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Free Cellular Phone Calls Without Cloning This is the 01/02/2003 Updated version! Uploaded by author.

                Free Cellular Phone Calls Without Cloning



This file is not in any way intended to endorse commiting fraud, rather to
show weaknesses in the cellular system that anyone could exploit.

1.) American Roaming Network

This Wireline roaming network can be reached by dialing 0 on a phone with
no service. It will first ask for the number you want to call, then you
can either chose 1 and make a collect call through an automated system or
you can bill to a calling card or credit card.
To use a calling card you just enter the card number; for a credit card
you first enter the card number, you can use mastercard or american
express, but not visa.
Then you'll be prompted for the expiration date, next it'll want the
numeric part of the billing address i.e. if the address is 476 main street
you enter 476.
Then you have to enter the zip code of the mailing address. If you try to
use a card from outside the u.s. it wont work because the system is set up
to take zip codes in 5 digit numeric format.
Finally you have to enter the cvv2 number on the back of the card.
You can set up the greeting on a direct dial voicemail so it sounds like
someones there to accept the billing, it just has to say hello then wait a
few seconds for the operator to read their script then say yes they'll
accept the call. It may take a couple tries to get the timing right.

2.) Cellular Express

This non-wireline roaming system call also be reached by dialing 0 on a
phone with no service.
There are three options to chose from for placing your call.
Option one is for billing calls to a calling card, it'll ask for the
number your calling, then for the calling card number.
Option two lets you bill a call collect through an automated system.     
Option three like ARN you can bill the call to a mastercard or american
express, but not to a visa. You'll be prompted for the card number, then
for the expiration date, then finally the billing zip cod.
Like ARN you can call toll free numbers and bill it to a credit card but
not to a calling card, nor can you bill collect calls to toll free
Cellular express doesn't allow third party billing.

3.) Setting Up Accounts

Using someones name, address, phone number, and social security number you     
can call customer service and set up an account over the phone with some
cellular providers.
You need someone with good credit otherwise they'll want a deposit.
Ask about different service plans and act like your actually a real
customer wanting service.
Make sure you get lots of off peak and weekend minutes so you dont flag
the account by making lots of calls that run up a huge bill fast,and be
sure to get call waiting and three way calling, there always usefull to
When they ask for your employers name tell them your self employed as a
contractor or artist and give the home phone number as the work number.
After you give them the information they'll tell you they have to run a
credit check and they'll call you back in like 15 minutes, tell them your
out running errands and that they can give you their number and you'll
call them back, they shouldn't have a problem with this.
Or if you have a loop you can use that.
The account should last until the person who's information you used to set
up the service gets the bill.

4.) Prepaid Cellular

With some service providers you can buy a phone in a retail store 
anonymously then activate it over the phone, later you can add time to it 
on the phone using a credit card, or buy cards with time from web 
sites using a credit card, and the pin to add time is emailed to you, like 
tracfone, verizon freeup, or at&t prepaid.
You can also buy prepaid sim cards for gsm phones that you can add time 
If they ask for a social security number just make one up, some providers 
use it for security purposes so be sure you write it down.

5.) Adding Accounts To Existing Service

You can call the providers customer service and tell them you want to add
another phone to your service for another family member, but the best way
is if the service belongs to a buisness that already has multiple accounts.

All you need is the name, address, phone number, mobile number, and social
security number of someone with an account.
Follow the procedure in section 3 for handling the callback.
The account should last until the person or buisness gets their bill with
the extra account on it.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc you can email me at
root@cellularsecrets.net or call 206-333-3924

This file is property of the author, it can be republished as long as its 
not altered and there is no charge for viewing it.

Updated 02/01/2003

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