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Hacking OneConnect VMBs

STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

[What Up]
This is High Trajectory bringin you my first 9x text.  These boxes are the
greatest.  Greetz go out to PBXPhreak, V3ynz, Substance, Leper Mesiah, and
the 503 guys.

I, the author, have never used or abused these systems.  I am merely passing
along some info that some people might find useful.  The author cannot be
held responsible for anything that one does with this information.

This txt will give you all the information needed to use OneConnect vmbs.
They are the best and most useful vmbs that i've come across.  Some of their
features include: dialing out to anywhere in the US or Canada, 800# loop,
and a standard vmb.

A typical OneConnect box will usually be an 800#.  When you call it, it may
or may not ring and then make a soft "click" sound (usually, but if it
doesn't, then it'll go straight to the greeting).  A greeting will usually
follow the click.  If you reach a virgin box, there will be a click, and then
a voice will come on and guide you through some steps.  These include
recording your greeting, name, and away message.

[The System]
When you dial into a OneConnect vmb, at the sound of the click or greeting,
press *.  Thenyou will press the passcode (default: 1234) followed by #. Now
you're in.
Here are your options from this point:
 1 - Listen to you're voice messages
     1 - Save message
     2 - Delete message
     3 - Replay message
 2 - Retrieve your fax messages
     1 - Save fax message
     2 - Delete fax message
     3 - Replay fax description
     4 - Print fax message
 3 - Modify personal options or reach a message operator
     1 - Change paging from messages recieved
         1 - To be paged for all messages
         2 - To be paged for all urgent messages only
         3 - To cancel all paging
     3 - Change recordings
         1 - Change name recording
         2 - Change unavailable recording
         3 - Change personal greeting
         * - Previous menu
     4 - Change telephone numbers
         1 - Fax number
         2 - Follow me number
         3 - Personal operator number
         * - Reach previous menu
     0 - Reach a messaging operator
     * -Previous menu
 4 - Contact another subscriber
     ? - Enter party's telephone #
     0 - Reach an operator for help
 5 - Change availablility
     1 - Mark yourself available (default; This is how the 
         box becomes an 800# loop.  When this option is activated, 
         and you are in your box listening to messages or whatever, 
         a caller that is going to leave you a message can leave 
         his/her name and it will page you.  You can then press 1 
         to activate a connection between the two of you.)
     2 - Mark yourself unavailable (people can't page you)
 9 - Place a call
     ACN - Call out to anyone in the U.S. or Canada
 0 - Reach an operator

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