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Pwning Nokia phones (and other Symbian based smartphones)
Pwning Nokia phones (and other Symbian based smartphones)
Pwning Nokia phones (and other Symbian based smartphones)


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1. Perform static analysis of XIP ROM images (dumping, restoring import
and export tables, searching for unsafe function calls)
2. Enable run mode debugging of system binaries running from ROM, by
cracking the AppTRK debug agent
3. (Ab-)use the AppTRK debug agent as a foundation for dynamic
vulnerability analysis
3. Build an exemplary file fuzzer for the video- and audio codecs
shipped with current Nokia smartphones
4. List and briefly analyze the identified bugs
5. Discuss further ideas and concepts, such as jailbreak shellcode, and
an IRC bot trojan for Symbian

We aim to show that it is possible to find and exploit bugs on Symbian
smartphones, even in preinstalled system applications, without having
access to special development hardware, and that exploits and worms
similar to those found on desktop systems may be possible on Symbian.
The bugs listed in this paper have been sent to Nokia and are currently
under review. Mobile phone manufacturers should be aware that remote
vulnerabilities of the kind discussed in this paper could be used in
targeted attacks to remotely compromise a smartphone (track GPS, turn on
mic, etc.), or as a means of propagation for mobile network worms.


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