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Commercial Phone Scams

From: John_David_Galt@cup.portal.com
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
Subject: Pay-per-Call Scam
Organization: TELECOM Digest

This item appeared in my company's newsletter; I'm sure we're not the only
people being victimized.

Some person or group is calling people's electronic pagers, and giving
a call-back number of 212-540-xxxx.  (This prefix in New York acts
just like a 900 number.)  When the callee dials 212-540-xxxx, s/he is
connected to a recording and is billed $55.

Has anyone else heard of/experienced scams like this?

John David Galt

[Moderator's Note: Here we go again! Please post this in your company
newsletter also, and try to give it wide circulation so we can put an
end to this once and for all: 212-540 numbers do carry premium
charges, but they are usually not dialable outside New York, in the
212, 718 and 914 area codes. *If* you are in the environs of New York
City then you might have this problem, although I doubt it since the
person who is alleged to have been doing it was charged several months
ago and is probably still on trial (maybe not). If you are not in the
New York City area then you have nothing to worry about. Even if your
call did go through, the only charge would be the toll, which would be
a few cents at night and maybe a dollar during the day.  PAT]

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