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Techno info on phone cabling

Some Techno-info for phone cabling,
 Most new business phones are currently being wired with "4 pair" cable.
this has been going on for quit some time. here are the color codes
and some of the common uses of these wires. 

Color codes. 

 The cable is Usually grey. 
 The 4 pairs of wire inside have 4 colors: blue, orange, green and brown.
 "4 pairs" of wire means "8" wires. (no shit) 
 Each pair is twisted together. thus 4 twisted pair. (no shit, no shit)
 The "blue" pair consists of a blue/white wire and a white/blue wire.
   this means: 
      the blue\white wire in the pair is mostly blue
     with a white mark here and there. the white/blue wire is mostly
     white with a blue mark here and there.
      this goes for the other three colors also.

   thus so far:

 1 cable             =      4 pairs         =           8 wires

                          1  blue                  1   white/blue
1 grey                                             2   blue/white
(or blue or clear)
                          2  orange                3   white/orange
                                                   4   orange/white

                          3  green                 5    white/green
                                                   6   green/white

                          4  brown                 7    white/brown
                                                   8   brown/white
   * It is "standard" to refer to these wires in the above order.

* the dominant white of each pair is like a ground to the dominant color.
 Think of them as four different speaker wires in one cable.

Are we getting any where yet?

You should not play with these wires in "Your" place business. In some
phone systems you can Burn-Out the KSU if you touch/short the Pair.
 (Now-a-days the system is usually protected from this.)
hmm... your boss will get shorted(temper) and you will get burnt!

Some background:
 In most cases these wires lead to a "KSU". It is like a phone server
that lets many phones share a few "Bell" lines. The phone uses the
white/blue pair, and sometimes also the white/orange pair (meaning both
pairs simutainiously).
Sometimes there is more than one "item" on a cable 
 In some cases a phone might get hooked up to the white/blue pair; and
a MODEM! or Fax to the white/orange OR white/green pair.
 If there is a modem/fax line, It does not go thru the KSU. It goes
directly to a "Bell" dial tone.   isn't this fun? ;)

Free long distance? 
In some really old buildings, Its been heard that a phone man will take a
wire out side of the building to get a line "down stairs and five rooms over."
Or they may run a line to the biulding next door. My cable tv guy ran my
cable out near the basement window and up to my 2nd floor.(dick-head!)
 (get your laptop and modem ready, next we'll make a "jumper".)

A quick lesson on 25 pair cable
25 pair? holy shit, thats 50 wires!
Yep, the cable is about 5/8 of an inch round. It uses the same scam, I
mean scheeeem, as the 4 pair.(but different)

Main rule: "Like" pairs.

           blue       orange        green       brown       and slate(gray).
white    Wht/Blu     wht/orng
         Blu/wht     orng/wht       ( a l l  l i k e   b e f o r e )

yellow   ylw/blu     ylw/orng        ylw/grn    ylw/brn
         blu/ylw     orng/ylw        grn/ylw    brn/ylw

black    blk/blu

violet           ( y o u   f i l l   i n   t h e   r e s t )

red     red/blu     red/ylw
        blu/red     ylw/red

What else about 25 pair?
It is usually used in pairs. If you were looking for Dial Tone you would
First check the wht/blu pair. and work your way down all the pairs with
white, Then check all the pairs with yellow, and so on.

UnAuthorized "Pair Checking" may be viewed by your piers as UnEthical. :)
 -What does that statement really mean?..... Don't get caught!

hmm.... one other cable. (usually in homes)
cable             =>           4 wires

grey                           1   green
or tan                         2   red  
or black
                               3   black
                               4   yellow

The phone jack (and cable)
                 "cable"   to   "jack"  |       "cable"   to    "jack"
at home:           green   to   green   |      and red    to    red
at business:     wht/blu   to   green   |   and blu/wht   to    red
                 wht/orng  to   blk     |       orng/wht  to    ylw

Well, I've had Enough for one Day.

This was writen Just so I could download more stuff.
(from The Temple Of The Screaming Electron BBS )
I am not associated with "TOTSE" BBS. hell... I don't even know those guys.
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