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SASS - Single Access Serving System

( SASS ) Single Access Serving System ( /SASS ) 

Written and Investigated by Majestic 1/12 
Prepared for: http://www.datutoday.tk 
Submitted to: http://www.phreaksandgeeks.com 

( Special thanX to " greyarea ", for finding and posting
this number and Pass, allowing me access to the systems 
and functions of this Sass Unit! ThanX to " Lineside " 
For his Hz scales from his artie, also posted in the 
Sass Section of http://www.datutoday.tk ) 

Sass Unit Dialup Number: ( 602 ) 277 9994 

Npa = (602) Pheonix Arizona 
xxx = (277) Quest Communications 

One or Two rings to Dialtone enter "****", you will be
prompted to enter Tech ID, Enter in "****", a dialtone 
will proceed until you are prompted to enter the Ten 
digit subscriber line number... Type # and you will get 
the list of options as follows: 

Dial 5  for Dtmf Keypad Test 
Dial 6  for Caller ID 
Dial 71 for Ringback 
Dial 72 for Call waiting Ringback 
Dial 81 for Single tone: choose between 03 (304 Hz) and 
           32 (3204 Hz) 
Dial 82 for Low coil tone Sweep 
Dial 83 for Three tone slope (400 Hz,1004 Hz, 2804 Hz) 
Dial 85 for Quiet termination 
Dial 86 for Milliwatt tone 
Dial 87 for 30 Tone sweep: choose start and end tone between 
           03 (304 Hz) to 32 (3204 Hz). For a full tone 
           sweep you enter * 
Dial 88 for Number identification sweep: 1200 HZ - 2200 HZ 
           (for caller id) 
Dial 89 for Data sweep (900 Hz - 2800 Hz) 
Dial 80 for 10 tone slope (304 Hz - 3204 Hz) 
Dial  # for New Subscriber Line 

Dialed 5 -  DTMF Keypad Test, Whatever key pressed, 
            machanical Voice told you the Numerical Number.       

Dialed 6 -  When I tried #6 I was told Restricted .. I then 
            unlocked my line with *82 and tried again.  This 
            time it spit out my number then repeated it. Upon 
            dialing into a Sass Unit your ANI may be being 
            logged, but wen you test the Caller ID option #6 
            if your line is blocked with a permenant caller 
            ID Blok it will either readback as "Private" 
            or "Restricted". 

Dialed 71 - <*>Ringback Please enter 10 digit ringback number.  
            I was told by persons living in the above stated 
            NPA that the ringback feature does work, but is NPA 

Dialed 72 - <*>Call Waiting Ringback Please enter 10 digit 
            ringback number. I was told by persons living in the 
            above stated NPA that the ringback feature does work, 
            but is NPA restricted. 

Dialed 81 - Single tone Enter 2 digits, ( only ones that worked 
            so far that I saw were the ones stated above " 03 " 
            ( 304 Hz ) and " 32 " ( 3204 Hz).  Anything else gives
            an error message. 

Dialed 82 - Low Coil Tone Sweep - When to Milliwatt then to other 
            Test Tones... Higher tones as the Sweep Progressed 
            lasted 12 seconds! 

Dialed 83 - Three Tone Slope - Lower Level Tone to a Milliwatt, 
            then to a higher pitched tone As stated above ... 
            In Order (400 Hz,1004 Hz, 2804 Hz) 

Dialed 85 - Quiet terminationJust as it said " Quiet " No noise at all! 

Dialed 86 - Milliwatt Tone - Instant Milliwatt for 10 seconds 

Dialed 87 - 30 Tone Sweep Press * to start full Sweep, or enter 
            the same two digits as described in Promt 81. 

Dialed 88 - Caller ID Tone Sweep Multi Tone Sweep from Low to high 
            end range. Number identification sweep: (1200 HZ - 2200 HZ) 

Dialed 89 - Data Tone Sweep, Tone Sweep from low to high end range. 
           (900 Hz - 2800 Hz) 

Dialed 80 - Ten Tone Slope, (304 Hz - 3204 Hz)   

    <*>     options ( 71 & 72 ) have me wondering, if maybe you have to 
            enter in the actual Ringback line number and it just a 
            subscriber line number.  I tried entering my number and 
            never got a call back from the Sass Unit, or any other unit 
            for that matter.  I have tried this a few dozen times, and 
            got the same response out of the Sas Unit. option 71 - " 
            Ringback - Dial 10 Digit Ringback number, Entered in a Real 
            NPA and XXX, made up last four and was prompted with 
            " Please hangup for test ring. " 
            I have yet to connect to a subscriber line number, as it tells 
            me it is unable to connect.  I have tried to connect to the 
            numbers 602 277 9990 - 9999 as I thought maybe I had to use 
            the same NPA and XXX as the Sass Unit.  I was still not able 
            to connect.  Perhaps this system is like the Direct Access 
            Test Unit systems,( DATU ) and require an admin code to setup 
            certain features. 
            I again hungup and redialed the Sass number and attempted to 
            access an admin mode by using the same codes as a Datu.  No 
            response other then the 4 digit default logon code. I will 
            continue to explore this system, and get to know it better.  
            Perhaps I will learn more about admin feature, and such...  
            I hope this .txt phile helps you understand the Sass a little 
            better.  Please feel free to email me @ datu_warrior@phreaker.net
            with more information and or questions on the Sass Unit.  Please 
            visit my Direct Access Test Unit site @ http://www.datutoday.tk 
            for all your 1337 Remote Accessing needs...   

Added as of April 29 2004 ... 

Dialed the access number: 

602 277 9994 

Entered in the login **** and the Admin code of ******* and got The prompt: 

" Dial 10 digit subscriber line number! "  I tried to press # for the feature
  list, but was then again prompted for the 10 digit subscriber line number! 
  It wasn't until I entered a number in the 602 277 XXXX that I heard "ok" ... 
" Intercept " ... " Accessing " ... " Connected to 602 277 XXXX, Pair Gain 
  Line ... ok Audio Monitor "  5 - 10 second delay until a double beep then 
  the standard Datu fuction list was prompted. 

    2 = Audio Monitor 
   33 = Short Tip and Ring to Ground 
   37 = Short Ring to ground (Tip Open) 
   38 = Short Tip to ground (Ring Open) 
   44 = High Level Tone on Tip and Ring 
   47 = High Level Tone On Ring (Tip Grounded) 
   48 = High Level Tone on Tip (Ring Grounded) 
    5 = Low Level Tone 
    6 = Open Line 
    7 = Short Line (Tip to Ring Short) 
    9 = Permanent Signal Release 
    # = New Subscriber Line 
   ## = Force Disconnect 
    * = Connect preparation function after disconnect 
        (system programmable from 1 to 99 minutes 
        enter number of minutes); enter number of 
        minutes after "*" 

  It is my conclusion that if a regular login of **** and a regular Tech ID of **** 
  is entered, you will receive the standard test mode of the Sass Unit... Mainly Test 
  Tones, and ANI confermation for the Tech to use when either installing a new 
  subscriber line, or testing a curcuit at the CO.  When the access number is dialed 
  and the login of **** and Tech ID of ******* is entered you will receive the admin 
  features, which then allows the use of the Datu ( Direct Access Test Unit ) features, 
  as listed in the Harris Dracon Datu Manuals which can be found on the Harris Dracon 
  Website or on my own site of: http://www.datutoday.tk!   

Shouts to: 

  decoder, Ic0n, Natas, White Sword, Brisk Attivo, Royal, Twinkee the Kid, greyarea, 
  Rijil V, Eta, Rios, The Clone, And everyone that has helped in my pursuit of 
  Remote Access Information. 

                                                               Majestic 1/12 
                                                             ( The Collective )

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