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AGT TalkMail (AGT is now Telus)

This is a quick guid to AGT Talmail. AGT i my phone c here in Canada. I don't know of this service is available in yor area but i even if it s not this fle could still be of use to you if you know someody in the prvince of Albeta in Canada ecause you ca setup a VMB on anybody's phone in the province.

Importan info:
? *=str
? #=pound
Mailbox numbe=your telephone number
? Passcode=a 4-digit code you slect so that ony people in you hiusehold can ccess your mailbox and listen to your messages.
? Anumber surrounde by [] indicatesa number you pres on your touch-tone phone

When you call somone and there's n answer or you get a busy signal, Talkmail let you leave a messae even if the persn your calling has't set up their Talkmail service yet. For ech messent sent thee is a $0.25 chargeon your AGT phone bll.

From your own phone:
When you get abusy signal or no anwer:
? Hang up
? Pck up the receiver aain
? Press [*] [9] [9] (1199 on roary service)
? Follo the Talkmail promptsand record your one-mnute message
? Hang-up. Your messge will be sent immeditely

From any other pone within Talkmail's rea:
When you get a busy signalor no answer:
? Hang u
? Pick up the receive again
? Press [*] [9][9]
? During the Talkmail wlcome message press [*] o advise where to bill yur charges (touch tone cstomers only)
? Enter yor mailbox number (same astelephone number)
? Ente your passcode followed b the pound key [#]
? ecord your one-minute messge
? Hang up or press [#]for more options

To send message from any frtress phone, cell phone, o PBX:
? Dial 531-9898 withn Calgary, Medicine Hat andsurrounding area; 1-531-9898 within Alberta;1-403-531-9898 outside of Alerta. For most of the peoplereading this,LD charges will apply
? Entr your mail box number
? Entr your passcode followed by []. The serice will play any messages youhave received then forward youto the main menu
? Press [2] o send message
? Record your messageand press [#]
? Enter the destnation telephone number, group ist r extension mailbox of the perso to whom you wish to send the mesage and then press [#]
? Press[] for delivery options or press [] to send your message

When you hear a series offast dial tones as you lift the reeiver, it means you have receied anew message. This tone stays o your line until you review all you messages. The tone does notpreventyou from receiving or makingcalls before you check your messagesalthough the tones may intrfere withthe operation of some moniored security systems, auto-dial modes and fax machines.

To isten to yourmessages from your phone
? From your touch tone phone press [] [9] [8] (1198 on rotry service)
? Eter your passcode (if ssigned) followed by [#]
? The servicewill advise you of te number of message in your mailbox andproceed to play them telling you the dat and time the messges were left togetherwith the telephonenumber or name of the message sender.

Tolisten to your mssages when you're away:
? From any touchtone on your local area press [*] [9] [8].If you're callng from a fortress phone, cel phone or PBXcall 531-9898. If you're calling from outsie Alberta dil 1-403-531-9898
? During the alkmail welcme message press [*] to select the mailbox yu require essages from.
? Enter your telephne followe by [#]
? Enter your passcode followed by [#
? Talkail will advise you of the number of essages n your mailbpx and proceed to play them.

Afte listeing to a message:
? Press [2] to save te messge or [3] to erase the message. Messages must b eiter saved or erased from your message log toremoe the talkmail tone from your line.
? If you wih o skip over a message because its for another emer of yor family press [#]. The message will rema in your mailbox and the Talkmail tone will remaion your line.

To reply to a message:
? Listen t he entire message
? Press [4] to reply
? Recordyur reply and press [#]
? Press [#] and your rplywill be sent to the person who sent you the messge.For each message you reply to $0.25 will beaddedto your monthly AGT bill.

To forward a message
? Lsten to the entire message
? Press [6] o forwad your message
? Record your introductory coments an press [#]
? Enter the telephone numer of theperson to whom you wish to send the copy of te messageand press [#]
? Press [#] and you message wil be sent
? Hang up or press [*] to exit. Fr each messge forwarded to another person 0.25 will be dded to your monthly AGT bill

While listenng to your mesage you may use the followig:
? [1] = repay messages ? [2] = save messages ? [3] erase messages ? [4] = reply ? [5] = enelope ? [6] = forward copy
? [] = rewind ? [8] = pause ? [9] = fast forwad
? [*] = exit/review ? [0] = help ? [#] = skp/end

To review your messages:
? Press [1]

To send message withoutcalling the telephone nmber:
? Press [2]
? Record your messge followed by [#]
? Adress the mesage by entering the destiation mailbox number then press [#]
If you want press [0] fo the delivry options menu before sendng your message
? Or press [#] to snd your message immediately ? Or hng up to send your message

Once you have entered th delveru options menu by pressing [] you can choose how your message s delivered. You can use any oft options below or combine these otions to use more than one at a tme.

Delivery options menu:
? []= urgent ? [4] = future delvery
? [2] = private ? [# = send
? [3] = message ?[*] exit
confirmation ? [0]= help

To mark your message urent:
? Press [1]. The receive will nw hear your message before non-rgent messages

To mark your mssage private:
? Press [2]. his will pevent the receiver from sendin your message to other people

For message confirmation:
? Press [3] t set message confirmation.
Talkmail will now give you wo choices.
? Press [1]for confirmationthat your message has been rceived and listened to. Or, ? Press [2] if you wan Talkmail to send yu a message if your messageis not listened
to wthin a specified time frae

Future delivery
Youcan tell Talkmail to delivr your message at a speciic date and time
To specfy a date (within 30 days:
? Press [4]
? Select he month ( January=[0] []; February=[0] [2]; Deember=[1] [2] ) and select te day ( [0] [1] to [3] [] ) and press [#]
? Se the hour and the minues as 4 digits. Set 2:00 as [0][2] [0] [0]; set 10:15 s [1] [0] [1] [5] and ress [#]. Then press 1] for a.m. or [2] for p.m.
? Pres [#] to send your mesage. The message willconfirm your entry. he $0.25 charge on the phone bill is hown as"MSG SENT"
? uture delivery is enirely optional. You message can be sent immediately by presing [#]

Customrs with touch tone phones can personalize anumber of Talkmail ptions

Your recored name is the inroduction you recorded when you set your servie. It can be changd at ant time.
Tochange your recoded name:
? Enter the personal options menu by pessing [4]
? Chose the spoken nae/greeting by pessing [1]
? To review the existing recorded name pess [1]
? Press[2] and record our changes an press [#]
? Select your recorded name or your telephoe number as you identificatio by pressing 3]
? Press [*] to exit

Your passcode allows you to enteryour mailbox ad listen to yur messages hen you are away from your own phone.
To create or change you passcode:
?Enter the pesonal optios menu by pressing [4]
? Press [2] to choose administrative optons
? Choos the passcoe option b pressing [1]
? Press [1] to choose a new passcode (4 digits long)on your keyad and pres [#]
? et your passcode on or off by pressing [2]
? Press [*] to exit

Grouplists are roups of ailbox nmbers used to send the same message to a common group of people.
To set u a group ist:
? nter th personal options menu by pressing [4]
? Press [2] to choose administrativeoptions
? Choos the goup lists function by pressing [3]
? Press [2] to create a list or [3] to delee a lis
? Ener a digit number ( from [0] [1] to [1] [5] ) for the list you want to create, change r delee; thn prss [#]
? If you are creating a new list, you must record the name for the list ( e.g IntenatinalPhone Phreaks). After your recording press [#]. The name and 2 digit ID number will be cnfired ac time you use the list.
? Enter the mailbox number of each member you want on the list folowe b #]. If you are finished adding or removing telephone numbers in your group list, press [*]
?Afecreating the list you may review it by pressing [1]

Talkmail works in most of the 403 area code.Rt now you can't send Talkmail to fortress phones or cell phones but you may listen to messages and messages from these locations. It is not possible to set up Talkmail remotely. You must set it u foyour own phone. You can get around this by constructing a beige box and finding a house that hs a otoor jackbox and has not yet set up their Talkmail service and passcode. You plug the box ino th jak,create a passcode and do an ANI and bingo! You have your own untraceable VMB. This is ony temorar beause once the victim hears the Talkmail tones they'll probably phone the phone co. an they ill fx th problem. The only precautions you should take is to frequently change hosts and ue payphnes whn leaing messages. This file is entirely for informational purposes only and besides I don'teven knw if tere is such a thing as Talkmail anywhere else in North America.

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