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Inpho on OCTEL VMBs

STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

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What up.  This is High Trajectory bringin you another txt.  This one comes
straight outta the OcTel Manual.  Greets go out to Substance, PBXPhreak,
Soren, Leper Mesiah, Deicide, Juice, and all the local 503 guys.  Enjoy this
one and expect many more to come.  And yes, that is the officail OcTel logo.

OcTel VMX System Reference Guide


 2................Answering Calls
 3.........Basic Mailbox Commands
 6..........Managing Your Mailbox


 The VMX system provides around-the-clock access.
 With the VMX system:
  -Your callers can leave you a message at any time from any touchtone phone.
  -You can access your mailbox at any time from any touchtone phone.

*Personal Attention
 The system enhances personal attention by:
  -Putting callers in touch with the right people to recieve info, answer
   questions or solve problems.
  -Directing the call to an assigned person for help.

 The VMX system can:
  -Answer calls within two rings.
  -Allow more than one caller to leave a message at the same time.


The VMX stsem is taylored to fit your company's specific call answering needs
Callers hear different types of greetings-- either your personal greeting or
the company greeting-- depending on whether they dial your extension directly 
or are immediately answered by the VMX system.  A company greeting welcomes 
callers and instructs them how to reach individuals or departments.  Once the 
VMX system answers a call, it will either connect the caller to an extension 
or offer to take a message.  When your phone rings, the system is either 
routing a caller to you or notifying you of a new message. 

*Connecting Caller
 When the VMX system transfers a caller to your extension, one of the following 
 will occur:
  -A caller is immediately connected.
  -You may hear an announcement prompt, "Tick...Tick...Tick...connecting" before
   the caller is connected.  To override the announcement prompt at any time, 
   press any digit.

*Message Waiting Notification
 The VMX system notifies you when new messages have arrived in your mailbox. 
 With Message Waiting Notification, one of the following occurs, depending on 
 the type of phone you have.


 When you enter your mailbox for the first time, you may hear a welcome
 message.  The VMX system may ask you to:
  -Change your pre-assigned security code
  -Record your name
  -Record a personal greeting

*Entering Your Mailbox
 From any touchtone phone:
  1. Call the VMX system
  2. Press [#]
  3. Enter your mailbox number
  4. Enter the pre-assigned security code

*Security Code Change
 If you are asked to change the existing security code when you enter your
  1. Enter your new security code
  2. Press [#]
  3. Re-enter the new security code to confirm and press [#]

*Name or Greeting Record
 Once you enter your mailbox, the VMX system may prompt you to record your
 name or record a greeting:
  1. [1] Begin recording
  2. [#] End recording
  3. [#] Save recording or [1] Re-record

 The ready prompt designates the beginning and end of all mailbox choices.  Whenever 
 you hear the Ready prompt, the VMX system is ready to process your next request.  
 Once yhe actionis complete, the VMX system returns to Ready so you can proceed with 
 your next request.
 [#][#] To get the Ready from almost anywhere in your mailbox

 You may recieve information about mailbox features at any time while in your mailbox, 
 except while using Custom Options.  Even if you are in the middle of completing an 
 action, such as creating a message, Help is accessible.
 [0] Current feature
    [ ] Specific feature
    [0] List all mailbox features

*Exit Your Mailbox
 When you are ready to exit from your mailbox, you have several choices:
 -Exit mailbox and disconnect from VMX system
 -Exit mailbox and dial another extension
 -Cancel exit and return to mailbox
 -Exit mailbox, erase messages selected for deletion, then listen to new messages 
  recieved during session.
 [9] Initiate Exit
    [9] Completes Exit and hangs up
    [#] Erase deleted messaged and listen to new messages
    [0] Completes Exit and allows you to dial another extension through the VMX system
    [*] Cancels Exit and Returns to Ready


*New and Saved Message Queues
 After you hear, "You have X new and Y saved messages. Ready..." you are
 automaticallly placed in the new message queue.  If you don't have any new
 messages but have at least one saved message, you are automatically put into
 the saved message queue.  At any time while listening to your messages, you
 may move back and forth between the new and saved message queues.
 After hearing, "You have X urgent, Y new, and Z saved messages. Ready..."
 you may immediately begin listening to your first urgent message.  An urgent
 message is placed at the beginning of the new message queue.

 -Single Message Queue
  "You have X messages. Ready..."
   [5] Listen to first or next message
[1][5] Listen to past or preceding message

 -New and Saved Message Queues
  "You have X new and Y saved messages. Ready..."
[1][9][1] New message(s)
[1][9][2] Saved message(s)
      [5] Listen to first or next message
   [1][5] Listed to last or preceding message

 -While Listening to Messages
      [2] Back up several seconds
   [2][2] Back up to the begining
      [3] Erase the message
      [4] Go forward several seconds
      [5] Listen to next message
      [7] Save message
      [8] Time and Date message was recieved
      [*] Pause/Resume
   [1][3] Forward the message
   [1][4] Immediately call the sender
   [1][5] Listen to previous message 
   [1][7] Reply with a message
   [1][8] Adjust volume
[1][9][7] Print-All-Fax options
         [1] Fax phone delivery
         [2] Print to group fax delivery number
         [3] Print to personal fax deliver number
         [*] Cancel all print requests
[1][9][8] Print Fax options
         [1] Fax phone delivery
         [2] Print to group fax delivery number
         [3] Print to personal fax delivery number
         [*] Cancel to previous request


*Address Message
 After addressing a message, you may send it or continue to select Addressing
 Options.  Messages may be addressed to a maximum of ten addresses, which can
 be any combination of several types:
   -Individual mailbox
   -Personal Distribution List
   -System Distribution List
   -Network address
   -A mailbox selcted by the Names Directory feature
 Your mailbox may be set up to address messages before you record them.  If
 you address a message before recording, you may enter addditional addresses
 after recording by selecting Addressing Options.

*Addressing Options
 The VMX system offers a number of addressing options when sending a recorded
 message.  They include the following:
   -Future Delivery
   -Overnight/Immediate Delivery (available only if system is networked with
    another voice mail system.)
   -Private Message (Cannot be forwarded to other mailboxes.)
   -Return Receipt (Request that the system notify you when the recipient
    listens to a message sent from your mailbox.
   -Send to Additional Addresses
   -Urgent Message

 Once inside you box:
[6] Begin recording message
   [#] End recording and enter address(es)
[6] Enter address(es) for message
   [#] End addressing and begin recording

 While Recording
   [2] Back up to review last efw seconds
[2][2] Back up to the beginning
   [3] Erase the message
   [*] Pause/Resume recording

 Address and Send a Message
[0][0] Address by name
   [*] Cancel previous address
[*][*] Erase message
   [#] Addressing options
         [1] Return receipt
         [2] Overnight/Immediate delivery
         [3] Send to additional addresses
         [4] Mark private
         [5] Future delivery
         [6] Urgent message
      [*][*] Erase message
         [#] Send message
[#][#] Send message without addressing options


 Record Personal Greeting
[4] Access Greeting
   [1] Turn greeting on
   [2] Turn greeting off
   [5] Listen to greeting
   [6] Record new greeting
       Before ending recording, you can:
         [2] Back up and review several seconds
      [2][2] Back up to begining
         [3] Erase
         [*] Pause/Resume recording
         [#] End recording and turn on greeting
   [7] Record Extended Absence Greeting
   [#] Leave greeting unchanges

 Check Messages Sent
 1. [1][2] To check the status of a message
 2.    [ ] Enter mailbox number

 Custom Options
[1][6] Initiate Custom Options
      [1] Message Waiting Notification
      [2] Security Code
      [3] Offsite or Pager Notification
      [4] Auto-Copy mailbox number
      [5] Personal Assistance number
      [6] Personal Distribution List
      [7] Listen to Future Delivery messages
      [8] Record Name for mailbox
      [9] Fax
         [1] Personal fax number
         [2] Auto-Print
         [3] Auto-Delete
      [#] No change and Return to Ready

 Future Delivery Message Queue
[1][9][3] Future delivery message(s)
          "You have X future delivery messages.  To listen to a message,
          press five."
      [5] Listen to first or next message
   [1][5] Listen to last or preceding message
      [#] Return to Ready

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