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Damage Inc. List of acronyms

                     /\                   /\
    ..... _______   /  \    ____         /  \  /\   __         _______
  ..: ____|__   |  /    \___\   \----// /    \_/\__/_/_________\     / ...
  :.. \     /   |_/            \_/   /_/            \_     __ \_____/_ _ :...
 ..:.. \    \_            _     |                    /     | \__ _____ ...: .
 :     /-----/____\---\----\____|    _\----\---/\----\_____\\    . ....:    :
 :                            /------\         /\.                          :
 .     ::.....      .......     ::.....     ::.....     ..               .. .
 :  .. ::   ::....  ::   :::....::   ::.....::   ::  ...::... ...........:: :
    :: ::   ::::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   ::....:::   :::   :::   ::
 .  :: ::   ::::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :: .
    :: ::   ::::   :::   :::   :::...:::   :::    ::   :::   :::   :::   ::
    :: ::   ::::   :::   :::    ::    ::   :::    ::   :::   :::   :::   ::
    ::      ::::   :::...:::    ::    ::   :::    ::   :::...:::...:::...::
    ::        ::...::     ::          ::...::     ::...::     ::..

------------     -   ----  --   -----   ---   -  - -  --  ---- - -      - - -- -
A damn cool song deserved a damn good ascii, and I think I delivered.
Spent ages on this one (about one hour for an oldschool!) -waste/pst

                       Damage, INC. List of Acronyms v1.0

3ACC    3A Central Control
5XB COER  5 X-Bar Central Office Equipment Reports system
A/D     Analog to Digital
AAX     Automated Attendant eXchange
ABATS   Automatic Bit Access Test System
ABHC    Average Busy Hour Calls
ABS     Alternative Billing Service
ABSBH   Average Busy Season Busy Hour
ACB     Annoyance Call Bureau
ACC     Analog Control Channel
ACC     Audio Communications Controller
ACCS    Automated Calling Card Service
ACD     Automatic Call Distributor
ACDA    Automatic Call Disposition Analyzer
ACE     Automatic Calling Equipment
ACF     Advanced Communications Functions
ACH     Attempt per Circuit per Hour
ACOF    Attendant Control Of Facilities
ACP     ACtion Point
ACSNET  Acedemic Computing Services NETwork
ACSU    Advanced t-1 Channel Service Unit
ACTS    Automated Coin Toll Service
ACU     Alarm Control Unit
ACU     Automatic Calling Unit
ADCCP   Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADCI    Automatic Display Call Indicator
ADN     Abbreviated Dialing Number
ADPCM   Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADS     Advanced Digital System
ADS     Audio Distribution System
ADS     Auxilary Data System
AF      Audio Frequency
AFACTS  Automatic FACilities Test System
AFADS   Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
AFSK    Automatic Frequency Shift Keying
AIC     Automatic Intercept Center
AICC    Automatic Intercept Communications Controller
AIOD    Automatic Identificated Outward Dialing
AIS     Automatic Intercept System
AIX     Advanced Interactive eXecutive
ALBO    Automatic Line BuildOut
ALFE    Analog Line Front End
ALGOL   ALGOrhythmic computer Language
ALI     Automatic Location Indentification
ALIT    Automatic Line Insulation Testing
ALRU    Automatic Line Record Update
ALS     Automated List Service
AM      Administrative Module
AM      Amplitude Modulation
AM      Answering Machine
AMA     Automatic Message Accounting
AMACS   AMA Collection System
AMARC   AMA Recording Center
AMASE   AMA Standard Entry
AMAT    AMA Transmitter
AMATPS  AMA TeleProcessing System
AMERITECH  AMERican Information TECHnologies
AMI     Alternate Mark Inversion
AMPS    Advanced Mobile Phone Service
AN      Associated Number
ANA     Automatic Number Announcement
ANAC    Automatic Number Announcement Circuit
ANC     All Number Calling
ANI     Automatic Number Identification
ANIF    Automatic Number Identification Failure
ANIS    Automatic Number Identification Switching/Spoofing
ANSI    American National Standards Institute
AOS     Alternate Operator Service
AOSS    Auxilliary Operator Service System
AP      Attached Processor
APC     AMARC Protocol Converter
APD     Avalanche Photo Diode
APS     Automatic Protection Switch
AR      Alarm Report
ARC     Audio Response Controller
ARCH    Access Response Channel
ARIS    Audichron Recorded Information System
ARQ     Automatic Repeat reQuest
ARS     Alternate Route Selection
ARSB    Automated Repair Service Bureau
ARU     Audio Response Unit
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interexchange
ASIC    Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASM     Assembly
ASOC    Administrative Service Oversight Center
ASPEN   Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network
AT      Access Tandem
AT&T    American Telephone and Telegraph
ATB     All Trunks Busy
ATC     Automatic Transmission Control
ATH     Abbreviated Trouble History
ATI     Automatic Test Inhibit
ATIS    Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATM     Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM     Automatic Teller Machine
ATMS    Automated Trunk Measurement System
ATP     All Tests Pass
ATR     Alternate Trunk Routing
ATRS    Automated Trouble Reporting System
ATTC    Automatic Transmission Test and Control circuit
ATTCOM  AT&T COMmunications
ATTIS   AT&T Information System
AUDIX   AUDio Information eXchange
AUTODIN AUTOmatic DIgital Network
AUTOSEVCOM  AUTOmatic SEcure Voice COMmunications
AUTOVON AUTOmatic VOice Network
AUXF    AUXillary Frame
AVC     Analog Voice Channel
AVD     Alternate Voice Data
B6ZS    Bipolar with 6 Zero Subsitution
B8ZS    Bipolar with 8-Zero Substitution
B911    Basic 911
B       Bridge
BA      Bell Atlantic
BANCS   Bell Administrative Network Communications System
BAPCO   Bellsouth Advertising & Publishing COmpany
BB      Blue Box
BBS     Bulletin Board System
BCC     Blocked Call Cleared
BCCH    Broadcast Channel
BCD     Binary Coded Decimal
BCD     Blocked Call Delayed
BCS     Batch Change Supplement
BCH     Blocked Calls Held
BCR     Blocked Calls Released
BCTEL   British Columbia Telco
BDP     Bi-Directional Protocol
BDT     Billing Data Transmitter
BEF     Band Elimination Filter
BELLCORE  BELL COmmunications REsearch
BER     Bit Error Rate
BERT    Bit Error Rate Test
BETRS   Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BHC     Busy Hour Calls
BIN     Binary
BIOS    Basic Input/Output System
BISP    Business Information System Program
BITNET  Because-It's-Time NETwork
BL/DS   Busy Line/Don't Answer
BLER    Block Error Rate
BLF     Busy Line Field
BLS     Business Listing Service
BLV     Busy Line Verification
BNS     Billed Number Screening
BOC     Bell Operating Company
BOR     Basic Output Report
BORSCHT Battery, Overvoltage, Ringing, Supervision, Coding, Hybrid Testing
BOS     Business Office Supervisor
BOSS    Billing and Order Support System
BOT     Beginning Of Tape
BPI     Bits Per Inch
BPOC    Bell Point Of Contact
BPS     Bits Per Second
BPSS    Basic Packet-Switching Service
BRAT    Business Residence Account Tracking system
BRCS    Business Residence Custom Service
BPH     Bits Per Hour
BRI     Basic Rate Interface
BRM     Basic Remote Module
BS      Banded Signaling
BS      Bell South
BSA     Basic Serving Arrangements
BSBH    Busy Season Busy Hour
BSC     Business Service Center
BSCM    BiSynchronous Communications Module
BSE     Basic Service Elements
BSF     Bell Shock Force
BSOC    Bell Systems Operating Company
BSP     Bell System Practice
BSRFS   Bell System Reference Frequency Standard
BST     Basic Services Terminal
BSTJ    Bell System Technical Journal
BT      Bus Terminator
BTAM    Basic Telecommunications Access Message
BTL     Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTN     Billing Telephone Number
BTU     British Thermal Unit
BVA     Billing Validation Application
BVC     Billing Validation Center
BWM     Broadcast Warning Message
BWT     Broadcast Warning TWX
BWTS    BandWidth Test Set
CA      CAble
CABS    Carrier Access Billing System
CAC     Calling-card Authorization Center
CAC     Carrier Access Code
CAC     Circuit Administration Center
CAC     Customer Administration Center
CAD     Computer Aided Dispatch
CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
CADV    Combined Alternate Data/Voice
CAI     Call Assembly Index
CAIS    Colocated Automatic Intercept System
CALRS   Centralized Automatic Loop Reporting System
CAMA    Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
CAROT   Centralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks
CAS     Circuit Associated Signaling
CAS     Centralized Attendant Service
CAS     Computerized Autodial System
CAT     Craft Access Terminal
CATLAS  Centralized Automatic Trouble Locating and Analysis System
CBS     CrossBar Switching
CBX     Computerized Branch eXchange
CC      Calling Card
CC      Central Control
CC      Common Control
CC      Country Code
CC      Credit Card
CCC     Central Control Complex
CCC     Computer Control Center
CCF     Credit/Calling Card Fraud
CCH     Connections per Circuit per Hour
CCi     CyberCrime International Network
CCIR    Comite' Consultatif International des Radio Communications
CCIS    Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCITT   Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph
CCNC    Common Channel Network Controller
CCNC    Computer/Communications Network Center
CCR     Customer-Controlled Reconfiguration
CCS     Common Channel Signaling
CCS     Hundred (C) Call Seconds
CCSA    Common-Control Switching Arrangement
CCT     Central Control Terminal
CCTAC   Computer Communications Trouble Analysis Center
CCTV    Closed Circuit Television
CCU     COLT Computer Unit
CCV     Calling Card Validation
CDA     Call Data Accumulator
CDA     Coin Detection and Announcement
CDAR    Customer Dialed Account Recording
CDCF    Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow
CDF     Combined Distributing Frame
CDI     Circle Digit Identification
CDO     Community Dial Office
CDPR    Customer Dial Pulse Receiver
CDR     Call Dial Rerouting
CDS     Craft Dispatch System
CEF     Cable Entrance Facility
CEI     Comparably Efficient Interconnection
CELP    Code Excited Linear Prediction
CEPT    Conference European on Post and Telecommunications
CEV     Controlled Environment Vault
CF      Coin First
CFCA    Communications Fraud Control Association
CFR     Code of Federal Regulations
CGN     Concentrator Group Number
CGSA    Cellular Geographic Serving Area
CIC     Carrier Identification Code
CICS    Customer Information Control System
CID     Caller ID
CII     Call Identity Index
CIS     Customized Intercept Service
CLASS   Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling
CLASS   Custom Local Area Signaling Service
CLDN    Calling Line Directory Number
CLEI    Common-Language Equipment Identification
CLI     Calling Line Ident
CLID    Calling Line IDentification
CLLI    Common-Language Location Identification
CMAC    Centralized Maintenance and Administration Center
CMC     Construction Maintenance Center
CMDF    Combined Main Distributing Frame
CMDS    Centralized Message Data System
CMS     Call Management System
CMS     Circuit Maintenance System
CMS     Communications Management Subsystem
CMS     Conversational Monitoring System
CMT     Cellular Mobile Telephone
CMU     COLT Measurement Unit
CN      Change Notice
CN/A    Customer Name/Address
CNA     Communications Network Application
CNAB    Customer Name/Address Bureau
CNCC    Customer Network Control Center
CNI     Common Network Interface
CNI     Calling Number Identification
CNID    Caller Name Identification
CNMS    Cylink Network Management System
CNS     Complimentary Network Service
CO      Central Office
COAM    Customer Owned And Maintained
COC     Circuit Order Control
COCOT   Customer-Owned Coin-Operated Telephone
CODCF   Central Office Data Connecting Facility
CODEC   COder-DECoder
COE     Central Office Equipment
COEES   COE Engineering System
COLT    Central Office Line Tester
COMSAT  COMmunications SATellite
CONN    CONNector
CONTAC  Central Office NeTwork ACcess
CONUS   CONtinental United States
CORNET  CORperate NETwork
COSMIC  COmmon Systems Main InterConnection frame system
COSMOS  COmputerized System for Mainframe OperationS
COT     Central Office Terminal
CP      Control Program
CPC     Cellular Phone Company
CPC     Circuit Provisioning Center
CPD     Central Pulse Distributor
CPE     Customer Premises Equipment
CPH     Cost Per Hour
CPI     Computer Private branch exchange Interface
CPM     Cost Per Minute
CPMP    Carrier Performance Measurement Plan
CPU     Central Processing Unit
CRAS    Cable Repair Administrative System
CRC     Customer Record Center
CRC     Cyclic Redundancy Check
CREG    Concentrated Range Extension with Gain
CRFMP   Cable Repair Force Management Plan
CRIS    Customer Record Information System
CRS     Centralized Results System
CRSAB   Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau
CRSO    Cellular Radio Switching Office
CRT     Cathode Ray Tube
CSA     Carrier Serving Area
CSACC   Customer Service Administration Control Center
CSAR    Centralized System for Analysis Reporting
CSC     Cell Site Controller
CSDC    Circuit Switched Digital Capability
CSM/CD  Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSNET   Computer Science NETwork
CSO     Central Services Organization
CSS     Computer Sub-System
CSU     Channel Service Unit
CTC     Central Test Center
CTM     Contac Trunk Module
CTMS    Carrier Transmission Measuring System
CTO     Call Transfer Outside
CTSS    Cray Time Sharing System
CTT     Cartridge Tape Transport
CTTC    Cartridge Tape Transport Controller
CTTN    Cable Trunk Ticket Number
CU      Control Unit
CU      Customer Unit
CUG     Closed User Group
CU/TK   Common Update/EQuipment system
CUCRIT  Capital Utilization CRITeria
CVR     Compass Voice Response
CWC     City-Wide Centrex
D/A     Digital to Analog
DA      Directory Assistance
DACS    Digital Access Cross-connect System
DACS    Directory Assistance Charging System
DAIS    Distributed Automatic Intercept System
DAMA    Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DARC    Division Alarm Recording Center
DARU    Distributed automatic intercept system Audio Response Unit
DAS     Directory Assistance System
DAS     Distributor And Scanner
DAS-WDT Distributor And Scanner-Watch Dog Timer
DASD    Direct Access Storage Device
DAV     Data Above Voice
DB      Decibel
DBA     Data Base Administrator
DBAC    Data Base Administration Center
DBAS    Data Base Administration System
DBM     DataBase Manager
DBS     Duplex Bus Selector
DCCH    Digital Control Channel
DCCS    DisContiguous Shared Segments
DCE     Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCH     D Channel Handler
DCL     DEC Control Language
DCLU    Digital Carrier Line Uint
DCM     Digital Carrier Module
DCMS    Distributed Call Measurement System
DCMU    Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit
DCP     Duplex Central Processor
DCPR    Detailed Contuing Property Record (PICS/DCPR)
DCPSK   Differential Coherent Phase-Shift Keying
DCS     Digital Crosconnect System
DCT     Digital Carrier Trunk
DCTN    Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTS    Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DDC     Direct Department Calling
DDD     Direct Distance Dialing
DDN     Defense Data Network
DDS     Digital Data Service
DDS     Digital Data System
DDS     Digital Dataphone Service
DDX     Distributed Data eXchange
DEC     Digital Equipment Corporation
DERP    Defective Equipment Replacement Program
DES     Data Encryption Standard
DEW     Distant Early Warning (line)
DFI     Digital Facility Interface
DFMS    Digital Facility Management System
DIC     Digital Interface Controller
DID     Direct Inward Dialing
DIF     Digital Interface Frame
DIM     Data In the Middle
DIP     Dual In-line Package
DISA    Direct Inward System Access
DIU     Digital Interface Unit
DLC     Digital Loop Carrier
DLCU    Digital Line Carrier Unit
DLL     Dial Long Lines
DLS     Digital Link Service
DLTU    Digital Line/Trunk Unit
DLU-PG  Digital Line Unit-Pair Gain
DM      Delta Modulation
DMA     Direct Memory Access
DMI     Digital Multiplexed Interface
DML     Data Manipulation Logic
DMS     Data Management System
DMS     Digital Multiplexed System
DMU     Data Manipulation Unit
DN      Directory Number
DNC     Dynamic Network Controller
DNHR    Dynamic Non Hierarchical Routing
DNIC    Data Network Identification Code
DNIS    Dialed Number Identification Service
DNR     Dialed Number Recorder
DNS     Domain Name Server
DNX     Dynamic Network X-connect
DOC     Dynamic Overload Control
DOCS    Display Operator Console System
DOJ     Department Of Justice
DOM     Data On Master group
DOS     Denial Of Service
DOS     Disk Operating System
DOTS    Digital Office Timing Supply
DOV     Data Over Voice
DP      Demarcation Point
DP      Dial Pulse
DP      Digital Phone
DPAC    Dedicated Plant Assignment Center
DPC     Destination Point Code
DPE     Data Path Extender
DPN-PH  Data Packet Network-Packet Handler
DPP     Discounted Payback Period
DPSK    Differential Phased-Shift Keying
DQDB    Distributed Queue Dual Bus
DR      Data Ready
DR      Data Receive
DRMU    Digital Remote Measurement Unit
DS      Digital carrier Span
DS      Digital Signal
DS      Direct Signal
DSBAM   Double-SideBand Amplitude Module
DSDC    Direct Service Dial Capability
DSI     Digital Speech Interpolation
DSN     Digital Signal (level) N
DSP     Digital Signal Processor
DSR     Dynamic Service Register
DSS     Data Station Selector
DSU     Data Service Unit
DSX     Digital System X-connect
DT      Data Transmit
DT      Di-group Terminal
DTAS    Digital Test Access System
DTC     Di-group Terminal Controller
DTC     Digital Traffic Channel
DTC     Digital Trunk Controller
DTE     Data Terminal Equipment
DTF     Dial Tone First
DTG     Direct Trunk Group
DTIF    Digital Transmission Interface Frame
DTMF    Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTU     Di-group Terminal Unit
DUV     Data Under Voice
DVX     Digital Voice eXchange
E&M     rEceive & transMit/Ear & Mouth signaling
E-BCCH  Extended Broadcast Channel
E-COM   Electronic Computer Originated Mail
E911    Enhanced 911
EADAS   Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
EADAS/NM  EADAS/Network Management
EAEO    Equal Access End Office
EARN    European Academic Research Network
EAS     Extended Announcement System
EAS     Extended Area Service
EASD    Equal Access Service Date
EBCDIC  Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interexchange Code
ECAP    Electronic Customer Access Program
ECC     Enter Cable Change
ECCS    Economic C (hundred) Call Seconds
ECF     Enhanced Connectivity Facility
ECPT    Electronic Coin Public Telephone
ECS     Electronic Crosconnect System
EDAC    Electromechanical Digital Adapter Circuit
EDI     Electronic Data Interchange
EDP     Electronic Data Processing
EDSX    Electronic Digital Signal X-connect
EECT    End-to-End Call Trace
EEDP    Expanded Electronic tandem switching Dialing Plan
EEHO    Either End Hop Off
EEI     Equipment-to-Equipment Interface
EFRAP   Electronic Feeder Route Analysis Program
EFS     Error Free Seconds
EIA     Electronics Industries Assotiation
EIRP    Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIS     Expanded Inband Signaling
EISS    Economic Impact Study System
EKTS    Electronic Key Telephone Sets
EMF     Electromagnetic Frequency
EMI     Electromagnetic Interference
EML     Expected Measured Loss
EMS     Expanded Memory Specification
ENFIA   Exchange Network Facility for Interstate Access
EO      End Office
EOE     Electronic Order Exchange
EOS     Extended Operating System
EOTT    End Office Toll Trunking
EPL     Electronic switching system Program Language
EPROM   Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPSCS   Enhanced Private Switched Communication Service
ER      Error Register
ERAR    Error Return Address Register
EREP    Environmental Recording Editing and Printing
ERL     Echo Return Loss
ERP     Effective Radiated Power
ERU     Error Return address Update
ESAC    Electronic Surveillance Assistance Center
ESB     Emergency Service Bureau
ESF     Extended SuperFrame
ESL     Emergency Stand-Alone
ESN     Electronic Serial Number
ESN     Electronic Switched Network
ESP     Enhanced Service Provider
ESS     Electronic Switching System
EESS    Enhanced Electronic Switching System
ESSX    Electronic Switching Systen eXchange
ETAS    Emergency Technical ASsistance
ETF     Electronic Toll Fraud
ETN     Electronic Tandem Network
ETS     Electronic Tandem Switching
ETS     Electronic Translation System
ETSACI  Electronic Tandem Switching Adminstration Channel Interface
ETSSP   ETS Status Panel
EXT     EXTension
F-BCCH  Fast Broadcast Channel
FA      Fuse Alarm
FACS    Facilities Assignment and Control System
FAR     Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAST    First Application System Test
FAT     File Allocation Table
FAQ     Frequently Asked Questions
FCAP    Facility CAPacity
FCC     Federal Communications Commission
FCC     Forward Command Channel
FCG     False Cross or Ground
FCS     File Control Systemction
FCS     Frame Check Sequence
FDCCH   Forward DCCH
FDDI    Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDM     Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDMA    Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDP     Field Development Program
FDX     Full DupleX
FEC     Forward Error Correction
FED     Far End Data
FEMF    Foreign Electro-Motive Force
FEPS    Facility and Equipment Planning System
FEV     Far End Voice
FGA     Feature Group A
FGB     Feature Group B
FGC     Feature Group C
FGD     Feature Group D
FIFO    First In, First Out
FIOC    Frame Input/Output Controller
FIP     Facility Interface Processor
FIPS    Federal Information Processing Standards
FM      Frequency Modulation
FMAC    Facility Maintenance And Control
FNPA    Foreign Numbering Plan Area
FOC     Fiber Optic Communications
FON     Fiber Optics Network
FR      Flat Rate
FREQ    Frequency
FREQ    File Request
FRS     Flexible Route Selection
FSK     Frequency Shift Keying
FTG     Final Trunk Group
FTP     File Transfer Protocol
FTS     Federal Telecommunications System
FUBAR   Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
FX      Foreign eXchange
GB      GigaByte
GBS     Group Bridging Service
GCS     Group Control System
GEISCO  General Electric Information Services COmpany
GHZ     GigaHertZ
GID     Group ID
GND     GrouND
GODS    Global Outdials
GOS     Grade Of Service
GP      Group Processor
GPIB    General Purpose Interface Bus
GRD     GRounD
GSA     General Services Administration
GSAT    General telephone and electronics SATellite corporation
GSZ     Graphical Zmodem
GTC     General Telephone Company
GTE     General Telephone Electronics
GTT     Global Title Transmission
HCS     Hierarchical Cell Structure
HCSDS   High-Capacity Satellite Digital Service
HCTDS   High-Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service
HD      Hard Drive
HDLC    High-level Data Link Control
HDTV    High Definition TV
HDX     Half DupleX
HEAP    Home Energy Assistance Program
HEHO    High End Hop Off
HIC     Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HNPA    Home Numbering Plan Area
HNS     Hospitality Network Service
HOBIC   HOtel Billing Information Center
HOBIS   HOtel Billing Information System
HP      Hewlett-Packard
HPO     High Performance Option
HSSDS   High-Speed Switched Digital Service
HTML    Hyper Text Markup Language
HU      High Usage
HUTG    High Usage Trunk Group
HZ      HertZ
I&M     Installation & Maintenance
I/O     Input/Output
IB      Instruction Buffer
IBM     International Business Machines
IBN     Integrated Business Network
IC      Independent Carrier
IC      Integrated Circuit
IC      Inter-exchange Carrier
IC      Inter-LATA Carrier
ICAN    Individual Circuit ANalysis
ICC     Interstate Commerce Commission
ICD     Interactive Call Distribution
ICLID   Individual Calling Line ID
ICM     Integrated Call Management
ICSC    Inter-LATA Customer Service Center
IDDD    International Direct Distance Dialing
IDE     Integrated Drive Electronics
IEC (IXC)  Interexchange Carrier
IDF     Intermediate Distributing Frame
IDS     Internal Directory System
IDVC    Integrated Data/Voice Channel
IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IF      Intermediate Frequency
IFRPS   Intercity Facility Relief Planning System
IIN     Integrated Information Network
IM      Interface Module
IMAS    Integrated Mass Announcement System
IMM     Input Message Manual
IMT     Inter-Machine Trunk
IMTS    Improved Mobile Telephone Service
IN      Intelligent Network
INC     InterNational Carrier
INL     Inter Node Link
INMARSAT  International Maritime Satellite Service
INN     Inter Node Network
INT     Interrupt
INTELSAT  INternational TELecommunications SATellite consortium
INWATS  INward Wide Area Telephone Service
IO      Inward Operator
IOC     Input/Output Controller
IOCC    International Overseas Completion Center
IOP     Input-Output Processor
IOT     Inter-Office Trunk
IP      Information Provider
IP      Internet Protocol
IP      Internet Provider
IPCS    Interactive Problem Control System
IPL     Initial Program Load
IPLAN   Integrated PLanning And Analysis
IPM     Impulses Per Minute
IPM     Interruptions Per Minute
IPX     Integrated Packet eXchange
IRC     International Record Carrier
IROR    Internal Rate Of Return
IS      Interrupt Set
ISC     International Switching Center
ISDN    Integrated Service Digital Network
ISLM    Integrated Services Line Module
ISLU    Integrated Services Line Unit
ISN     Information Systems Network
ISN     Integrated Systems Network
ISO     International Organization for Standardization
ISP     Internet Service Provider
ISS     Integrated Switching System
ISSN    Integrated Special Services Network
ISUP    Integrated Services User Part
ITS     Institute of Telecommunication Science
ITSO    Incoming Trunk Service Observation
ITU     International Telecommunications Union
IVP     Installation Verification Program
IVR     Interactive Voice Response
IVTS    International Video Teleconferencing Service
IX      Interactive eXecutive
IXM     IntereXchange Mileage
JCL     Job Control Language
JES     Job Entry System
JIM     Job Information Memorandum
JMX     Jumbogroup MultipleX
JSN     Junction Switch Number
JSW     Junctor SWitch
K       Kilobit
KB      Keyboard
KBPS    KiloBits Per Second
KDT     Keyboard Display Terminal
KFT     KiloFeeT
KHZ     KiloHertZ
KP      Key Pulse
KSR     Keyboard Send-Receive
KTS     Key Telephone Set
KTS     Key Telephone System
LAC     Loop Assignment Center
LADT    Local Access Data Transport
LAIS    Local Automatic Intercept System
LAM     Leave A Message
LAMA    Local Automatic Message Accounting
LAN     Local Area Network
LAP     Link Access Protocol
LAPD    Link Access Procedure on the D channel
LAPD    Los Angeles Police Department
LASS    Local Area Signaling Service
LATA    Local Access and Transport Area
LATIS   Loop Activity Tracking Information System
LBO     Line Buildout
LBS     Load Balance System
LCAMOS  Loop CAble Maintenance Operation System
LCBO    Liquor Control Board of Ontario
LCCIS   Local Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
LCCL    Line Card CabLe
LCCLN   Line Card Cable Narrative
LCDN    Last Called Directory Number
LCIE    Lightguide Cable Interconnection Equipment
LCLOC   Line Card LOCation
LCN     Logical Channel Numbers
LCR     Least Cost Routing
LCRMKR  Line Card ReMarKs, Retained
LCSE    Line Card Service and Equipment
LCSEN   Line Card Service and Equipment Narrative
LD      Long Distance
LDMTS   Long Distance Message Telecommunications Service
LEAS    LATA Equal Access System
LEC     Local Exchange Carrier
LED     Light-Emitting Diode
LENCL   Line Equipment Number CLass
LF      Line Finder
LFACS   Loop Facilties Assignment And Control System
LIFO    Last In, First Out
LLC     Logical Link Control
LLN     Line Link Network
LMMS    Local Message Metering System
LMOS    Loop Maintenace Operations System
LMX     L Multiplex
LOC     Local Operating Company
LOCAP   LOw CAPacitance
LOF     Lock OFf-line
LON     Lock ON-line
LPCDF   Low Profile Combined Distributing Frame
LRAP    Long Route Analysis Program
LRC     Longitudal Redundancy Check
LRS     Line Repeater Station
LRSS    Long Range Switching Studies
LSB     Lower Side Band
LSI     Large-Scale Integrated circuitry
LSRP    Local Switching Replacement Planning system
LSS     Loop Switching System
LSV     Line Status Verifier
LTAB    Line Test Access Bus
LTC     Local Test Cabinet
LTD     Local Test Desk
LTF     Lightwave Terminating Frame
LTF     Line Trunk Frame
LTG     Line Trunk Group
LTS     Loss Test Set
LXE     Lightguide eXpress Entry
M/W     MicroWave
MA      Maintenance Administrator
MACBS   Multi-Access Cable Billing System
MADN    Multiple Access Directory Numbers
MAN     Metropolitan Area Network
MAP     Maintenance and Administration Position
MAPSS   Maintenance & Analysis Plan for Special Services
MAR     Microprogram Address Register
MARC    Market Analysis of Revenue and Customers system
MAS     MAin Store
MAS     Mass Announcement System
MASC    MAS Controller
MASM    MAS Memory
MASM    Micro$oft Assembler
MATFAP  Metropolitan Area Transmission Facility Analysys Program
MB      MegaByte
MBPS    MegaBits Per Second
MBR     Master Boot Record
MCIAS   Multi-Channel Intelligent Announcement System
MCC     Master Control Center
MCCS    Mechanized Calling Card Service
MCH     Maintenance CHannel
MCHB    Maintenance CHannel Buffer
MCI     Microwave Communications Incorporated
MCIAS   Multi-Channel Intercept Announcement System
MCN     Metropolitan Campus Network
MCS     Meeting Communications Service
MCTRAP  Mechanized Customer Trouble Report Analysis Plan
MDACS   Modular Digital Access Control System
MDC     Marker Distributor Control
MDC     Meridian Digital Centrex
MDF     Main Distribution Frame
MDU     Marker Decoder Unit
MDX     Modular Digital eXchange
MEC     Mobile Equipment Console
MELD    Mechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing frames
MERS    Most Economic Route Selection
MET     Multibutton Electronic Telephone
MF      Multi Frequency
MFENET  Magnetic Fusion Energy NETwork
MFJ     Modification of Final Judgement
MFR     Multi-Frequency Receivers
MFT     Metallic Facility Terminal
MG      MasterGroup
MGT     MasterGroup Translator
MHS     Message Handling System
MHZ     MegaHertZ
MICE    Modular Integrated Communications Environment
MIN     Mobile Identification Number
MINX    Multimedia Information Network eXchange
MIR     Micro-Instruction Register
MIS     Management Information System
MISCF   MISCellaneous Frame
MITS    Microcomputer Interactive Test System
MLC     MiniLine Card
MLCD    Multi-Line Call Detail
MLN     Main Listed Number
MLT     Mechanized Loop Testing
MMC     Minicomputer Maintenance Center
MMGT    MultiMasterGroup Translator
MMOC    Minicomputer Maintenance Operations Center
MMS     Main Memory Status
MMS     Memory Management System
MMX     Mastergroup MultipleX
MODEM   MOdulator-DEModulator
MOG     Minicomputer Operations Group
MOS     Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MP      Multi-Processor
MPCH    Main Parallel CHannel
MPOW    Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation
MPPD    Multi-Purpose Peripheral Device
MRF     Maintenance Reset Function
MS      Maintenance State
MS      Millisecond
MSC     Media Stimulated Calling
MTBF    Mean Time Between Failures
MTF     Master Test Frame
MTP     Message Transfer Part
MTR     Mechanized Time Reporting
MTS     Message Telecommunications Service
MTS     Message Telephone Service
MTS     Mobile Telephone Service
MTSO    Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTTR    Mean Time to Repair
MTU     Maintenance Termination Unit
MTU     Media Tech Unit
MTX     Mobile Telephone eXchange
MU      Message Unit
MUD     Master User Directory
MULDEM  MULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer
MUX     MUltipleX
MVP     Multiline Variety Package
MVS     Multiple Virtual Storage
MW      MultiWink
MWI     Message Waiting Indicator
MXU     MultipleXer Unit
NA      Next Address
NAC     Network Administration Center
NAG     Network Architecture Group
NAM     Number Assignment Module
NAND    Not-AND gate
NAS     Numerical and Atmospheric Sciences network
NASA    North American Space Agency
NAU     Network Access Unit
NCC     Network Control Center
NCCF    Network Communications Control Facility
NCP     Network Control Point
NCS     National Communications System
NCTE    Network Channel-Terminating Equipment
NDCC    Network Data Collection Center
NEBS    New Equipment-Building System
NESAC   National Electronic Switching Assistance Center
NEXT    Near-End X-Talk
NHR     Non Hierarchial Routing
NI      Network Interface
NIC     Network Interface Card
NID     Network Interface Device
NM      Network Module
NMC     Network Management Center
NNX     Network Numbering eXchange
NOC     Network Operations Center
NOCS    Network Operations Center System
NORGEN  Network Operations Report GENerator
NOTIS   Network Operator Trouble Information System
NPA     No Power Alarm
NPA     Numbering Plan Area
NPV     Net Present Value
NS      Nanosecond
NSA     National Security Agency
NSC     Network Service Center
NSCS    Network Service Center System
NSEC    Network Switching Engineering Center
NSFNET  National Science Foundation NETwork
NSPMP   Network Switching Performance Measurement Plan
NT1     Network Termination 1
NT2     Network Termination 2
NT      Network Termination
NT      Northern Telecom
NTEC    Network Technical Equipment Center
NTIA    National Telecommunications and Information Agency
NTN     Network Terminal Number
NTS     Network Technical Support
NTS     Network Test System
NUA     Network User Address
NUI     Network User Identification
NYNEX   New York, New England and the unknown (X)
O-LTM   Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer
OAA/P   Over-the-Air Activation and Programming
OASYS   Office Automation SYStem
OC      Operator Centralization
OCC     Other Common Carrier
OCE     Other Common carrier channel Equipment
OCU     Office Channel Unit
ODAC    Operations Distribution Administration Center
ODD     Operator Distance Dialing
ODDD    Operator Direct Distance Dialing
ODS     Overhead Data Stream
OFNPS   Outstate Facility Network Planning System
OGT     OutGoing Trunk
OMM     Output Message Manual
OMPF    Operation and Maintenance Processor Frame
ONA     Open Network Architecture
ONAC    Operations Network Administration Center
ONAL    Off Network Access Line
ONI     Operator Number Identification
OP      Outside Plant
OPC     Originating Point Codes
OPEOS   Outside Plant planning, Engineering & construction Operations System
OPM     Outside Plant Module
OPS     Off-Premises Station
OPSM    Outside Plant Subscriber Module
OPX     Off-Premises eXtension
OR      Originating Register
ORB     Office Repeater Bay
ORM     Optical Remote Module
OS      Operator Service
OS      OutState
OSAC    Operator Services Assistance Center
OSC     Operator Services Center
OSC     OSCillator
OSDS    Operating System for Distributed Switching
OSI     Open Systems Interconnection
OSO     Originating Signaling Office
OSP     OutSide Plant
OSPS    Operator Service Position System
OSS     Operator Service System
OUTWATS OUTward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
OW      Over-Write
P/AR    Peak-to-Average Ratio
PA      Power Alarm
PA      Program Address
PABX    Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PACE    Program for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment
PACT    Prefix Access Code Translator
PAD     Packet Assembly/Disassembly
PAM     Pulse-Ampitude Modulation
PAN     Personal Account Number
PANS    Pretty Advanced New Stuff
PAS     Public Announcement Service
PASP    Public Service Answering Point
PAT     Power Alarm Test
PAX     Private Automatic eXchange
PBC     Peripheral Bus Computer
PBC     Processor Bus Controller
PBD     Pacific Bell Directory
PBS     Personal Base Station
PBX     Private Branch eXchange
PC      Primary Center
PCDA    Program Controlled Data Acquisition
PCH     Paging Channel
PCH     Parallel CHannel
PCM     Pulse-Code Modulation
PCO     Peg Count and Overflow
PCS     Personal Communications Services
PCTV    Program Controlled TransVerters
PD      Peripheral Decoder
PD      Public Domain
PDF     Power Distribution Frame
PDI     Power and Data Interface
PDN     Public Data Network
PDSP    Peripheral Data Storage Processor
PE      Peripheral Equipment
PECC    Product Engineering Control Center
PFPU    Processor Frame Power Unit
PH      Parity High bit
PIA     Plug-In Administrator
PIC     Plastic-Insulated Cable
PIC     Primary Independent Carrier
PICS    Plug-in Inventory Control System (PICS/DCPR)
PIN     Personal Identification Number
PIP     Packet Interface Port
PL      Parity Low bit
PM      Peripheral Module
PM      Plant Management
PMAC    Peripheral Module Access Controller
PMU     Precision Measurement Unit
PNB     Pacific Northwest Bell
PNPN    Positive-Negative-Positive-Negative devices
POB     Periphal Order Buffer
POF     Programmable Operator Facility
POP     Point Of Presence
POTS    Plain Old Telephone Service
PP      Pay Phone
PP      Post Pay
PPD     Peripheral Pulse Distributor
PPN     Public Packet Switching
PPP     Point to Point Terminal
PPS     Product Performance Surveys
PPS     Public Packet Switching network
PRCA    Puerto Rico Communications Authority
PREMIS  PREMises Information System
PRI     Primary Rate Interface
PROM    Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROMATS PROgrammable Magnetic Tape System
PROTEL  PRocedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language
PRS     Personal Response System
PRTC    Puerto Rico Telephone Company
PS      Program Store
PSAP    Public Safety Answering Point
PSC     Prime Service Contractor
PSC     Public Safety Calling system
PSC     Public Service Commission
PSDC    Public Switched Digital Capability
PSE     Packet Switch Exchange
PSID    Private System Identity
PSIU    Packet Switch Interface Unit
PSK     Phase-Shift Keying
PSM     Packet Service Module
PSM     Position Switching Module
PSN     Packet Switched Network
PSN     Public Switched Network
PSO     Pending Service Order
PSPDN   Packet Switched Public Data Network
PSS     Packet Switch Stream
PSS     Packet Switched Services
PSTN    Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU     Program Storage Unit
PSW     Program Status Word
PT      Program Timer
PTAT    Private Trans Atlantic Telecommunications
PTT     Postal Telephone and Telegraph
PTW     Primary Translation Word
PUC     Peripheral Unit Controller
PUC     Public Utilities Commission
PVC     Permanent Virtual Circuits
PVN     Private Virtual Network
QAM     Quadrature-Amplitude Modulation
QAS     Quasi-Associated Signaling
QMP     Quality Measurement Plan
QRSS    Quasi Random Signal Source
QSS     Quality Surveillance System
R       Ring
R&R     Rate & Route
R&SE    Research & Systems Engineering
R/O     Read/Only
R/W     Read Write
R/WM    Read/Write Memory
RACH    Random Access Channel
RAM     Random-Access Memory
RAND    Rural Area Network Design
RAO     Regional Accounting Office
RAO     Revenue Accounting Office
RAR     Return Address Register
RASC    Residence Account Service Center
RBHC    Regional Bell Holding Company
RBOC    Regional Bell Operating Company
RBOR    Request Basic Output Report
RC      Regional Center
RC      Resistance-Capacitance
RC MAC  Recent Change Memory Administration Center
RCC     Radio Common Carrier
RCC     Remote Cluster Controller
RCC     Reverse Command Channel
RCF     Remote Call Forwarding
RCLDN   Retrieval of Calling Line Directory Number
RCM     Remote Carrier Module
RCMP    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCSC    Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RCU     Radio Channel Unit
RCVR    ReCeiVeR
R&D     Research and Development
RD      Reverse Database
RDCCH   Reverse DCCH
RDES    Remote Data Entry System
RDS     Radio Digital System
RDT     Radio Digital Terminal
REC     Regional Engineering Center
REM     Remote Equipment Module
REMOBS  REMote OBservation System
REN     Ring Equivalence Number
REXX    REstructred eXtended eXecuter language
RF      Radio Frequency
RID     Remote Isolation Device
RISLU   Remote Integrated Services Line Unit
RLCM    Remote Line Concentrating Module
RLT     Remote Line Test
RMAS    Remote Memory Administration System
RMATS   Remote Maintenance and Testing System
RMR     Remote Message Registers
RMS     Root-Mean-Square
RN      Reference Noise
RNOC    Regional Network Operations Center
RO      Receive Only
ROB     Remote Order Buffer
ROC     Regional Operating Company
ROH     Receiver Off Hook
ROM     Read-Only Memory
ROTL    Remote Office Test Line
RQS     Rate/Quote System
RQSM    Regional Quality Service Management
RRO     Reports Receiving Office
RSA     Repair Service Attendant
RSB     Repair Service Bureau
RSC     Remote Switching Center
RSC     Residence Service Center
RSCS    Remote Source Control System
RSCS    Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSID    Residential System Identity
RSL     Received Signal Level
RSLE    Remote Subscriber Line Equipment
RSLM    Remote Subscriber Line Module
RSM     Remote Switching Module
RSS     Remote Switching System
RSTS/E  Resource System Time Sharing/Enhanced
RSU     Remote Switching Unit
RTA     Remote Trunking Arrangement
RTL     Resistor-Transistor Logic
RTM     Regional Telecommunications Management
RTM     Remote Test Module
RTS     Remote Testing System
RTU     Remote Trunking Unit
RTU     Right To Use
RUM     Remote User Multiplex
RWC     Remote Work Center
RX      Remote eXchange
S       Sleeve
SAC     Service Area Code
SAC     Service Area Computer
SAC     Special Area Code
SAG     Street Address Guide
SAI     Serving Area Interface
SALI    Standalone Automatic Location Identification
SAMA    Step by step Automatic Message Accounting
SAR     Store Address Register
SARTS   Switched Access Remote Test System
SAT     Special Access Termination
SAT     Supervisory Audio Tone
SBMS    Southwestern Bell Mobile Service
SBS     Skyline Business Systems
SC      Scanner Controller
SC      Sectional Center
SCAT    Stromberg-Carlson Assistance Team
SCC     Satellite Communications Control
SCC     Specialized Common Carrier
SCC     Switching Control Center
SCCS    Specialized Common Carrier Service
SCCS    Switching Control Center System
SCF     Selective Call Forwarding
SCF     Shared Channel Feedback
SCM     Subscriber Carrier Module
SCO     Serving Central Office
SCOT    Stepper Central Office Tester
SCOTS   Surveillance & Control Of Transmissions System
SCP     Signal Control Point
SCP     Signal Conversion Point
SCP     System Control Program
SCPC    Signal Channel Per Carrier
SCPD    Supplementary Central Pulse Distributor
SCSI    Small Computer Systems Interface
SCU     Selector Control Unit
SCX     Specialized Communications eXchange
SD&D    Specific Development & Design
SDIS    Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDL     Specification and Description Language
SDLC    Synchronous Data Link Control
SDN     Software-Defined Network
SDOC    Selective Dynamic Overload Controls
SDP     Service Delivery Point
SDR     Store Data Register
SDS     Switched Data Service
SDS     Synchronous Data Set
SDSC    Synchronous Data Set Controller
SE      Social Engineer
SEAS    Signaling Engineering and Administration System
SEL     SELector
SES     Service Evaluation System
SF      Single Frequency
SFMC    Satellite Facility Management Center
SG      SuperGroup
SGML    Standard Generic Markup Language
SGMP    Simple Gateway Management Protocol
SI      Status Indicator
SIC     Silicon Integrated Circuit
SID     System IDentification
SIT     Special Information Tone
SLC     Subscriber Loop Carrier
SLE     Screening Line Editor
SLIC    Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
SLIM    Subscriber Line Interface Module
SM      Switching Module
SMAS    Supplementary MAin Store
SMAS    Switched Maintenance Access System
SMDF    Subscriber Main Distributing Frame
SMDI    Subscriber Message Desk Interface
SMDR    Station Message Detailed Recording
SMDS    Switched Multimegabit Data Service
SMG     SuperMasterGroup
SMS     Service Management System
SMSA    Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMSCH   Short Message Service Channel
SMTP    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA     System Network Architecture
SNADS   System Network Architecture Distribution Service
SNET    Southern New England Telephone
SOAC    Service Order Analysis Control
SOC     Service Oversight Center
SOH     Service Order History
SONAR   Service Order Negotiation And Retrieval
SONDS   Small Office Network Data System
SONET   Synchronous Optical Network
SP      Signal Processor
SP      Signaling Point
SPACH   SMS point-to-point messaging, paging, and access response channel
SPAN    Space Physics Analysis Network
SPAN    System Performance ANalyzer
SPC     Southern Pacific Communications
SPC     Stored Program Control
SPCS    Stored Program Control Systems
SPI     Serial Peripheral Interface
SPUC/DL Serial Peripheral Unit Controller/Data Link
SQL/DS  Structured Query Language/Data System
SRA     Selective Routing Arrangement
SS      Special Services
SSAS    Station Signaling and Announcement Subsystem
SSB     Single-SideBand
SSBAM   Single-SideBand Amplitude Modulation
SSC     Special Services Center
SSCP    Subsystem Services Control Point
SSO     Satellite Switching Office
SSP     Signal Switching Point
SSP     Sponsor Selective Pricing
SSP     System Status Panel
SSPC    SSP Controller
SSPRU   SSP Relay Unit
SSTTSS  Space-Space-Time-Time-Space-Space network
ST      STart
STC     Serving Test Center
STC     Switching Technical Center
STD     Subscriber Trunk Dialing
STDM    Statistical Time Division Multiplexing
STP     Signal Transfer Point
STS     Shared Tenant Service
STS     Space-Time-Space network
SVC     Switched Virtual Circuits
SVS     Switched Voice Service
SWB     SouthWestern Bell
SX      SimpleX signaling
SXS     Step by (X) Step
SYC     SYstem Control
SYSGEN  SYStem GENeration
SZ      Send Zmodem
T       Tip
T1/OS   T1 carrier OutState
T1FE    T1 carrier Front End
TA      Terminal Adaptor
TA      Transfer Allowed
TAC     Terminal Access Circuit
TAP     Telephone Assistance Plan
TAS     Telephone Answering Service
TASC    Technical Assistance Service Center
TASC    Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control system
TASI    Time Assignment Speech Interpolation system
TASM    Turbo Assembler
TAT     TransAtlantic Telephone
TB      TerraByte
TC      Timing Counter
TC      Toll Center
TCAP    Transaction Capabilities Applications Port
TCAS    T-Carrier Administration System
TCC     Trunk Class Code
TCG     Test Call Generation
TCM     Time Compression Multiplexer
TCM     Trellis Coded Modulation
TCR     Transient Call Record
TDAS    Traffic Data Administration System
TDC     Tape Data Controller
TDC     Terrestrial Data Circuit
TDD     Telecommunications Device for Deaf
TDM     Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA    Time Division Multiple Access
TDR     Time Domain Reflectometer
TE1     Terminal Equipment Type 1
TE2     Terminal Equipment Type 2
TE      Terminal Equipment
TE      Transverse Electric
TEHO    Tail End Hop Off
TELSAM  TELephone Service Attitude Measurement
TERM    TERMinal
TF      Toll Free
TFLAP   T-carrier Fault-Locating Applications Program
TFS     Trunk Forecasting System
TGC     Terminal Group Controller
TGN     Trunk Group Number
TH      Trouble History
TIA     Telecommunications Industry Association
TIA     Telephone Information Access
TIRKS   Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System
TLD     Top Level Domain
TLM     Trouble Locating Manual
TLN     Trunk Line Network
TLP     Transmission Level Point
TLTP    Trunk Line and Test Panel
TM      Transverse Magnetic
TMDF    Trunk Main Distributing Frame
TMMS    Telephone Message Management System
TMR     Transient Memory Record
TMRS    Traffic Measurement and Recording System
TMRS    Traffic Metering Remote System
TMS     Time-Multiplexed Switch
TN      Telephone Number
TN      Transaction Number
TNDS    Total Network Data System
TNN     Trunk Network Number
TNOP    Total Network Operation Plan
TNPC    Traffic Network Planning Center
TNPP    Telocator Network Paging Protocol
TOPS    Timesharing OPerating System
TOPS    Traffic Operator Position System
TP      Toll Point
TP      Turbo Pascal
TPMP    Total network data system Performance Measurement Plan
TR      Test Register
TR      Transfer Register
TREAT   Trouble Report Evaluation Analysis Tool
TRR     Tip-Ring Reverse
TSCPF   Time Switch and Call Processor Frame
TSCPF   Time Switch and Central Processor Frame
TSI     Time Slot Interchanger
TSO     Time Sharing Option
TSORT   Transmission System Optimum Relief Tool
TSP     Test SuPervisor
TSP     Traffic Service Position
TSPS    Traffic Service Position System
TSS     Trunk Servicing System
TSST    Time-Space-Space-Time network
TST     Time-Space-Time network
TST     Traveling-Wave Tube
TSTS    Time-Space-Time-Space network
TT      Trunk Type
TTC     Terminating Toll Center
TTL     Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTP     Trunk Test Panel
TTS     Trunk Time Switch
TTTN    Tandem Tie Trunk Network
TTY     TeleTYpewriter
TTYC    TTY Controller
TUR     Traffic Usage Recording
TUR     Trunk Utilization Report
TWX     TeletypeWriter eXchange
UCD     Uniform Call Distribution
UDP     User Datagram Protocol
UIC     User Identification Code
UID     User ID
UITP    Universal Information Transport Plan
UNISTAR UNIversal Single call Telecommunications Answering & Repair
UPC     Universal Product Code
UPS     Uninterruptable Power Supply
URL     Universal Resource Locator
USB     Upper Side Band
USITA   United States Independent Telephone Association
USO     Universal Service Order
USOC    Universal Service Order Code
USP     Universal Sampling Plan
UUCICO  Unix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing
UUCP    Unix to Unix Copy Program
VAN     Value Added Network
VC      Virtual Circuit
VCS     Virtual Circuit System
VER     VERify
VF      Voice Frequency
VFY     VeriFY
VGA     Video Graphics Array
VGF     Voice Grade Facility
VHF     Very High Frequency
VINES   VIrtual NEtwork Software
VIU     Voiceband Interface Unit
VLSI    Very Large-Scale Integrated circuitry
VMB     Voice Mail Box
VM/SP   Virtual Machine/System Product
VMCF    Virtual Machine Communications Facility
VMR     Volt-Meter Reverse
VMRS    Voice Message Relay System
VMS     Virtual Memory operating System
VMS     Voice Mail/Message System
VMS     Voice Management System
VNF     Virtual Network Feature
VNL     Via Net Loss plan
VNLF    Via Net Loss Factor
VODAS   Voice Over Data Access Station
VPN     Virtual Private Network
VRS     Voice Response System
VRU     Voice Response Unit
VSAM    Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT    Very Small Aperature Terminal
VSB     Vestigial SideBand modulation
VSE     Virtual Storage Extended
VSR     Voice Storage and Retrieval
VSS     Voice Storage System
VSSP    Voice Switch Signaling Point
VTAM    Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTI     Virtual Terminal Interface
VTOC    Volume Table Of Contents
VTS     Video Teleconferencing System
WAN     Wide Area Network
WATS    Wide Area Telephone Service
WC      Wire Center
WCPC    Wire Center Planning Center
WDM     Wavelength Division Multiplexing
WDT     Watch Dog Timer
WM      Work Manager
WOS     Wireless Office Services
WWW     World Wide Web
XB      X-Bar
XBT     X-Bar Tandem
XFE     X-Front End
XMS     eXtended Multiprocessor operating System
XPD     Cross Polarization Discrimination
Y2K     Year 2000
YP      Yellow Pages
ZL      Zero Loss
ZLTR    Zero Loss Terminating Resistor


This list was compiled over several months time and spans many areas of
interest (from telco terms to general/common computer terms).  Multiple sources
were used, including:  a list from Metal Shop Private BBS (as published in
Phrack), a list from PIMP issue #3, text files on specific networks, various
telco documents (Bell, AT&T, MCI) I've found and read, my own knowledge, and
from memory, etc.  It isn't a complete list by any means, but it's as complete
as it's ever going to be.  So, that's why I decided that I might as well release
it the way it is.  It was originally released at the end of 1998 in issue #13 of
the Damage, INC. Newsletter.  A few additions and minor changes have been made
to it since then.  I may decide to update it and release a new version sometime
in the distant future.  That is, if I have the time to type all of the acronyms
and definitions from various documents that I've obtained.  Gathering together
masses of loose papers that are strewn around is an undertaking in itself.

Final Notes:

Hopefully you find this small list of acronyms useful.  It was created to be
used mainly as a reference for terms that you might run across while exploring
systems, reading text files, looking through documents you found while trashing
or whatever.  :)

- THC Phreak  Damage, INC.

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