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Text Files by El Oscuro
12348 bytes. by El Oscuro (2003)
The Vermilion Box - Spoof incoming phone calls complete with Caller ID
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
10081 bytes. by El Oscuro (2000)
Power Scanning I: Identifying and Scanning Telco Internal Blocks
Phone Scanning  
16477 bytes. by El Oscuro (2004)
Power Scanning II: Power Carrier Scanning How to do an entire prefix in minutes, without waking up the whole town! Revised and expanded, March 2004
Phone Scanning  
1528 bytes. by El Oscuro (1998)
Plant Test Codes in Texas
3405 bytes. by El Oscuro (2002)
900 Number Prefixes

13724 bytes. by El Oscuro (2000)
Programming the Protel CTR-201 COCOT
Text Files by The Fixer
22632 bytes. by Fixer (2000)
Fixer's "Beating Caller ID FAQ" 1.4 Caller ID - 15 methods, FAQs, technical info!
ANI/Caller ID  
2708 bytes. by Fixer (2002)
Nokia 5120 Cellphone Secret Codes
Updated September 2002
23818 bytes. by Fixer (2000)
Fixer's Observances on Password Cracking
Password Hacking  
7493 bytes. by Fixer (2000)
Secret TV Service Modes Revealed!
4362 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
Discriminator Output for the Radio Shack Pro-35 Scanner The only known mod for the Pro-35 Scanner makes it perfect for monitoring POCSAG pager signals!
Scanner Mods  
328 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
The smallest Turbo Pascal implementation of the F00F Pentium bug.
PC System Hacking  
6957 bytes. by Fixer (1988)
A statistical analysis of password types on a now-defunct BBS

This is one of Fixer's earliest files, and probably the first one where he wasn't writing for a 14-year-old audience.
15403 bytes. by Fixer (1990)
DataPac Hacking by The Fixer (v1.1)
2337 bytes. by Fixer (1987)
The Fish Box (Excerpted from Pranks #12)
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
13548 bytes. by Fixer (1997)
Pranks #20: Telemarketers

3920 bytes. by Fixer/Anon (2000)
NetBios Windows Hacking
Hacking   In French   Windows  
Bilingual - English translation and commentary by The Fixer
1197 bytes. by Fixer (2001)
Declawing your :Cuecat In A Nutshell
8130 bytes. by Fixer (1992)
Another antique text file dusted off from the THC-BBS archives RSC:

This is a list of Victoria Police radio procedures, as understood by Fixer circa 1992-1994. Much of the information in this file is out of date now, but since the 155.55 MHz repeater/simulcast has been restored, it may once again be of interest to local VHF scanner users. Although this file is dripping with Fixer's trademark sarcasm, it's true that even today, Tim Horton's donut shop is probably the safest place in town...
Note: For liability reasons we no longer archive Fixer's Pranks series, except for #20 which dealt with harassing telemarketers. For the rest of the series, do a Google search.
Text Files by other contributors
851 bytes. by ClaytonQ (2006)
Don't Pay the Payphone Surcharge!
Phreaking   Payphones  
3491 bytes. by AOH Staff (2005)
Email-to-SMS gateway addresses in Canada
33141 bytes. by dethme0w/AOH Staff (2006)
Orange Boxing / Caller ID Hacking FAQ Most of the questions we have been asked about Orange Boxing are answered here.
ANI/Caller ID   Frequently Asked Questions  
3386 bytes. by AOH Staff (2004)
Payphones in Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
1848 bytes. by Jenn (2004)
Yet Another Telemarketer Revenge Tactic

Courtesy of The Web Page You Have Reached
2733 bytes. by AOH Staff (2004)
U.S. ATIS dialup lines
5542 bytes. by Highjacked (2004)
Phun with Caller ID
ANI/Caller ID  
Hijacked relates his experiences orangeboxing with S.O.B. Uploaded by author.
4748 bytes. by Tron (2003)
Free Cellular Phone Calls Without Cloning
This is the 01/02/2003 Updated version! Uploaded by author.
16753 bytes. by staff (250)
Victoria Unlisted 99xx and 00xx numbers (2003)
A reverse anti-directory intended to lend speed and safety to handscanning in Victoria.
7560 bytes. by staff (2012)
Victoria (236/250/778) NXX list 2012/02/17
This is the rapidly-growing list of prefixes that are local to AOH's home town, Victoria BC. Effective Oct. 11, 2011, this list encompasses three area codes due to the assignment of area code 236.
9624 bytes. by Staff (2008)
Canadian Plant Test Prefixes
Updated Jan. 22, 2008!
227959 bytes. by Anonymous (2003)
Oddball CO Codes
Every "Oddball" in the NANP, apparently. May 2003.
4087 bytes. by Jenn/twpyhr (2001)
Telezapper Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
A cheap substitute for the $80 Telezapper Uploaded by Author
20548 bytes. by The Trace (1992)
Expanded register map of the YM3812 (AdLib)
PC System Hacking  
13573 bytes. by Homo ex Inferis (1998)
Harvesting AVS (Adult Verification System) Passwords
Hacking   World Wide Web  
Other things we think are cool
25354 bytes. by staff (2001)
Finally! A Real Blue Box schematic that wasn't stolen from TAP or 2600!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
20643 bytes.
Telephone Taps
Schematic Diagram  
28333 bytes.
Wireless Mics & Transmitters
Schematic Diagram  
26301 bytes.
Wireless Mics & Transmitters
Schematic Diagram  
21125 bytes.
Wireless Mics & Transmitters
Schematic Diagram  
21661 bytes. by Source Unknown (1998)
Caller ID Schematic
ANI/Caller ID  
46881 bytes. by Source Unknown (1998)
Caller ID Schematic - Diagram and Info
ANI/Caller ID  
16008 bytes. by Fixer (2003)
Exchange scanning sheet formerly used by Fixer
Designed to be printed on very small sheets of paper (or many copies on a normal 8.5x11" sheet and cut up) and kept in a pocket notebook so that scanning can occur on the spur of the moment, stop at any time, and resume later. Makes random handscanning of a 100-number range easy!
6454 bytes. by Fixer (2002)
An ordinary remote control, as seen through a Logitech QuickCam...
Electronics Misc  
5473 bytes. by Fixer (2002)
The same remote control with a button pressed - the camera sees the "invisible" infrared light as a brilliant white!
Electronics Misc  
Knowing this, one can write a program to intercept infrared remote control signals, learn their codes, or detect active infrared night vision systems!
Fixer's Box Tone Generators & Emulators
Note: You will likely need an antique PC, or a DOS emulator, to run these programs.
197152 bytes. by Fixer (2002)
R2Gen v1.0 by The Fixer
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Windows  
A handy little demonstration of the ITU-T R2 system used by phone companies (and Blue Boxers) around the world today! Runs under Windows, requires a sound card.
8155 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
Cellular   MS-DOS  
This k-neat0 little MS-DOS toy emulates the dialing sequence of the ancient IMTS pre-cellular mobile phones sometimes seen in old 70's action movies. Requires a PC with a speaker.
8583 bytes. by Fixer (1994)
R*Box 0.99
MS-DOS   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
This is Fixer's first coloured box program for the PC. It generates the standard Blue/Silver/Red/Green box toneset using the Adlib sound card.
Patched to work on faster PCs October 2002
8091 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
CCITT5R2 1.0
MS-DOS   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
This tiny MS-DOS program emulates the ITU-T R2 signaling tones (forward) plus R1 (North American Blue Box) and DTMF, along with a decent array of SF and MF trunk seizure tones. It requires an old PC and sound card or a newer one with excellent legacy Adlib support. NOTE: There is a Windows update for this program - see R2GEN.ZIP!
19168 bytes. by Fixer (2001)
ANI/Caller ID   MS-DOS  
This phreaky little MS-DOS utility generates an approximation of the Caller ID data stream on your PC Speaker! We wish to emphasize that tones made with this program will not actually work as the PC speaker introduces far too much distortion and can only output pulse waves. For a working Caller ID generator for Windows, you need The S.O.B. Software Orange Box
7591 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
MilBox 1.0
MS-DOS   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
This handy little MS-DOS program generates two different kinds of Autovon signaling tones, as well as civilian DTMF. Requires a sound card and an old computer or very good Adlib legacy support. Both the tones and the program itself are now archaic and of historical interest only.
7537 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
MS-DOS   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
This may be the strangest "box tones" program ever. Fixer observed a ratio between the tones used in the North American DTMF matrix and extrapolated the matrix with additional columns to the left and to the right of the traditional 4x4 matrix, and additional rows above and below. He then nearly exhausted the alphabet assigning letters to these "new" DTMF tones. There are some problems with this matrix, notably the proximity between the lowest column tone and the highest row tone, but the output is interesting and indicates where telephone signaling might have gone if digital signaling were never invented...

See also S.O.B., Fixer's Software Orange Box, the first practical and successful Caller ID Generator for Windows PCs!

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