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About pay terminals at SEATAC airport - AT&T Public Phone 2000

     @)^_@$*_(%)&                       @)^_@$*_(%)%

     ThE fUtUrE oF fOrTrEsS: "At&T pUbLiC pHoNe 2oOo

     206-248-9507                       206-248-9505

     Its finally here.  SeaTac Airport now has the latest in
Fortress fashions, the AT&T PUBLIC PHONE 2000.  These really are
beautiful machines.  Black and sleek design, a 6 inch monitor
with a small complete keyboard [F keys included] below the main
structure.  If you want to see one (play with one) for yourself
the best selection is near Gate S9 (NorthwestAir Terminal).  The
2000 is nothing less than a payphone/computer terminal that is
menu driven and even has a "data port" phone jack allowing users
to jack their own laptops/modems into the 2000.  Users can access
a menu to changed parity, bit and select either 300, 1200 or 2400
baud rates.
     The rates are actually competitive with standard time-share
terminals (which is to say they are HIGH rates).  The 2000 has
rates of $2.50 for the first ten minute use block and $1.00 for
the next ten minute block of time.  This works out to $7.50 an
hour.  These fees are only for local area calls, any LD calls
have the usual charges of a voice call added to the call.  Seems
like a big chunk of money, but its a lot cheaper than the bar
bill I can generate when cooling my heals for hours at the
airport waiting for a flight. 

     The bad news is that these machines can only be operated by
cards (credit cards and phone cards).  This leaves no legal way
for users to anonymously access these terminals (unless they call
800 dialups).  Gee, I wonder why they did that?  If you find
yourself killing some time up at Seatac, its really worth
checking it out.

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