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Hacking Cell Phone VMBs

Hacking Cell Phone VMBs
by protonigger

Section 1: The Introduction

In the activity known as phreaking, VMBs (voice mail boxes) are one of great treasured finds of tireless effort. Well thanks to modern cellular technology, it doesn't have to take so much tireless effort. Most modern cell phones have VMBs to take messages when the owner is away or is too much of a lazy shit to pick up the phone like somebody I know (*cough*Kyle*cough*). This makes for a seemingly endless bound of VMBs available for us to explore. Well of course in this tutorial we will be covering exactly that, methods that you can use to break into these VMBs, to play big brother, take over, or just generally mess around with. Enjoy...

Section 2: The Method

Well our first step is of course to get to the VMB. To do this we are going to call up the number of our target, and let it ring. This works best if you call at a time when the cell phone is off, so if you know your target try to figure out when the most likely time would be that they would have their cell phone off and call then, or else just call in the middle of the night and hope they aren't an insomniac. Then when the message starts playing hit either # or *. You will then hear it ask you to enter in your password. Your first try should be to punch in the last four digits of the cell phone number. If this doesn't work then here is a decent list of common passwords for you to try out...


If you don't screw around with anything and just use it to listen in on saved messages, then you should be able to hold access for months. Otherwise, if you decide to use the "Change Password" option and take it over, then you probably won't be holding it for long. So yeah, I advise against doing that. Also a helpful hint is that though most service providers use 4 digit passwords for VMBs, some providers may require subscribers to have passwords of at least 6 digits. If this is the case, first try the cell phone number you are dialing as the pass. If this doesn't work, you can try one of the following common passwords...


If none of these work then try a variation of any of the schemes listed above, or try something like the subscriber's birthday, first name, last name, home phone number, etc. Just use your imagination.

Section 3: In Conclusion

Well as always I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial as much as I enjoyed writing it. Life has been keeping me too busy lately to really do much else, but be sure to check in at informationleak.com to see my latest work. Until next time...

Note: If you have any questions or comments and feel the need to reach me then you can do so at protonigg3r@yahoo.com and I will try to get back with you as soon as possible.

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