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Audio Distribution System Hacking

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       For the most part  A.D.S. (Audio Distribution Systems) are owned
 and maintained by IBM. The systems themselves are usually "Fringe Benefits"
to company employees who (as is usually the case) have never bothered to use
the Ads capabilities, as using it requires some basic intelligence and the
skill to push buttons in a pre-arranged order. [Abilities most IBM employees
are sadly lacking in...] As a result password hacking is a joke.

                          [-] -A.D.S. Syntax:- [-]

When Asked to "key-press" entries on Ads, you push the keys on your phone
that correspond to the letters you want. ie: To listen to a message Ads will
prompt that you "push star l" meaning you push the asterisk "*", followed by
the "5" key which corresponds to the letters "J,K,L".

                          [-] Standard Default [-]

If the company using the Ads is one other than IBM The standard defaults may
have been changed. The changes are really not pertinant to system operation
as it shouldn't take more then a minute or two of hitting key's to discover
what the defaults have been changed to.

     Typical defaults:
                     [#] - Help key, depressing it will give you detailed
                           (sometimes not so detailed) help on a function.
                           It depends largely on which "sub-menu" you are
                           currently on.

 [NOTE:] For those of you on Mci, don't panic, you need to push it only for a
         fraction of a second for it to register. This is not enough time
         delay to have Mci recognize The pound sign "#" as a valid "disconnect
                     [*] - Abort key, depressing the asterisk will abort the
                           function currently taking place, with an audible
                           "OK" when recognized. It also returns you to the
                           main menu level.

                   [4-9] - At the main menu the keys 4-9 when not used in
                           conjunction with another command (such as the
                           "* G", "* L", "* R" commands) will usually respond
                           with "Invalid key".

                     [3] - At the main menu "3" is the disconnect key. When
                           pushed Ads will respond with "Do you want to hang
                           up? Push 1-yes, or 2-no".

                     [2] - Customize key. At the main menu pushing the "2"
                           key allows you to customize your accnt. for new
                           defaults such as: Slow/Med/Fast msg. playback, 
                           Your "status" (home, at office, on vacation, etc)
                           your secretary's (assuming you have one) status,
                           your family's status, and your, your family's, 
                           secretary's and guests passwords. Normal default
                           for guest PW is: IBM (How innovative). For obvious
                           reasons it is strongly recommended that you change
                           your PW once you "acquire" your accnt.
                                 [More on this in a later section...]

                     [1] - Is usually set for "Old msg. playback" ie: msg.'s
                           that you have allready received but want to retain
                           as "Old messages" (The default time period for
                           holding a old msg. is 1 week, this period can be
                           extended to as much as 2 months on some systems.
                              (You customize it to whatever you want)
                           Keep in mind that different systems allocate
                           different amounts of storage to each user.
   Typical commands:

* L - Listen to your messages

* R - Record a message

* G - Get another message

* S - Send a message

     After some commands you will be prompted with a sub-menu ie:

     *R Push 1-record new message 2-insert at: 3-add to message
     *S push 1-send to single user 2-send to multiple users.


                          [-] Password Hacking [-]

When you first call the Ads you will be greeted with the systems "hello". 
Usually something like: "Welcome to [whatever branch] IBM ADS. Please key-
pres subscribers last name first, until recognized:" At this point it might be
helpful to open a telephone book and just go from a-z using the more average
names. I have yet to find a ADS without at least several "Smith's" being in
the "userlog". Assuming the system recognized the last name as a valid one it
will now do one of two things depending on whether there is more then one
person on the system with the same last name. If for example there are 3
"Smith's" on the system it will then ask: "select 1- John Smith, select 2-
Mark Smith, select 3- George Smith" If there is only one person on the system
with that particular last name Ads will prompt: "Please key-press your
password". If there were multiple persons on the system with the same last
name, after you have selected who you want it will give you the same: "Please
key-press your password" prompt as in the previous example.

Default passwords:
If the person to whom the password was assigned to is either:

[1] Not using the accnt.
[2] Dense (a very large proportion fit into this category)

then the pw will be set (in the case of 1) to the systems defaults, usually
a 3-6 digit pw that repeats the same # several times. ie: Assuming the system
defaults to 6 character pw's the pw could be:


Or in the case of 2, it will very likely be the persons first/or last name 
(Great idea eh...?, that way they'll never forget it (if they're lucky) there
is also the added advantage that if this persons PW suddenly vanishes they are
not very likely to report it missing, very often they will just assume that
it doesn't work because of their own stupidity, after all the computer is
never wrong) So for example if the persons name was: Martha Technophobe, and
the maximum length of pw's allowed was 6 chars. the pw could be:




A large number of computer "semi-literate" people, will do it in this way.

[ Guidelines.  ]

[1] When you enter an accnt. change NOTHING at the beginning, if you discover
that you have captured a secretary accnt. Leave everything alone and leave.
Secretary's have no privilege, and their superior's tend to become suspicious
when they can no longer reach them. Also your (the secretary's) superior can
change the password at will from his (or her) accnt.

[2] When you have found an accnt that suits you, go immediately to [2]-
customize and change the PW. Also be sure to leave your "Status" as well as
your "Familiy's, and Secretary's" at the system default of: "Not Defined"

[3] When people leave you messages, be sure they contain no information that
could be in any way "damaging" to you. Because if your accnt. is discovered 
and subsequently closed down the operators of the system will have any msg.'s
that were meant for you.

[4] When sending a message to someone else who has also captured an accnt. on
the system, be sure to send it to the right accnt. #, so some fool in
marketing doesn't recieve "Here's the latest codes to that system you wanted"
when you punched in his accnt. by accident.

[5] Be aware that be people who have not hacked their own accounts on the Ads
you are currently on can still leave you messages on a "Guest PW". When they
want to do so they simply type in your last name (the accnt.'s last name) when
they connect to the Ads then when prompted for: "Please key-press your PW" 
they just use the "Guest PW" which is at default usually IBM, but you of 
course can change it to whatever you want. ie: your Guest PW could be 
re-defined to be: "Phreak" not a particularly advisable one, but valid.

[6] Try to find your own Ads system through scanning of phone #'s several 
digits from that of a IBM (or other) Company that might use an Ads. When a 
system is new and un-discovered, it is much easier to hack it then when
the company knows that their computer is infested with hackers. As an 
annendium we will list the # for Ads a dial-up. This is just so that you
can get the general idea of what a Ads is like. Since the Ads that will 
follow have been known to us and many others for several months, and since 
many idiots have since descended upon it since then, the system will be
nigh impossible to hack (at least not worth the trouble, when there are much
easier systems available that are not closely watched). If we listed any good
Ads that has been just recently discovered it would be wasted in a very
short time period.

 ADS Dialup:  1-800-527-7816   [Note: most ADS dial-ups are not on Wats-lines.]
 [ This has been the first in a projected series of several files on the ADS  ]
 [ Systems. There are many points that we have not covered, but the basics    ]
 [ are here. The next file will go into "In-depth" explanation of the various ]
 [ commands available such as: Distribution lists, fast/slow playback, volume ]
 [ control, delayed sending, time limitations on msgs., personal/confidential ]
 [ messages, advanced password hacking from within captured accounts, etc...  ]
 [                               [Have phun...]                               ]
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 [:] A guide to A.D.S. system's by:                                         [:]
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 Other boards can display this file as long as all information and credit
 remains intact... The authors are in no way responsible for the actions of the
 end user who view's the file. We do not condone such activity, and as such
 this "tutorial" is meant for eductional purposes only.     [Sure it is... ]
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