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Local 950's

 []                                                                          []
 []                         How to find local 950's                          []
 []                 Brought to you by The Prowler & Icecube                  []
 []             Created: 08/22/89; A Dark Dimension Production               []
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 [] Typed By: Icecube                                                        []

 This is to inform the amatuer phreaker how to find local dialups of your area.
First take out your Pacific Bell Yellow Pages and look under Telephone
Communications.  Find some small dinky long distance companies that you haven't
heard of and ring it up.  Here's an example..


OP: Biz-Tel

You: Uh..  Yes..  My name is Marc Wood.. What is the number I call to use my
     travel card. (You may want to say you misplaced the number to call)

OP: Hold please.. <Ringing Customer Service>
    <Now a new operator>

OP: Hello?

You: Uh..  Yes..  This is Mary Wood from CTI Cyrogentics..  What is the number I
     use to use my travel card?

OP: Oh.. let me see here..  yes..  It is 950-1820..

You: uh..  ahmm..  ahmm..  1820?

OP: Yes sir.

You: Ok..  thank you very much!

OP: No Problem.


 It may not be as easy at that unless you can sound like an innocent customer
of some shit made up company that's having problems.  And it may not be as
simple as that where it matters if the operator is some new employee that's
just trying to make a few bucks and if that is right..  They will probably give
you it not knowing the company will soon be invaded by hackers and soon go out
of business and lose his/hers job.  But that's another story.  After you get
the guts to hack your new 950 and get an account..  You may want to call back
and try to get there 800 dialup and post around your newfound codez or be
greedy and keep it to yourself so it will last you a month or so. But of course
there is another method which could take some time?  Find a 950 by hand..  Good

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