed.

11. Now place the black plastic part of the card reader over its contact pins.
Press it carefully but firmly until it touches the motherboard.
If some of the pins don't look out of their slot, lift them up carefully with a fine needle.

12. You can re-assemble your phone now, power it up.....

Et voilà!

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