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Introduction to Diverters

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**                                   **
**         An Introduction to        **
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**            DIVERTERS              **
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Written by Larry Phreaker
alias: Larry, and Larry P.

 A   P / H U N   P R O D U C T I O N

This file isn't "How to use a diverter",
it's more like "how to get lots of them
as fast as I can to make confrences and
trace-free calls without getting nailed"
I will discuss several ways to do this..
I wrote the text file in 40 column even
though I have 80 so everyone vith 40 col
can read it easily. And so when/if you
print it out you can waste half the

   The Yellow Pages
   touch tone phone
   Your areas ANI phone number

Okay. Open the phone book to PLUMBERS.
Find one that says 24 hour service 
or something like that. Dial the #.
Let it ring. You should hear a click,
then a ring. that is the call diverting.
the other ring often sounds different.
get the other people to hang up. now, 
not dumb and will catch on if you do.
ask in  foreigner type voice "Is Abdul
there?" or something like that. they
will hang up. Wait for a dial tone,
then dial the ANI number. Thats the
thing when you dial it it reads back
your number. if it says your number,
then its not  a diverter. Try another
plumber and take your business elsewhere
but if  it reads a different number, its
a diverter.. It wont be the number you
dialed though. Write down the number you
dialed somewhere. Now you have a diverter.
Other people to do this to are Doctors,
Electricians, or anyone with 24-hour
service in their ad.
Problems with diverters:
Some diverters have security features
in them to keep out the big bad phreaks.
For example, Radio Shack  sells
diverters. They hang up on you(and
disconnect the call) either after five
or ten minutes, depending on what the
owner sets a switch to. I hate those.
Also, some diverters click when used.
every minute or so. If you dial
ALLIANCE and it wont go though, then
dial 10288 first then alliance.
this will rout the call through AT&T.
Why Diverters Are Superior:
Often if you use a diverter thats local
to you you get a great connection. Why?
Your dialing off of its dial tone as if
it was your own, but not getting billed
of course. Diverters dont trace or have
ANI like those nasty 950 companies. 
They reach any number that you can..
If you call a number that traces with
a diverter(Gvmt/TRW/etc) it gets the
DIverter number and not yours. You
are safe, the Plumber/Doctor has some
serious explaining to do to the feds.
As well as a large phone bill that
he dosent know where it all came from.
Phun at its best!!!
HOW TO FIND THEM-------------------
you need-
     A PAYPHONE(unless your in
                Crossbar, but still
                WATCH OUT!)
     The number to the Credit Operator

I reccomend using a payphone for this
one since you are screwing with your
local telco who dosent like you much.

Ok, dial the credit op. Ask for the
AT&T CREDIT OPERATOR. They should put
on some lame recording. Wait till its
over then wait for a dial tone. Hit
9+1+Area Code and Phone Number.
This is convenient if you have no
quarter. This is how it works:
1) you call credit op and ask
   for at&t credit op
2) Op hits button to DIAL number
   with recording. Op lets go
   of button to talk to you(IE: goes
   on to next person with ques.)
3) Recording Ends. It hangs up but
   you dont. you get a dial tone:
4) Dial 9+1+Area Code and Number.

I reccomend hitting 9+ANI the first
time you do this to make sure it works
in your area. I have only tried it in
NY Metro Area.(IE, NYC and Long Island)
if ANI isnt a 3-digit number(NY Metro
Area ANI: 958) but rather is a 7-digit
phone number, hit 1+9+Area COde plus
ANI. Depending onthe area if you dial 
a number in your area code you may not
need to use it. Experiment! Whats rad
is that if you dial the number it
gives with ANI it rings. You get
connected to someone dialing the`
Credit Op! They think you are He/She!
Then all sorts of fun and games can 
How To Find Diverters: Method Three-
     A Phone
     Yellow Pages
     good "social engineering" skills.
     (In other words, be a good BS
     Your Local ANI number

Look up "Telephone ANswering Service"
in the phone book. make up a name.
Tell them you are thinking about
buying a call diverter. BS them
that you want "referenced of
people/companies that use your
services call diverters" and get
phone numbers. Those numbers could be
and often are diverters!!! If not,
look up the company up in the phone
book. that should be the diverter.
be sure to check it with ANI..
Somethins interestion I have found is
that the numbers to some TAS(Telephone
Answering Service) companies are
diverters.Then youre double Lucky!
Some companies refuse to give out
info for "security reasons". Offer
to give them your phone number if
they will call you back immediately
(you have to leave soon, say that)
and give them the ring side of a loop.
Isnt this fun?!?!
(Thanks to Cris J. for this method)
As you can see, diverters have many
uses. Find them, use them, trade them,
abuse them, post them. DIverters
often never last longer than 2 and a
half months since thats as long as it
usually takes for them to figure out
what is happening, and get a secure
"This file is for educational purposes
only. It is merely information and is
protected by the First Amendment
as Freedom of Speech."
In otherwords, if the KKK can spread
propaganda, then this file aint illegal.
'Nuff Said.

This File Written & Researched by:
  L a r r y   P h r e a k .


  P / H U N   M A G Z I N E -OnLine.

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