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How To Phreak Answering Machines

How To Phreak Answering Machines.
By telephreak
of The Phone Rangers

This article was written becuase i found a little fault in AT&t and Lucent Technologies
Tapeless Answering System Model #1710.

This answering machine is sold all around the US and is very popular. The first thing 
you have to do is find someone who has it. So if you have a friend who has pissed you 
off, and has the system this is good for revenge. I may remind you that this text 
was not written for revenge or anarchy purposes. It was written for informational 

After you've found a person with that exact model answering machine you can continue. 
Now with this specific answering machine it allows the own of the system to call their 
own phone number and enter in an access code either as soon as the message starts or 
right when its ending to listen to his or her own messages. Now this is great if your 
the on to go person. Theres only one problem, the access code cant be changed and is 
located on the bottom of the unit. That raises another problem, since the code cant 
be changed and is preset this means the manufacturer must set the code. Well they
must have gotten lazy at this part, because all of the access codes are 95. Yup, thats 
it, on every machince ive seen, the code was 95. This means anyone who wants to can 
listen to your messages, delete messages, change the "leave your message at the tone"
message, or turn off the unit.

The possiblites of fun are endless. When you call into the system and you enter in 
the access code you should hear a series of five or so beeps, this now leads you to 
the imput menu. In the imput menu you hit a set of touch tones to do a specific task. 
(i.e delete messages, listen to messages, etc..)

Below are scanned images of the wallet card that comes with the info. you can get all 
the touch tones and instructions from that. if you cant read the pictures, just click 
on them to make them bigger. Have Fun!

Recently Added:

Rold Gold just emailed me saying the following, i dont know the entire truth behind it , but this is what he said:

The code that you post on the page
http://www.phonerangers.org/stuff/stuff7.html works for my 1721 (the code is
also 95) and it probably therefore works for the entire 1700 series.  That
greatly expands the possibilites.
the Pics are located at the following URLs:
Front Side Of Wallet card:
Back Side of Wallet Card:

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