YIPL 1-20

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519597 bytes. (1971)
YIPL No.1 (June 1971)

The Youth International Party Line's First Issue, 1971 Credit card Code, Technical Information, Letters, Eavesdropping by our Friendly Phone Company, War Tax Resistance, etc.
514336 bytes. (1971)
YIPL No.2 (July 1971)

"Blue Box" Is Linked to Phone Call Fraud, The Dumbest Rip-off, etc.
475943 bytes. (1971)
YIPL No.3 (August 1971)

YIPL Price Change, Bell Employees!!!, Statement of Purpose, Fuck The Mail, The Private Ear, Steal This Book, etc.
452358 bytes. (1971)
YIPL No.4 (September 1971)

Special Pay Phone Issue, Abbie Hoffman on Pay Phone Justice, Monkey Warfare, etc.
456569 bytes. (1971)
YIPL No.5 (October 1971)

Do Not Read This!, Remember the Blue Box?, Letters & Answers, Carolina Plain Dealer Ripoff, etc.
427339 bytes. (1971)
YIPL No.6 (November 1971)

Statement of Purpose, Credit Card Codes by Area, Mixer & Amplifier for "Toy Organ" Blue Box, Scotch Taping Stamps for free postage, etc.
457097 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.7 (December 1971/January 1972)

Free-love masthead, 1972 Credit Card Code, Letters, Baboon takes over, South African Phone System, Tuning your Organ (for Phone Tones), etc.
507010 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.8 (February 1972)

Letters, 1972 Credit Card Code cracked, etc.
419822 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.9 (March-April 1972)

Bugs, Super Duper Project! (the black box), Letters, Where to put the stamp to avoid cancellation, etc.
530629 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.10 (May 1972)

The Boston Peoples Yellow Pages, Start Your Own Chapter of YIP, Critique of "Steal This Book", etc.
450256 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.11 (June-July 1972)

Special Convention Issue, Letters, Receive Free Long Distance Calls, Boycott War Products, Support Captain Crunch, etc.
430351 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.12 (August 1972)

New Readers, Ramparts Info, Construction & Operation of the Blue Box, etc.
392581 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.13 (September-October 1972)

Readers, More Box Plans, Dialing Overseas Calls, etc.
422866 bytes. (1972)
YIPL No.14 (November 1972)

Credit Cards of the Month, Free Speech, The AT&T Papers, Support Captain Crunch, etc.
559909 bytes. (1973)
YIPL No.15 (December 1972-January 1973)

High "E" is 2637 Hz, Sure Cure for Message Units, Build a "T" network for Fun & Profit, Destructory Assistance, 1973 Credit Card Code, British System Rigged for Free Calls, etc.
915819 bytes. (1973)
YIPL No.16 (February 1973)

All New Red Box, 1973 Credit Card Code, Letters, etc.
540517 bytes. (1973)
YIPL No.17 (March-April 1973)

Ammo, Don't Get Busted!, Red Box Phreaks!, Build a Line Relay, Holy Shit!, Letters, etc.
518930 bytes. (1973)
YIPL No.18 (May 1973)

A Special Sex Change Issue, Ma Bell is Really Pa Bell In Drag!, Ammo, No More Long Distance Calls!, We Try Harder, Holy Shit, Where Your Slug Goes, etc.
558052 bytes. (1973)
YIPL No.19 (June 1973)

Ammo, Meat!, A Red Box in Every Pot, Build a Snoop Light, Head Crash, Light and Sound Weapon Tested, etc.
535373 bytes. (1973)
YIPL No.20 (July 1973)

Cheese Box, 3 & 4 Line Conference Bridges, Phone Phreaks Convention, Ma Bell's Watergate, Stuck Stacks, etc.

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