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University of Southern Mississippi Audix voicemail default password

Voice mail

With the INTUITYT AUDIXr messaging system, you have the following capabilities using your telephone:
Voice Mail
You can record voice messages in advance and send them to the mailboxes of other users without actually calling their telephones.
Other users also can record and send voice mail messages directly to your mailbox.  When convenient, you can access your mailbox to get those messages.
Call Answering
The system answers calls when you can't.  Callers may then leave messages in your "mailbox."  Later, you can access your mailbox to get those messages.
Call Your Mailbox
Your mailbox stores incoming and outgoing voice, fax, e-mail, or multimedia messages and headers.  Your mailbox stores messages by their status (see the figure titled "Your Voice Mailbox").

To call the first time, pick up your phone and enter:
1. Your system-access number. (6001 or 266-6001)
2. Your extension, followed by #.
3. Your default password, followed by #.  Your default password is the # sign.
Change your default password to a new password as soon as possible.  See "Change Your Password".

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