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Telezapper Box A cheap substitute for the $80 Telezapper Uploaded by Author

                  .MMMMM   TeleZapper Box   MMMMM.
                .MMMMMMMM December 6, 2001 MMMMMMMMM.

The Telezapper is a device one connects to their telephone line
to aid in thwarting annoying telemaketing calls. In a nutshell,
how it works is everytime an extension is taken off-hook, it
plays the first tone of the special information tones (The tones
you hear before error recordings.) When this is heard by the
telemarketers robodialer, the number is marked as out of service
and taken off the list of numbers to call.

I was working on my web page, adding box plans, when I found plans
for a box which used a similar principle, The Privacy Box by
Compudroid. His box played the tones for *67 every time a phone
is taken off hook so every call made would be marked as private
on the callees caller ID.

Here were his plans:

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lately the PLA discussion board has been trying to make a new
box, heres the privacy box which automatically dials *67 for you
whenever u pick up the phone, its not a great phreaking trick or
anything but it is useful:

guys the privacy box is really simple to make, heres what u need:

1 digital tape recorder
1 12volt normally closed SPST relay
1 phone

First take the digital tape recorder and record the tones for *67
and make sure they work when u play them into the phone.  Now
radio shack sells one for like 20 bucks or something that has 1
button and like 16 seconds of talk time, u only need 1 second
really, but i think that one is pretty good. Ok now take your
digital recorder and open it up so you cansee the two contact that
are attached to the button, when u push the button the 2 contacts
make a connection (duh) and close the circuit, solder a wire to
each contact, making sure u dont soder them together, now soder
those two wires to the output of your relay. Next take the two
imput contacts of your relay and wire them to the red and green
wires that are in your phone. What happens is when u pick up the
phone the voltage will drop below 12 volts which will close the
relay (thats why u need a normally closed) and closing the relay
will activiate the button on your tape recorder. You should wire
the speaker of your tape recorder directly to the black and white
wires in your phone so that the tones are sent directly over the
line. Now whenever you pck up the phone it'll be like u push the
button and yay *67 = no trace!!!!


Replace the *67 tones with SIT tones and for your own home made


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