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DMS Family of Digital Switching Systems by Erudite
DMS Family of Digital Switching Systems

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                    DMS Family of Digital Switching Systems

                                by Erudite

In this Infoarticle I hope to cover the capablities and flexabilities of

all the DMS Digital Switching Systems, I will also talk about other

Northern Telecom Devices and Systems. The majority of the file is based

on the DMS-100 system.

First we have breif descriptions of the DMS Switches:



This is a versatile switch which is cost-effective for the duties that

it was created for.  It is a digital switch that services suburban and

rural areas.  It is in service internationally as well as in the US

(rural and suburban areas).  It allows access to local and long-distance

service.  It can handle up to 12,000 subscribers.  It is the smallest of

the DMS family.



The purpose of the DMS-100 Switch is to provide coverage and connections

to the public network.  It is designed to deliver services over subscribers

lines and trunks.  It provides POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), along

with very sophisticated business services such as ACD (Automatic Call

Distribution), ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network), and MDC (Meridian

Digital Centrex).



The DMS-200 switch has toll capabilities, it is used for toll-center

applications.  It provides TOPS (Telephone Operator Position System) which

is the world's premier operator service, from Northern Telcom.



Simply, this combines the DMS-200 Toll capabilities and applications, with

the DMS-100 public networking, which makes it possible for this switch to

service subscriber lines, long distance circuits with toll applications.



This is the long distance tandem switch that connects long distance calls.

It is used by the interexchange carriers.  It is powerful, and they are

used to connect most of the U.S. population.



This is the international exchange, which gates calls internationally.

It provides the most advanced range of international services.  This

international digital switch can interface with almost *any* country in

the world.  Talk about power.  It is known as the International Gateway




This is faster, and can handle more throughput that the DMS-100.

DMS-Supernode SE


This is a reduced size Supernode system, it has a DMS-Core processing

engine, DMS-Bus high-speed messaging component, the Link Peripheral

Processor (LPP), and the Enhanced Network non-blocking switching network

(ENET), which makes it a cost effective system, combined all into one

compact unit.

DMS-MTX Cellular Switch


Northern Telcom's Cellular Switch.  The DMS-MTX was the first cellular

switch in Northern American to offer subscribers.

       DMS Architecture & Functionality

Messaging - "DMS-Bus" is the high speed data bus connecting most components

  of the switch.  This makes the DMS-Supernode system a true step up

  communications platform.

Switching - The switching matrix calls to their destination.  Currently

  in planning is future switching fabrics that will allow for broader

  data applications, including (ATM) Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

Maintenance & Billing - The DMS Systems provide full feature testing, and

  other transaction and maintenance procedures.

Multicomputing platform - The DMS systems enables a high capacity, and other

  "information" age applications and functions.  Such as Videoconferencing,

  transmission of imaging, and dialable ds-1 backup.

       DMS Family Setup

Below will be a simple, common setup of dms systems to form a wide range

communications system.

 DMS-100 -----------------  DMS-200   ----------------- DMS-250

(end office)            /(Tandem office)             (ld services)

                      /                                   |

                    /                                     |

                  /                                       |

                /                                         |

              /                                        DMS-300

       DMS-Supernode ---------- DMS-100             (int services)

      (maint,billing)            / | \                    |

                           (subscriber lines)             |

                                                          +--- International


       DMS Applications and Markets

Switch    Application                 Class      Market

-------   --------------------------- ---------  -------------------------

DMS-100   End Office                   5         Local Exchange Carriers

DMS-200   Toll Office                  4         Local Exchange Carriers


100/200   End Office/Toll Office       5         Local Exchange Carriers

DMS-250   Tandem Toll Center          4,3,2,1    Interchange Carriers

DMS-300   International Gateway      CTI-3,CTX   Int. LD Carriers

DMS-MTX   Mobile Telephone Center                Cellular Servers


ACD Srvr  Adjunct ACD Switch                     Local Exchange Carriers

Refrences:  The DMS100 Advantage  (nt)

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