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VMB METROPOLE I - Setting up the largest VMB City ever [Freud & TCB]

                          -][- Freud & TCB -][-
We Bring You VMB METROPOLE I. We Have Set Up A Vmb System With 100 Boxes.
All Of Them Are 100% Virgin Unused Boxes. They Are All Awaiting Heavy 
(Ab)use. The Purpose Is To Set Up The Largest Vmb City Ever. We Hope To
Have An Expert On Just About Anything On The System. We Still Need Some 
People For Some Area's Of Expertise. At The Bottom Of This Text You Will 
Find The Handles Of The People Allready On The System And What They Do.
The Idea Is To Exchange Information Amongst Users On THE METROPOLE.
How To Apply For A Box?
Since This Is The First METROPOLE We Are Setting Up, We Will Be VERY 
Generous With Our Boxes.
Just Call 1-800-533-6786 Or +1-408-720-1440 And Hit *555 (Don't Forget To
Enter The *) Then Just Leave Us Your Handle And Your Current Vmb Or Bbs
We Can Find You On. Then You Will Be Given A Box (+Password Ofcourse).
For Bbs's Make Sure That One Of Us (FREUD Or TCB) Is On There.
Everyone Will Get A Box. But If You Want To Be Part Of The Saga Then Leave
A Working Code On There. If It Works Then We'll Invite You For METROPOLE II.
The Next One Will Be A Lot More Private. Just A Limited Number Of People.
However If Too Many People Apply We Will Ofcourse First Give Boxes To People
Who Left Us A Working Code Or A Nice Piece Of Information. It's Up To You.
System Information.
Name Of The Company That Was Dumb Enough To Have Lousy Protection:
Quality Technology Corp.
SunnyVale, CA,94086-2906.
Fax: +1-408-720-8048
Tel: +1-408-720-1440
With This Information And Some Social Engineering You Should Be Able To
Get The Toll Free Dialup For Your Own Country If There Is One.
Just Call The Telephone Company In Your Country (Directory Assistance) And
Ask.  Just Make Up Some Story.
Don't Call The Company Operator On The Vmb System Because If Too Many People
Will Do This The System Will Go Down Fast. It Was Hard Enough To Get The
Operator To Give Me The Information I Have Found Sofar. 
Note: Freud Nor TCB Take Any Responiblity For Any Messages Posted On Any Of
      The Boxes Or Other Abuse Going On.
Note: If You Live In The US, Then Do Us And Yourself A Favour..Use An Extender
      Or Whatever To Call The System.
Note: Dont Change Your Vmb Name, Because It Might Just Show Up In One Of Their

Boxes To Remember.
Box To Apply         : *555
Freud's Personal Box : *566
TCb's Personal Box   : *577
Codeline             : *567
People On The System.
Red Baron/BS1        : *500   Amiga Coding & Software Cracking
Maddy/Fusion         : *501   Ami'Express Support Line
Slycath              : *502   Vmb Hacking
Mace                 : *503   Guns 'n Ammo
Peter H. Reaker      : *504   H/P/C
Firefly/Anthrox      : *505   Invited By Slycath
Tas/Silents          : *506   Invited By Slycath
The Madman           : *507   H/P/C
Skippy               : *508   Carding
Syntax/Silents       : *509   H/P/C
Freejack/Acidity     : *510   H/P/C
Guenhwyvar           : *511   Ditital Electronics
Sarco                : *512   Tripping Box
Dave The Wave        : *513   H/P/C
Lance Romance        : *514   Lance Romance
Crazybyte            : *515   Vax/Unix/Hp3000 Hacking
Mirage               : *516   H/P/C
Shadow Lord          : *517   H/P/C
The Weasel           : *518   H/P/C
Clive                : *519   H/P/C
Coaxial              : *520   Unix Hacking & Vmb Hacking
Trap Zero            : *521   Network Hacker
Karpov/Tarkus Team   : *523   H/P/C
Da Hender            : *524   H/P/C
Con Artist/TDT       : *525   H/P/C
Rat & Avenger        : *526   H/P/C
No Name Brand        : *527   H/P/C
Apollo               : *529   Anarchy & Viri
Jaf/Acidity          : *530   H/P/C
Ice-T                : *531   H/P/C
Donald Duck          : *532   H/P/C
???                  : *579   Invited By Mace
???                  : *578   Invited By Skippy
Note: Due To Technical Difficulties Not All Of These Boxes Are In Use YET.
      But They Will Be Soon (Maybe By The Time You Read This.).

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