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Walker 910 Programming

                                WALKER 910
                NAM Type:  Tri-State
            Manufacturer:  WALKER
              Programmer:  MOTOROLA 1801-CLENAM or Curtis
          ESN Prefix DEC:  152
                     HEX:  98
 ESN, S/N Match Required:  Yes
    Handset Programmable:  No
      Number of Channels:  666

            Phone Number:  XXX-XXX-XXXX
               Lock Code:  XXX
                 MIN Opt:  Enabled
           Repertory Opt:  Enabled
               Handsfree:  Disabled (Enabled if Equipped)
               Local Use:  Enabled
    End-to-End Signaling:  Enabled
              Horn Alert:  Enabled
               System ID:  XXXXX
        Preferred System:  A or B
         Access Overload:  XX
  Initial Paging Channel:  333 or 334
           Station Class:  00

Hex Address             B7           B0
    13                  1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

        Hex Address 13 - B0  Total Call Timer
                         B2  Preferred Only
                         B7  Individual Call Timer

              horn Alert:  (ALT)
         New Unlock Code:  NAM
           System Select:  Switch on side or cradle (BA or AB)

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