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East Central University voice mail default password and help

Voicemail is often characterized as an answering machine.   Where a home answering machine works for one telephone number,   the voicemail equipment at ECU links together hundreds of  telephones and voicemail boxes.   The voicemail equipment also provides message annotation, forwarding to both to ECU and to external phone numbers.

A voicemail box is the collection of messages that have been recorded by callers to an ECU extension. Most ECU extensions which are assigned to full time faculty or staff,  can have a voicemail box working with the extension.   The voicemail box number is the same as the extension number.   The extension in your office is answered by a voicemail box with the same number.   When a call to your extension is not answered, it will automatically be routed to the voicemail box for your extension.  The caller will then be able to record a message.

Access numbers:

To access the voicemail box for your extension,  from your extension, dial 850.    The first time that you access your voicemail box, you will be prompted for three items:  a password,  a voicemail box name and  a greeting message.

    * The password is a numeric password.   The password is the only protection you have to prevent malicious activity concerning your voicemail box.  The default password is the same as the extension number. When entering your new password, do not use your ECU extension number or home phone number as a password.  Do not begin a password with zero.
    * The voicemail box name is spoken under various conditions to identify the voicemail box.   For a voicemail box used only by you, the voicemail box name should be your name.    Voicemail boxes associated with a departmental  extension should have a voicemail box name indicating the department name.
    * The greeting is the message heard by callers.    The first time that you access your voicemail box, you will hear a brief discussion of the characteristics that a greeting should have.

To access your voicemail box from another extension on the ECU campus, dial 850.  As soon as you hear the voicemail greeting,   press #.  That is, press the pound sign key.   You will then be prompted for the voicemail box number you wish to access followed by the password for that voicemail box.   To access your voicemail box from off-campus, dial your direct access number (310 5xxx).   When you hear your greeting, press #.  You will then be prompted for your voicemail password.

If you dial your extension from your extension,  the voicemail equipment expects that you will leave a message.  That is,  if you dial  extension 332 from extension 332,  you will hear the greeting for that voicemail box.  Normally, you would then leave a message.


A password is a numeric password that allows access to a voicemail box.  A password can be 1 to 8 digits.  Obviously, a longer password is more secure than a shorter password.    Any password less than 4 digits should not be used.  Do not use zero as the first digit in a password.

Any one who knows or can guess a password for a voicemail box, can access the voicemail box.   Also,  a voicemail box is accessible from any phone, inside the campus or outside.    Consider the mischief that can be created by someone using your voicemail box to send messages. 

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