TAP 21-41

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608807 bytes. (1973)
TAP No.21 (August-September 1973)

Name Change Explanation, Abbie Hoffman Defense Fund, Convention News, Letters, Automatic Phone Tap, Phone Firm President Indicted, etc. YIPL changes its name to Technological American Party, TAP, with this issue.
529556 bytes. (1973)
TAP No.22 (October 1973)

Build The Answeroo, Spiro Agnew is an anagram for Grow a Penis, TAP D.A., Abbie Hoffman Defense Fund, Letters, How We Catch Red Boxers, Ma Bell's Ripoff Warning, Red Box Diagram Correction, etc.
563017 bytes. (1973)
TAP No.23 (November 1973)

Special Energy Crisis Issue, Live Better With Free Electricity, Picking the Meter Lock, Rumor Dept., Abbie Hoffman Defense Fund, etc.
533000 bytes. (1973)
TAP No.24 (December 1973)

1974 Credit Card Code, Advice on Turning Back ConEd Meters, Report on Toll Fraud Detectors, etc.
543519 bytes. (1974)
TAP No.25 (January-February 1974)

Ammo, The Methane Game, New Red Box, etc.
562522 bytes. (1974)
TAP No.26 (March 1974)

New Blue Box, Make A Key For Your Rollersmith Lock, etc.
492550 bytes. (1974)
TAP No.27 (November 1974)

Unannounced 6 month vacation, New Blue Box Info, More Free Electricity, etc.
516509 bytes. (1975)
TAP No.28 (March 1975)

1975 Credit Card Code, Newspaper Machine Discovery, How To Read Computer Bills, Some Interesting Ideas for Pay Phone Boxers, Letters, etc.
505866 bytes. (1975)
TAP No.29 (October 1975)

Advanced Blue Box, Corrected Snoop Lite, Phone Gadgets, Foreign Codes, etc.
497204 bytes. (1975)
TAP No.30 (November 1975)

The Party's Over, Install an Extension Phone, Fortress Fun, Telephone Locks, Letters, etc.
533279 bytes. (1975)
TAP No.31 (December 1975)

Little Orphan Abbie, Black Box Beats Bell in the Fourth!, Ask Mr. Phelps, RAO Credit Card Codes, etc.
442850 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.32 (January 1976)

1976 Credit Card Code, Odds & Ends, Ask Mr. Phelps, Memorize and Burn, etc.
673579 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.33 (February-March 1976)

Pay and Die?, Odds & Ends, Oops!, TAP's Black Box Long Distance Rates, Ask Mr. Phelps, Pay Attention!, etc.
586766 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.34 (April 1976)

Open Sesame!, End the Misuse of the SS Number, TAP Patent Office, Odds & Ends, etc.
615629 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.35 (May 1976)

Odds & Ends, Ask Mr. Phelps, Mission: Impossible!, etc.
442174 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.36 (June 1976)

Ultimate Red Box, Odds & Ends, S-1 Update, Ask Mr. Phelps, etc.
578129 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.37 (July-August 1976)

Report from the End of the Earth, Odds & Ends, Tapping/Recording Methods, Bell's Boxin' Us In!, Pen Pals Wanted, etc.
575214 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.38 (September 1976)

Give The Water Company a Blow Job, Classified Information, Black Box Blues, Last Odds & Ends, etc.
535456 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.39 (September-October 1976)

Fighting the Biggest Monopoly of All, The Way It Sposed To Be, Ask Mr. Phelps about Free Postage, Let's Make a Deal, Xerox Copiers et al: Access, etc.
581491 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.40 (November 1976)

Book of the Year, Up Yours!, Black Box Update, News Clips, Voice Supervision Detector, Tuning your Organ
518156 bytes. (1976)
TAP No.41 (December 1976)

A Visit from the Mebco Man, CB Bull, The Big Bust, Un-Due'ing Postage, etc.

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