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Technophone PC 115 Programming


NOTES:  This unit has 8 NAMS
        The ESN prefix is 162 decimal & A5 hex.
        Technophone: 516-576-2000

This unit requires a security code to access programing mode, this code is
based on the unit's electronic serial number.  The hardware serial number
on the phone is the ESN suffix, if not already known.

Take the last six digits of the ESN, rearange and subtract from 999999 to
get the security code:

         Original sequence: 1 2 3 4 5 6

         New sequence:      6 2 4 5 1 3

For example if the ESN is 16200002164 take 002164 and rearange to get
401602.  This number is then subtracted from 999999 to get a security code
of 598397.

Alternativly call 1-800-251-1414, ask for technical support and give them
the ESN.  They will convert it for you!

Having obtained the security code continue with the following steps:

1.  Turn phone on by pressing the ON/C key.

2.  Enter # S S S S S S # # 9 5 3 7 3 9 # MEM 9 9 MEM (where SSSSSS is the
    security code).

3.  Turn phone off by pressing the OFF key.

4.  Turn phone on again and it should display "Which NAM?", if it does not
    review the security code and try again.

5.  Enter the NAM you want to program, NAMs are numbered 0 through 7,
    followed by the * key.

6.  The first data entry will appear.

7.  Press the MEM key to store and increment the step number.

8.  Press SEND after step 07 when display reads "Save NAM?" to store the
    new data, phone will revert to "Which NAM?" at which point you can
    press END to complete and exit, or select another NAM.



01       00000 - 32767     AreaID#?         SYSTEM ID
02       10 DIGITS         Phone Number?    AREA CODE AND PHONE NUMBER
03       2 DIGITS          Overload Class?  ACCESS OVERLOAD CLASS
04       2 DIGITS          Group ID Mark?   GROUP ID (10 IN USA)
05       1 ONLY            EXP?
06       333 OR 334        IPCH?            INITIAL PAGING CHANNEL
07       3 ALPHA NUMERIC   System Ident?    SEE BELOW

Entry 07 is a convienience feature to distinguish between NAMs, you may
enter a three letter abbreviation to identify each NAM.  For instance enter
SFO for San Francisco.  Use the letters on the keypad, each time you press
a key the display will alternate.  For example the "2" key will scroll "2",
"A", "B", "C".  Press STO when the letter you want appears on the display.
To store SFO enter 7777 STO, 3333 STO, 6666 STO.



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