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How to find your MDF position from your Equipment Number (UK)

How To Find Your MDF Position From Your Equipment Number

Researched and Written by iNFERNO

How to find you MDF position from your Equiptment Number | iNFERNO 1996 

A subscriber's line can be identified within a concentrator by the number
of the equiptment to which it is connected. The equiptment number is within
the range 0-2047 for each concentrator, if there is more than one
concentrator within the exchange the the equiptment numbers expand in
multiples of 2048.

The shelves in the T.E containing the groups of Subscriber Line Units
(SLUs) are labeled ALUS xx yy, where xx is the concentrator No. and yy is
the shelf group No. within that concentrator. The MDF blocks are similarly

To determine the MDF block and circuit No. of a subscribers line, given the
Equiptment & Concentrator No. :

o Divide your EN by 2048, which gives a number and a remainder. The 
remainder is the Subs Line No. within that concentrator. 
o Dividing the remainder by 192 gives the Shelf Group No. and a new 
new remainder. This remainder gives the Circuit no. in that shelf 

e.g Concentrator 3, EN 10720: 10720/2048 = 5.480.. Line No. 480 in Conc3. 
480/192 = 2.96, giving ALUS 3-2, Circuit 96. 

o For Mark 2 SLUs: Divide the circuit No. by 8 to give the SLU No. 
o For Mark 3 Plessey SLUs: As above, but if the remainder is odd then 
add one too the SLU No. 
o For Mark 3 GEC SLUs: Divide the circuit No. by 16 to give the SLU. 

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