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A file on hacking Aspen voice mail systems

Hacking & Scanning Voice Mail Boxes: The Tutorial

Legions of Lucifer ('ljen ov lcifr) n. 1. Any multitude of followers
 of the chief evil spirit, Satan.  2. A group of Anarchists and Computer
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Hello again,  and  welcome  to another  egions f ucifer  text phile!  This
text file has to do with hacking and scanning VMBs.   The reason I am writing
this phile is because I am very good at it, and have had years of experience.
Infact  I  have  been  called  by MCI for screwing them over by attacking and
taking over a whole damn system with a few friends of mine.

Anyways,  hacking VMBs is  very simple and basically safe,  and not only that
but they are  kewl to have around.   You can give  them to friends,   you can
trade  them  for access on bulletin boards,   or you can use it for yourself.
As for this 'Tutorial on Hacking VMBs', we will be talking about what systems
to hack,  how you go about hacking them,  default passwords,  hints on better
scanning, and having your very own box.


VMB,  in  case  you  don't know,  stands for 'Voice Mail Box'.   Now a VMB is
like an answering machine.   You can use  it for all  sorts of things.   Most
VMB systems are  dialed though  800  numbers.   People call up the VMB system
that you  have a box  on,   and dial in your box  number and then leave you a
message.  Whenever you want to check your box,  you just call up,  enter your
password and read  your messages.  Inside a VMB you can do whatever,  you can
leave  messages to  others on the system,   you can  change your  'Out Going'
message,  you can have guest  boxes  (Explained later),  you can have the box
call your house when you  get an Urgent message,  you can do a lot of things.
Infact,  on some systems you can even CALL OUT  through them,  so they can be
used as a code of sorts! They are cool to have.

What Type of System You Should Scan/Hack:

You should  scan/hack  out Virgin Systems,  this is  another way of calling a
system that hasn't been hack out yet.  Also,  CINDI Systems and ASPEN Systems
have the best boxes and the most options that VMB Systems can offer.   I will
be  talking  about  ASPEN  System  today  since  I  know  most  about  those.

Scanning Your 'Virgin ASPEN VMB System':

Okay once you've found your Virgin VMB System, you start to scan. Just incase
you  don't know what scanning is,   that means you  search for boxes that are
hackable (Explained later on).   Now you dial up the system and when it picks
up and the bitch starts to talk,  press the "#" key. It will then ask you for
your box number...   now there are two different  way the ASPEN System can be
configured:  1) a "3 Digit Box Number System" or 2)  a  "4 Digital Box Number
System".   Now lets just say this system is a 3 Digit System.  Okay,  when it
asks for your Box Number, enter in 999,  now it will say one of three things:
[These are known as 'Greeting Names']
1. John Doe [Box owners name]
2. "Box Number 999 Is Not a Valid Box Number"
3. "Box Number 999"
Now,  if it eithers says 1 or 2, go to box number 998...997...996...995..etc,
but if  it says 3, then you are lucky, now it will ask you for your password,
now you  are probably saying 'Shit this is where it gets difficult'...   well
you are WRONG! This part is easy.  Here is a list of ASPEN Default Passwords:

* We will use box number 666 as an example box #
  [ BN = Box Number ]

List of Default Password:  Combination    Result

                            1-BN           1666
                            BN+1           667
                            0-BN           0666
                            BN-0           6660
         Most Common į    BN             666

Now enter in a those defaults,  try JUST the Box Number first, ASPENs usually
use that most.  Now, if you try all those Defaults and still can not get into
that Voice Mail Box, then that means that the box has been already taken, but
the owner hasn't  changed his 'Generic Message',   if you don't get in,   you
will just have to search until you get in.

Once You Get Into a Box:

Okay, once you get your first box, *DO NOT* change anything!!  That will come
later.  Your first box is,  as what is known as a 'Scanning Box'! What you do
with your Scanning Box  is this:   You enter "3" from the main commands menu,
and it will ask  you for the box number.   Now that command is the "Check for
Reciept" command,  what it does  it check Box #xxx for  mail from you.   This
command is very convienient for us VMB Hackers.   To use that command to your
advantage,   you enter in  box a box number  and it will say  1 of  the three
'Greeting Names',  like before,  if it say #3,   then you write down that Box
Number and hack it later.   But if it says 1 or 2,   then just keep scanning!
All boxes  with  the number  3  Greeting Name is known  as a  'Hackable Box'.
Now you keep  scanning until you have gone all the way down to Box number 000
or whatever  is the lowest box it supports. Now, once you have your list this
is when all the fun starts! Now you are ready to hack!

Hacking Out Your New Found 'Hackable' Boxes:

Okay this is  the easy part.   After you spent most  of your time by scanning
the system you  should be  used to the system and how it works,   that should
make hacking the ASPEN all the easier. Now, if you had a 'Scanning Box',  you
should know what the default password was for your Scanning Box.  Well if the
password  for your Scanning Box was just the Box Number,   then *EVERY* other
hackable box should have the  SAME  default password.   VMB Systems have only
one default password,   If one box has the BN for a Default PW,   the all the
others will too.

Okay,   you call up the  VMB System will the list of 'Hackable' boxes by your
side, and when the bitch is talking, press the "#" key.  When it asks you for
your box number, enter in the first box number on your list. When it asks for
your password,  enter in the Default Password Sequence.  Now if you don't get
into that box, it's not a problem, just keep going down your list. You should
get into a few.  But remember,  just because  a box is marked 'Hackable',  it
doesn't mean you will definatly get into it.

Okay, now you have a few dosen boxes.  You can now use you Scanning Box to do
whatever you please.

ASPEN Guest Boxes:

Once you have a box of your own, you can give out 'Guest Boxes'.  Guest Boxes
are like Sub Boxes in your box. In ASPEN you have 4 of them.  If you give out
Guest Box #1 to John Doe,  Mr. Doe can call in, enter in the password YOU set
for him,  and leave you messages,  but not only that,  you can leave messages
to HIM! Which means,  if his is in New York,  and you are in California,  and
neither of you have codes to call eachother, then you can leave messages thru
your 800 VMB.   Here is a list  and explination of  all 4 of the Guest Boxes:

0.  Main Box       -  Your     Voice     Mail    Box!
1.  Guest Box #1   -  Can  Leave  &  Recieve Messagez
2.  Guest Box #2   -  Can  Leave  &  Recieve Messagez
3.  Home Box       -  Can  Leave  &  Recieve Messagez
4.  Secretary Box  -  Can Check How Many Messagez You
                      Have    &    Recieve   Messagez

Hints On Better Scanning:

A lot of people say  hacking and scanning for VMBs is too damn hard...   well
that's because they  are going at it all wrong,  they probably read some lame
piece of shit text file on Hacking VMBs that was about 500 bytes long.  Well,
here   is   a   small   list   of  hints  on  better  scanning  and  hacking:

1. Do not use a  Voice Mail Box  hacking/scanning program
    (ei:  VMB v1.0,   ASPEN v1.0,   VMBHACK v2.3,  etc..)
2. Do not hack in random order (ei: B#999, 345, 810, etc)
    Always hack in order:  999, 998, 997, 996, 995...000.
3. Try to find out if it's virgin.  The newer the System,
    the better.
4. If you have a phone with memory dial, change one entry
    to     the     number     of      the   VMB   System.
5. Don't hack the  System Managers  box unless you really
    want to.

Ideas of Things To Do With Your Extra Boxez:

Well  since  you  can   have  up to 500  extra  Voice Mail Boxes,   you might
not know what to do with them,    here are a few ideas that can help you out:

1. Give them to friends
2. Sell them to friends
3. Offer them to sysops for
    for better access
4. Trade them for HSTs or
5. Use them as a Voice Verifing line (So you don't have to give out
    your real voice number to BBSes when you apply!)

Well, that's it to the egions f ucifer Hacking & Scanning Voice Mail Box
Systems Tutorial! I hope it helped you and I, along with .. wish you the
best of luck with your new found hobby! And remeber if you found this text
of any help, please spread it around to help others! Also, if you think you
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