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Haqing Skytel Pager--VMBs

STATION ID - 7091/6.411

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

by The PBXPhreak Release date 8/6/96

        [9x]                                                [9x]
        [9x]                 S K Y T E L                    [9x]
        [9x]                                                [9x]

| Disclaimer  |
   I don't use this service, or ever have, this is just information
   that was passed onto me, that I am passing onto you. If you
   get fucked by this, don't blame me cause i never tried it, or
   told you to try it. This is very illegal. If you try this, or
   call up and harass the phone company, you could get seriously
   fucked for this. So don't try this shit, just read it, and be
   happy that you actually learned something.

| Author |
   Werd. Its me again. Well shouts go out to the following
   Substance, speck, r2, Protozoa, Sfuze, xgirl, sev3n, seussy
   Evian, Quagmire, Niobium, Juliet, TelcoTina, gWar and #9x

   www.... http://www.mindvox.com/~telco
   email.. telco@mindvox.com
   vmail.. (8oo)Sky-9826

| Intro  |
    Skytel is the largest nationwide paging and wireless messaging
    serivce world wide. If you want to use this to your advantage
    then keep reading. Otherwise, stop reading and delete this

| Skytel and their service |
    Important Skytel Numbers.

      (8oo)456-3333 - Skytel Nationwide Sales Center
      (8oo)SKY-USER - Skytel Customer Service 
      (8oo)SKY-PAGE - Skytel Numeric Paging
      (8oo)SKY-GRAM - Skytel Alpha-Numeric Paging
      (8oo)SKY-TALK - Skytel Voice Mail
      (8oo)SKY-FAXE - Skytel Faxing
      (8oo)SKY-8888 - Skytel System Access

    First off to get you going your going to have to get yourself a
    Skytel pin number. To do this, you must do some Skytel scanning.
    To help you out I will give you some prefixes on where to find
    lots of Skytels. Remember each Skytel has a Seven digit pin number
    and some Skytels also have a Personal 800 number. In most or even
    all cases the pin is the 800 number. Here are where to find some

      759-xxxx (original region 759=SKY)

    Once you have found a Skytel pin. You are set. This is the part
    where you have to bullshit Skytel. Call up the personal 800 number
    for that pin. Say 800-203-4019 and if it has option 3# which is
    alpha-numeric paging then it will tell you the name on the account.

    Me: "Hi, this is Mike Donaldson from Airtouch paging"
    Skytel: "How can i help you"
    Me: "Sam Wilkers was getting some options moved around when
         our computers crashed over on our system and I need to make
         some changes expideted. He verified all the information correctly
         before the system crashed.
    Skytel: "What is the pin"
    Me: "203-4019"
    Skytel: ok..
    Me: He wanted the password changed to 9999
    Skytel: Ok i will do that now..

    That is basically is conversation that will get them to change
    the password. If you want you can also tell them to add or change
    the options on the account. Also when calling ask to verify information
    like address and city. You tell them a fake address and you ask them
    to verify it, tell them you need to update your computer database. Once
    you have all the info on the pin. You can order Skytel pagers and have
    them billed to that account, and YES they deliver FEDEX!!..

    Once you get all the information on the Skytel account. This would
    be the type of conversation that would get you free pagers.

    Me: "Hi. This is Tony Statler from Toshiba"
    Skytel: "How may I help you"
    Me: "I need 12 pagers delivered to our Boston (drop site) location"
    Skytel: "Do you have an account currently with us"
    Me: "Yes"
    Skytel: "What is the pin"

    From here you will tell them the information. This does work. I have
    successfully got pagers, and when they come they come activated with
    personal toll free nationwide 800 numbers. All manuals and instructions
    and password for pagers included. They didn't even do anything when I
    ordered to my house. These pagers are quite expensive too. They range
    from $99-$400.


      State Wide

      Sky-Fax   (Faxing)
      Sky-Talk  (Voice Mail)
      Sky-Page  (Numeric)
      Sky-Gram  (Alpha-Numeric)
      Sky-News  (News)
      Sky-Quote (Stock Quotes)

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