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Brief introduction to ESS

--OoOOOOo)-[ Brief intorduction to ESS                    ]-( downtime    )--

This file is going to give the new phreaks something to begin by. This will
give a pretty good explanation of the ESS network and how it is operated.
Although I make no assumptions about you, anyone should be able to understand
this file so here is the inph0! Enjoy!

First off, what does ESS stand for? ESS in itself, is an acronym for the
words Electronic Switching System. It is a phone network that is used
nowadays to try to slow down telephone phreaks but that will never happen.

Within ESS switching there are basically 2 kinds of switches. The local
switch and the tandem switch. The local switch, as you might have already
guessed, handles local calls, whereas the tandem switch handles long distance
calls. Such as calls to another area code.

With the local switch it basically works like this, say you want to call your
friend that lives a couple blocks away, you pick up the phone and dial his
phone number. This is what is happening in the process of this. The call will
go from your local switch directly to his local switch and therefore the call
is connected to go through. (Sure there is alot more to it than this but I am
staying basic for a specific cause.) If it happens to be a long distance call
you are wanting to make then you will dial the number, it will go to your
tandem switch, then connect to his tandem switch, his local switch, therefore
then connecting your call. Here are two diagrams to help you understand this

                A local call in your area:

Home **** Local Switch **** Local Switch **** Their House

                A long distance call:

Home **** Local Switch **** Tandem Switch **** Tandem Switch **** Local
Switch **** Their House

* = Phone Line

That is the very basics of the ESS connecting process. There will be more
files to come on a more technical level for those who got interested in this
and wanted more, so please be patient. I will write more of these over the
ESS network.

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