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Declawing your :Cuecat In A Nutshell

Declawing your :Cuecat in a Nutshell
by The Fixer - May 12, 2001

There was a very informative article in the Spring 2001 issue of 2600
magazine titled "Declawing your :Cuecat".

Unfortunately, in order to fill up a whole page, the article was a lot
wordier than it needed to be.

In a nutshell, what the article had to say was that to prevent
transmitting the :Cuecat's serial number, the EPROM on board has to be
prevented from delivering it.  This can be accomplished by disconnecting
pin 1 of U1, the EPROM serial output line.

Serial EEPROMS are very common in televisions, stereos, and other
appliances requiring storage of setup options.  They are perfect for
semi-permanently storing small amounts of data and economical enough to
use in low-cost applications like the :Cuecat.  You can expect to see
more of these devices in cheap electronic items in the future.
Certainly, being able to identify and disable or reprogram serial
EEPROMS would seem to be an increasingly useful hacking skill.

If/when I ever get my hands on a :Cuecat, I will write an article on
reprogramming its EEPROM to output a completely different serial

That's it.  Enjoy.

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