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Verizon Home Voice Mail default (starter) password scheme and what you need to reset an existing (secured) VMB password

Verizon Home Voice Mail:

Before using your Home Voice Mail for the first time:

   1. Dial your Home Voice Mail access number. (It was given to you when you ordered your Home Voice Mail service.) You must dial this number each time to use your Home Voice Mail. Once the system answers, go to step 2 or 3.

   2. If you are at home: Dial your Starter Password (your seven-digit home telephone number).

          * Go to step 4.

   3. If you are away from home:

          * Press .

          * Dial your mailbox number (it is the same as your home telephone number).

          * Dial your Starter Password (In most cases, this is your seven-digit home telephone number). Go to step 4.

   4. You will be asked to change your Starter Password. Enter your desired password and press .

          * Your password can be 4 to 10 digits long.

          * Your password cannot be your telephone number, one digit repeated (such as 444444) or a sequence of digits (such as 123456).

   5. Home Voice Mail will repeat your password. To confirm this password, press . To cancel and create a different one, press .

   6. Listen carefully to the remaining voice prompts to record your name and greeting. 


How do I reset my Home Voice Mail passcode?

You can reset your Voice Mail passcode online.

You will enter your telephone number and the last four digits of your social security number or your three-digit customer code. Verizon uses this information to authenticate your account.

Note: You are not required to be a registered user of the Verizon Web site to reset your Voice Mail passcode.

Do I receive a new Voice Mail passcode?

Verizon automatically resets your passcode to the last four or seven digits of your telephone number (depending on your area). When you access your voice mail and enter your telephone number's last four or seven digits, you may be required to change your passcode immediately.

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