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Octel VMB at a glance

Octel VMB at a Glance

By Gotrek Goawaypla@hotmail.com

Enter the System

   * Call the system you will recognize an Octel VMB by the dull almost
     mean female voice (unless it was replaced wich I have never seen).
     When you connect to this sytem you'll here 1 of 2 things.
   * If  you connect to a subscribers Mailbox you'll here his/her name
     followed by "Please enter you password or if you've entered the wrong
     number press star"
   * If you connect to the main number you'll here a Personalized greeting
     from the company to enter # to access your VMB number If you wait the
     mean robot lady will say "Please enter the number now, if you require
     assistance or do not have a touch tone phone please stay on the
     line."  After hitting pound the robot lady will pressure you by saying
     "Mailbox number please" in a rude fashion then "Please enter the
     mailbox nbumber specified by the manager" Then sorry you are having
     Trouble Please Try again" and hangs up on you.  so many lonely nights
     I wish I could meet this mean robot lady.

Most Octel VMB are on extension 4000 this is the default and most here in
Manitoba are set this way, although this can be changed.

   * Listen to the introductory prompt
   * Press #
   * Enter the Mailbox Number

This is the personís 4 Digit Extension number i.e. XXX-8020

   * Enter the password

Passwords have a 15-digit length restriction; the default is 0000, 1234,
1234567 on most systems I have seen.

Main Menu

   * To Review Messages Press 1
   * To send messages Press 2
   * To locate messages Press 3
   * Personal options Press 4
   * Restart Press 5
   * Applications Press 6

To Exit hit the * key at any menu

I will now review each of these sections one at a time as they branch out
into multiple other options, options marked by an (*) are unprompted
options (no voice prompt). Use the * key to back out of any menu at

Reviewing Messages ( Option 1)

   * To hear unheard voice messages Press 1
   * To hear all voice messages including heard and skipped Press 2
   * For fax messages (most Octel VMB disable this) Press 3
        o Unheard Fax(*) press 1
        o Archived Fax (*) Press 2
        o Print All unprinted fax messages(*) press 4

Options 1, 2 and 3 allow you to hear your messages and bring you to the
end-of-message options:

   * To print fax Press 2
        o Primary destination press 1
        o Alternate destination press 2
             + Enter Fax destination number
             + Wait for confirmation
             + If correct hit #
             + If not correct hit * then re-enter fax number.
        o Current location press 3
        o Send copy to non-subscriber press 4

   * To replay Press 4
   * To get envelope information Press 5 (obtain info about sender, date,

   * Send copy with introduction Press 6 (allows you to send a copy with
     your own comments before)
        o To send a copy of a message with introduction
        o Record introduction then press #
        o To Send press #

   * Send copy Press 66 (remove introduction)

   * To erase Message Press 7
   * To reply Press 8

   * To reply by calling Press 88 (*)

   * To save message into archive Press 9 (for 10 days)

Send Message (Option 2)

To send a voice message:

   * Record Message
   * When finished press #
   * To replay the message press 1
   * Use playback controls (end of this document)

Destination options

   * Enter destination number or press # to spell name
        o Delivery Options (Press # to send, enter next destination and
          press * when finished)
             + Mark Message private press 1
             + Mark message Urgent press 2
             + Request Message confirmation press 3
                  + Confirm receipt press 1
                  + Notify of non-receipt press 2
             + Mark message for future Delivery press 4
   * AMIS networking hit #-#

To use AMIS networking

   * Enter access phone number
   * Confirm then press #
   * Enter mailbox number
   * Confirm then press #

   * Press # to send
        o Press 1 to send to someone else on system
        o Press 2 to exit AMIS networking

Locate Message (Option 3)

   * To locate Messages sent Press 1
        o Enter mailbox number or press # to spell name
   * To locate Messages received press 2
        o For a specific subscriber press 1
             + Enter mailbox number or press # to spell name
        o For an outside caller press 2
             + Enter mailbox number or press # to spell name

Personal options (4)

   * To turn notification on/off Press 1
   * For administrative options Press 2
        o For general Options Press 1
             + To change passwords Press 1
                  + For Personal Press 1
                  + For home (mailbox 93) press 2
                  + For guest 1 (mailbox 91) Press 3
                  + For guest 2 (mailbox 92) Press 4
                  + For Secretary Press 5
                  + etc...
             +  To change Group Lists options Press 2
                  + Create List Press 1
                  + Edit List Press 2
                  + Delete List Press 3
                  + List Names press 4
             + To change prompt Levels Press 3
                  + For standard Press 1
                  + For extended Press 2
                  + For rapid Press 3
             + For date and time playback Press 4

             + For application mailbox Press 6

        o For Fax Press 3
             + Setup/change primary faxprinting destination Press 1
             + Auto print on/off Press 2

   * To change Greeting Press 3

        o For personal Greeting Press 1
             + Standard Greeting Press 1
             + Personal Greeting press 2
                  + For away from Phone message Press 1
                  + For on the phone message Press 2
        o For extended absence message Press 2
        o To change your Name Press 3 (name prompt when looking thru

   * For notifications schedule Press 4
        o 1st schedule Press 1
        o 2nd schedule Press 2
        o temporary Press 3
   * For mailbox forwarding Press 5
        o To Establish/change forwading destination Press 1
        o To Cancel forwarding destination Press 2
   * For security options Press 6
        o To turn Access security on Press 1
        o To turn access security off Press 2
        o To hear tutorial Press 0

          Playback Controls
                                1. rewinds
                                2. Pauses/restarts
                                3. skips Forward
                                4. Slower
                                5. Gives Envelope information
                                6. Faster
                                7. Normal Volume
                                8. Louder
                                   * Cancel
                                   0 Help
                                   # Skip

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