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FAST - Telstra's Field Test Facility

 NOTE: there is still alot that i or other phreaks dont know about FAST, if
 anyone has more information that is not here (eg more info about the Sulten
 Test) please let me know. You will be given full credit and it will b 
 released in the next issue
 FAST - Telstras Field Test Facility (1800 050 051)

 The main feature of FAST is to test the line, by doing whats called a 
 Sulten Test. This test can give information such as whether all the pins are
 grounded, the voltage of the battery in the payfone, measurement of 
 resistance in the phone, and the distance the phone is from an exchange 
 (down to the nearest meter!). The other test it does is the ring back test. 
 As far as i could tell, all this does is tell you the actual phone number 
 of the payphone.

 To use FAST, dial the number, and you will hear a recorded message:

     Welcome to FAST, Telstras field test facility. Please enter your 
     employee number followed by your pin. (male voice)

 The employee number is 8 digits, and the pin number is 4. These are found by
 raiding one of the Telstra vans, and are usually written down in the
 workmans notebook.. along with other usefull information. The employee
 number and pin are entered in as one long string as digits.

 Once you have enterd it correctly, you will be asked:
     If you are now using the line to be tested, please press 1. If not
     press 2.

 Obviously by pressing 1, it will test the line you are using, by pressing 2,
 you will b asked for the number of the line u want 2 test. If you press 2,
 you can only do a Sulten Test on it, and cant do a ring back test. If you 
 press 1, u will hear the following:

    If you require a Sulten Test, press 1. For a ring back test press 2.

 By pressing 2, you will get the number of the phone you are using, and it 
 will ask you to hang up, and wait for a call back with the results. Sum pay
 fones will ring you bak, but not many do. And the only information they give
 you is the phone number again!!, i havent found out what else it does.. if 
 anything. The message:

    The number to be tested is: xx xxxx xxxx. Please hang up and wait for a 
    call back with the results.

 The Sulten Test is only useful if you are actually *fixing* the phone. Once
 you have pressed 1, you will be asked to wait and to listen to the music.
 The test usually takes between 30secs, and 1minute. You will hear a bit of
 music, then you will be told what exchange the testing will be on (usually
 System12) Then you will hear music again. Once the test is done, you will

    The sulten test results require interpretation from a tester, press
    2 for a residential tester, press 3 for a business tester..

 Once you select what type of tester you require, u will be put though to a 
 live operator. I have chatted to an operator for a lengthy period of time,
 and he was very helpfull :) FAST doesnt actually do the Sulten Test, and the
 tester had to redo it. The tester said to me 'Yes, FAST is quite
 missleading' Once the test is done again, he will tell you the info i
 mentioned at the beginning of this txt. 

 NOTE - i was doing this test on a perfectly working payphone, and after the 
 tester performed the Sulten Test, he thought the phone wasnt working, but 
 the tests showed everything was.. and he said to me 'So what do we do now? 
 The tests say everything is fine' he sounded quite worried :)

 I havent found the FAST test very usefull, the only thing worth while it
 does is give you the payfone number, and the distance to the exchange..
 which u can use to find out where the exchange is physically located ;)

 The payfone number is good to use for pranks :) 

 This is best used when you can actually see your victim at the payfone. Find
 two fones that are visible from each other (one on each side of the road or
 sumthing), or use a modile. Ring the payfone, and it will make high pitched 
 sounds for a couple of seconds, then u will hear the victim. Say the

    You - Hi, is Joe there??
    Vic - ummm... no.. this is a payfone.
    You - Yeah! What are you doing using Joes fone!!
    Vic - but.. ummm.. this is a payfone.
    You - Joes behind u, give the fone to him.

 Well im sure you can think of sumthing better!! If u do, mail it to me 
 please :)

 And unfortunately you can not use reverse charges on another payfone :( Now 
 that would of been *VERY* usefull! I have also found out that u can use the
 Sulten Test to disconnect people while they are using the fone (u know, when
 u try to get thru to sum1, and u get the engaged tone.. usually coz they are
 on the net).

 If any1 has any more info on FAST, and the Sulten Test (what it fully does)
 please let me know!! It would b greatly appreciated by me and other phreaks
 in au!!

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