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Hacking Vodafone Mobile Voice Mail Boxes

                Hacking Vodafone Mobile Voice Mail Boxes
                        In Australia and Else where
                                By BoChOi
                          ..West Aust Phreakers..

There is three methods to gain access to a mobile vodafones VMB. All will work 
calling on any landline, telstra mobile, optus mobile or vodafone mobile.

The first method you need physical access to the victims mobile phone. This is 
where your social engineering skills come into play.
ie "Hey cool phone can i have a look man?"

Once the beasty is in your hands put in *#061# then call
You should get a number something like  this:
+61404585333 -15s
+61 is australias country code
404585333 is the victims direct VMB number
-15s or 30s is the software the phone uses or the reply speed im not 
sure(email me if you find out)

This number is different to the victims normal number

Once you got the victims direct VMB number you need to add a 0 to make it a 
proper number ie 0(404585333) (even try scan cuppla numbers above or below)

Dial this number from the phone of your choice. As it answers dial in 9 then 
3333 (vodafones default) to access that phone numbers VMB

If the security code is left as the default 3333 you should be onto the 
options listed below.

If that pin didnt work try the obvious easy pins 
0000,1111,2222,1234,1379,2468,6969 ect

This is also a way to leave a voice message on thier phone without it 
ringing.(without pushing 9 3333)

The second option is to dial your mates normal vodafone number while hes 
sleeping or his mobiles turned off and when it diverts to message bank you 
need to press 9 then 3333 

As you read above if they left the pin as default 3333 you got access to all 
options for thier VMB
If not try the other easy pins there is no limit to pin inputs


The third option is to scan the vodafone number range for a message bank and 
hack them with the 9 3333 then your onto options
Thankz to -=VpR=- vapor@telstrasux.zzn.com
The Vodafone(GSM) number profices are:
0404, 0405, 0410, 0414, 0415, 0416


once into the victims VMB you should hear "you have # messages"
If theres is messages they will start being played.
these are the options
1 - Help
2 - Replay last message
3 - Replay all messages
4 - Back msg 10 secs
5 - Forward msg 10 secs
6 - Skip to next unread msg
7 - Skip back to start of msg
8 - Time last msg was left
92 - Listen to all stored messages
0 - pause/continue listening to messages

-all messages when heard will be deleted in 24 hrs (otherwise they last for 
four days i think)

once listening to thier messages is out of the way the next level is access to 
thier VMB greeting message

1 - is Help again
2 - Review and delete messages individually
3 - Replay all messages (above menu comes into play again)

91 - Set the international timemarking for the messages (ie set it from perth  
to amsterdam time)
92 - Replay all messages (same as 3)
93 - Listen to greeting message (hear whos box you hacking, some chicks like 
tanya sound sexy as, quite often you`ll get the full name of the VMB owner on 
the greet message)
94 - Delete greeting message
951 - Record your own greeting (press 8 to save)
952 - Personalise a vodafone prerecorded greeting (some of these are pretty 
funny i like the kidnapper version)(press 8 to save)
96 - Disable security code
97 - Enable security code
97 - Change security code

Problems found 

The main down fall is some vodafone numbers send your number as a missed call 
as sms to the persons phone instead of a vmb. Dialing 1831 before the mobile 
number should mask yours.

And not all of the numbers in the vodafone range are connected so a scan may 
take a while before you get a workin box. The best is to hack your mates VMB.

Also in late september/early october 2001 the take your number with you comes 
in so the vodafone profices 0404, 0405, 0410, 0414, 0415, 0416 maybe optus, 
telstra numbers if the victim changes providers

Suggested Replacement Greeting:

"This box has been hacked by BoChOi, if you are leaving a message for (victims 
name here) please tell them they have to change thier security code and 
greeting message thankyou. you will now be connected by BoChOi from the 
.West Aust Phreakers.." beep wtf i thought this was daves number!!!

You cold hack vodafone mobiles world wide with the same trick you just gotta 
put thier country code instead of the first 0. +31 is for Amsterdam NL :)

BoChOi 2001
comments to StickZpants@i-mail.com.au
remove pants to reply
.West Aust Phreakers.. 
supporter of National Aus Phreak Week first sunday in June


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