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Hacking Voice Mailboxes (largely stolen from Cyber Thief)

From ic0n@pla440.zzn.com Fri Jul 06 13:23:13 2001
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Subject: VoiceMail HAcking Phile
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Date: 6 Jul 2001 13:23:13 -0700


***Hacking Voice Mail Boxes***
                By: ic0n
               For: 31337 Phreaking
            e-mail: ic0n@pla440.zzn.com


Have you ever wanted to hack your very own voice mail box ? Well with
this file
may your dreams come true. now let's get into the shit

Alright if you don't know what all the diffrent voice mail systems
sould like

Here's a few examples:
Skytel vmb: 800-520-5458
Octel/Aspen: 800-487-6245
Meridian: 800-422-6245
Audix: 877-999-6245
Message Center: 800-317-6245
Phone Mail: 800-520-9666

Here's the defult code to vms
Audix: Box number
Aspen/Octel: Box Number,0000-1111-2222-ect-,1234
Meridian: Box Number
Phone Mail: Box Number,1234,9999
Message Center: None (no password)
Skytel: last 4 of box number,9999,1234
Partner Mail vs: 1234,9999

Here's A few ways on how to get voice mail systems:
Scanning (best way)
From Another Phreak (Okay)
Off The Internet (lamor)

Now if you scan yourself you will have very good chances to get some
voice mail boxes.
Getting a VMS from a fellow phreak is alright unless they gave it out
to everyone and there mom
and if you get them off the net chances are they will be not in
service or something else that is no
where near a vms (what the hell am i talking about oh well) and you
would also be a 31337 14m0r.

Alright now you got yourself a voice mail system by now or at lease

Logging In to voice mail boxes
Audix: *8
Aspen/Octel: #
Meridian: *81
Message Center: *
Phone Mail # (i may be wrong)

Findig A valid box:
Start with 100 and 999 if it has 3 digit boxes
If it's 4 digit boxes try 1000 and 9999
if both of them don't work try 200,300,400,ect,ect, or
if you still have no luck on finding a box there's two things you can
do quit and me a lamor or
be a tru phreak and scan the whole system.

Okay, let's say you found a valid box. Let's say it's box 2600 and
2610 is not a valid box number,
but box 2630 is Your going to want to do some basic scanning to find a
range of boxes. Scan
2610 and below (make sure you note everything) then scan 2610 and up
and 2630 and up this should give you an
idea on how the boxes are mapped out on Voice Mail Systems.

Finding A Vacant Box: 
Once you have found some valid boxes, start scanning for vacant boxes.
A vacant Box is a box
that where created by the system aministrator for future use, or boxes
that have been abandoned
when an employee was fired,transferred,ect. Call the system After
Hours and enter in some of the
valid box numbers you wrote down earlier when scanning

You Should Be Listening For a greeting that sound like:
A: Box "xxx" please leave a message
B: Box xxx
C: Leave A message After the tone "Beep"

IF you come acrossed a greeting recorded by a human assume the box is
"in use" Never ever
take over a box that is in use by an employee.

Some More Defult Codes:
box number plus 1 example 26001
1 plus box number 12600

I'm in now what:

1st See if there are any messages (if there are, listen to them. If
the newest message is a month
or older i would say it's safe to take) Also some system aministrator
will send messages to every
box on that system

2nd  Change The Passcode And if you want the outgoing greeting 

Once you've successfully hacked a box, become familiar with it's
features. Some Voice Mail Systems
have features like make distribution list,message notification and
other 31337 features

More info On Vms:

 The purpose of this section is to briefly touch on some of the
systems you are likely to encounter. I will provide general background
on each system, as well as default passwords if they are available.

Alltel - This is a voicemail system for cellular telephone users only.
         From your cellular phone, dial #99 and "SEND". Enter your
         code, and you are in. All vacant boxes will have a default
         of 9999. Alltel voicemail has several desirable features
         the ability to change your security code, record a personal 
         greeting, create a "greeting schedule", and forward messages
         other users.

A.S.P.E.N. - Most people will agree that A.S.P.E.N. (Automated Speech 
             Network) is one of the best voicemail systems. To find a
             box, scan some common three digit numbers until you hear
             automated voice say "You entered XXX. Please leave a
message at
             the tone...BEEP". Hit # and enter the box number when
             A friendly female voice will discuss some of the better 
             features of the system and ask for your "temporary
             The password is usually four digits. It is probably one
             those on my default list. Features to look out for
             the ability to control message playback speed, message 
             forwarding, and "envelopes", extended absence greetings,
             the awesome ability to create and moderate "guest boxes"
             friends, and distribution lists.

Audex Voice Power - From the onset, Audex systems are difficult to
                    When calling a suspect number, hit *7. It should
                    with "Welcome to Audex Voice Power, please enter 
                    extension and # sign". Box numbers are three or
                    four digits and usually start with a 2. The
                    will be the same as the box number. You are
required to
                    hit # after entering the extension number, and the
                    password. Features include easy message recording
                    forwarding, as well as out call for message
Centagram - Most Centagram systems are direct dial. This means that
            customer has his/her own 800 number where you can leave
            without having to go through extensions. You can only hack
            systems if you have the valid number of at least one
            user. Once you have a valid box, scan other numbers in
            Most, if not all, Centagram systems will group the boxes
            in "blocks". Upon calling a vacant box, you should hear a
            greeting. Before you are told to leave a message, hit #.
            You will be prompted for a password. The password will
            be the last four digits of the box's telephone number. If
            does not work, try some of the defaults mentioned above. 
            Centagram systems are very user friendly, and the nice
            will guide you through a list of options upon entering the

Cindi - Cindi systems are pretty easy to get into, and they tend to
        some nice features. Upon calling the system and pressing #,
        should hear "Please enter the person's name using your touch
        keypad, last name followed by first. To enter a Q or Z push
        The disconnection message should sound something like "Thank
        Good day". Mailboxes are usually grouped together in blocks
and will
        be either 3 or 4 digits. To log in you'll have to call the
        box and hit "0" when the message starts playing. The default
        for Cindi systems is also "0". Features include message
        and forwarding, playback volume adjustment, call placements, 
        distribution lists, certified messages, and the ability to
        guest accounts for friends.

Meridian - These systems are the easiest to identify. Upon calling the
           number you should hear a female voice say "Meridian
           Mailbox?" The box numbers are usually four digits and are 
           grouped together in a logical fashion. The default password
           is the same as the box number. Meridians have some nice
           including the ability to dial out (some systems). Other
           include message forwarding, and "envelopes", distribution
           personal greetings inside the mailbox, and the ability to
log out.

Message Center - The Message Center is the easiest direct dial system
                 hack. Once again, you must find a valid box in the
                 you are scanning. After you have successfully located
a box,
                 hit * twice to access the main Message Center Board.
                 should say something to the effect of "Welcome to the
                 Message Center. Please enter a mailbox number or
                 Enter box numbers in the same prefix and listen for a
                 generic message. Once you've located a vacant box,
                 * once to log in! It's really that easy. Although
                 are lacking, it is always nice to have a direct dial

Octel - Not much is known about these systems. Upon calling the system
        hitting the # key, you'll be prompted for a mailbox number.
        the number followed by # and you'll get the password prompt.
        free to try some of the defaults from my list above. Remember,
        commands made outside the box must be followed by #. Once
        you'll be walked through the basic setup. Some Octel systems
        require you to change your pass code immediately. Desirable
        include the ability to control message playback speed and
        message notification, future delivery option, "private"
        option, faxing feature, and distribution lists.
One Connect - Perhaps the most useful voicemail system currently on
              market. Most One Connect systems are direct dial. Virgin
              boxes will give you set up instructions when called.
Press *
              for the password prompt, and key in the default code
              Once inside, you can listen to messages, retrieve faxed 
              messages, set up message verification, call long
              numbers using the PBX, configure instant paging, and
even set
              up a toll free loop where callers can reach you. 

RSVP - These systems suck! They can only hold 23 boxes. Upon calling,
       * for the directory of boxes. If you hit # first, you'll be
       a list of options. As soon as you select any option, you'll be 
       prompted for a mailbox number. The mailbox numbers are almost
       two digits. The password will be the same as the box number.

Skytel - One of the more difficult systems. Skytel voicemail is a
         because you are required to enter the password first,
followed by
         the box number. Many new voice mail systems are adopting this
         method since it makes hacking next to impossible. The best
way to
         hack Skytel is to get a PIN number of a user and call
         support claiming to be the dissatisfied customer. Call
         (1-800-759-8737) for Customer Support.

Sperry Link - An all around nice system that can be a bitch to hack.
Call it
              up and you'll hear "This is a Sperry Link voice station.
              enter your user ID". Just try some common numbers in
              Most IDs are five digits. If you hear "This is an XXX
              service" you have found a valid box. Hit *# to get the
log in
              prompt. At this point you'll just have to guess the
              Try some of the defaults from my list. The passwords are
              usually four digits.

 In addition there are many other systems not listed here. You'll
these unnamed systems too. Some of them are nice others are not. 


 I hope you've enjoyed my file. If you have any questions, comments,
or if
 you would like information about other files I've written, please
feel free
 to contact me. You can do so by sending email to ic0n@pla440.zzn.com

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