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ESS 7 is OUT! (Not very..accurate)
ESS 7 IS OUT!!!!

       ESS 7 IS OUT!!!!        ESS 7 IS OUT!!!!         ESS 7 IS OUT!!!!

  by:  The Mortician [SWAT/PWA/ACiD/ADRENALINE/ConTrol Team]

         The Villain [ACiD/NPi/AiR/PWA]

At this time the uses of  ESS 7 are not known to us.   We have discovered a

couple  things though.   One of the things we have found is *67.  You might

call  repair or an  operator and ask them what *67 does.  Your not going to

get  very  far  unless you  talk to an  operator  who know's what's up.  We

called  everywhere for about  3 hours until we finally got someone who knew

what was going on.  Everyone else gave us the answer,"I'm sorry, but we are

not allowed to give out proprietary in formation."

So, we got ahold of a  person in repair  who was very  helpful to us.   The

person confirmed that yes, the  Los Angeles  area is running  ESS 7 at this

time.   Whoooa!!   Wait a minute!!   I didn't  even know we had  ESS 6 yet!

Obviously,  Ma Bell is  trying  to keep this a secret,  but of course, with

people like  The Mortician  and  The Villain in the PHAC scene, they aren't

gonna get  very far at  keeping  secrets (hehe, gotta put a plug in ).  The

worst  thing about  ESS 7 is that it  doesn't  matter whether you use a PBX

or not.    Pac  Bell  doesn't  give a  shit  anymore.  ESS 7 only knows two

things.   The number YOUR calling from, and the number YOUR line (which you

dialed the number off of) is calling TO.

I understand completely how this works because I (The Mortician) was busted

for prank calling and changing the District  Attorney of  Pasadena's on the

same  day which  ESS 7 was put  into use.  I was the  first one they got to

test their  new system on.   That's real nice to know....  The number I was

calling  to had a call  trap on it.   It really didn't matter to me cause I

was using a few PBX's(3) to call to it.  When the police came for me (while

I was at work...those  fuckin assholes ....),  I didn't  say a damn word to

them.   I did however convince them to let me see what evidence they had so

far on the case.   It just so happens that  they had the new Pac Bell ESS 7

crap printed out  from the  call trap.  The only thing Pac Bell got was the

time the call  started and how  long it was for, and where the call started

and  where it went to.   ESS 7 didn't give a shit about the PBX's I called.

It doesn't matter anymore.

I hear that the one way to defeat it right now is to call a local PBX, then

from there call an  OUT OF STATE PBX  then call back to the number you want

to call from there.   The good  thing is that the police didn't even know I

used PBX's to make my calls because Pac Bell didn't report it since the new

ESS 7  doesn't  concern  itself with all the in between crap and it doesn't

monitor it.  That's nice for me because they couldn't link me with any type

of  phreaking.   Anywayz,  do  what you  will with  this info,  but keep it

undeground.    They think this  stuff is still  secret,  so as long as they

think we don't know  anything, the  longer  we'll hav e to find ways around

it.   Remember, none of the low level  employees know about  any of the new

commands yet or  what   they do.  One of the  operators we  talked to said,

"hrmm,  I don't  know what  *67 does,  it must be one of the new functions.

We  don't have  anything  listed on it yet."   Of course, when I asked them

what it was a new function  for,  they told me to hold while they connected

me with a supervisor.    We have confirmed that ESS 6 IS NOT IN!! It IS ESS

7! It took 3  hours  for  us to finally get this info,  if you call and ask

what ESS  they are using, they will give you a BS answer that it is private

info and they  can't give it out.    Unless you get in touch with an inside

person, or a really cool operator.

I figure they are keeping it secret because they don't think we know what's

going on.    Then they are  going to bust  all the  people  who are dialing

through PBX's believing that it is diverting the call still.    Sorry guys,

this is NOT ESS 5. You can forget it.  They have your number, and the place

you called.  The good t hing is that they won't have the PBX number so they

can't charge you with all that federal crap or whatever and if anyone shows

up it will be the local police(o r whatever police from the city you called

off the PBX).  This is because the crime took place in their city.   If you

need more info, or would just like the Pas adena DA's home phone number and

answer machine code(which by the way was 369 the last time I checked), then

you can reach us, The Mortician  at  Sadistic Torment (818)XxX-XXxX and The

Villain at Dark Society (408)NOT-4YOU.

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