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Rider University voice mail default password scheme and instructions



If you are on your phone and another call beeps you or if your phone rings 4 times and there's no answer, the call will be forwarded to our Meridian voice mail system.

If you pick up your phone and hear a stutter dial tone, you have voice mail messages.  It is necessary to log in to your voice mailbox daily and delete your messages regularly.




1.       Log In

Dial 4000 (from on campus) or Dial (609) 219-4000 (from off campus)

Dial your 4 digit extension number and press #

Dial your 4 digit default password and press #(Your default password is your 4 digit extension number)


 2.  Change your password (For security reasons change your temporary password immediately)

      Log in

      Dial 84

      Enter your new password and press # (Your password may be 6-16 digits or letters)

      Enter your new password again and press #

      To confirm the change, enter your default password (your extension number) and press #


3.  Record your name (personal verification)

     Log in

     Dial 89

     Dial 5 and state your full name and press #


4.  Record your personal greeting

     Log in

     Dial 82

     Dial 1 (for external) or Dial 2 (for internal) or Dial 3 (for temporary)

     Dial 5 and begin recording and press # to end recording


It is necessary to log in to your voice mailbox daily and delete your messages for optimum system use.


To Get Messages To Delete Messages (You should delete messages as soon as possible)

Dial 2                                      Dial 76


To Send Messages (without logging in to voice mail)

Dial 4988 (from on campus) or Dial  (609) 219-4988 (from off campus)

Dial the mailbox number and press #


Keypad Commands                              Message Commands                           Mail Box Commands

Skip Backward                      1              Reply                         71                         Log In                           81

Play                                        2              Play Envelope          72                         Greetings                      82

Skip Forward                         3              Forward                    73                         Log Off                         83

Previous Message               4              Reply All                  74                         Password Change       84

Record                                   5              Compose                  75                         Distribution Lists        85    

Next Message                       6              Delete/Restore         76                         Go To A Message       86

Message Commands           7              Send                          79                         Personal Verification  89

Call Sender                            9              Message Help         7*                         Mailbox Help                8*   

Help                                        *              Message Options                   70                         Mailbox Options         80

Stop/Exit                                #              Cancel/Exit               7#                         Cancel/Exit                    8#    

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