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Fun with Telus VMBs

"Fun With Telus VMB's"

By: tekk250 (tek-know@phreaker.net)

Date: Oct. 9, 2001


This text simply describes how to scan for Telus VMB's and send messages directly to other Telus VMB's (VMB = Voicemail Box)

1) Accessing VMB's

There are two ways that I know of to access Telus VMB's. The first one is the older way, by dialing 881-9000. If there is a VMB set up for the line you will hear a recording of the user saying their name, then will be prompted to enter is the correct 4 digit passcode. If there is no VMB set up on the line you will have to hit # followed the phone number of the VMB you wish to access. After entering in the number you will hear the user's recording then will be prompted to enter the passcode.

The second way is to access the VMb is by pressing *98 from a line with a VMB. If there isn't one on that line you will simply hear "We're sorry this call cannot be completed as dialled". If there is one on the line you will go through the same procedure as above.

2) Sending Out Messages to Other VMBs

It is very easy to find other lines with mailboxes, by using the VMB you are currently in. After accessing a VMB you can simply press 2. You will then be prompted to record a message. After doing so press 1 to hear it and # to send it.

You will then be asked to enter the "destination mailbox number".

After this you are set to send out the message.

This will not cause the phone to ring at the specified mailbox, the message will simply be leftin the mailbox.

3) Scanning for other VMBs

Using the above 881 9000 procedure above you can simply scan for VMB's. After entering 881 9000 you will be prompted to enter in a mailbox in the (XXX) XXX-XXXX format. You will then either hear the users recording or a message telling you there is no mailbox at the target number. Lord knows why you'd wan to do this but hey you may find your own reasons.

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