TAP 61-80

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502337 bytes. (1980)
TAP No.61 (Jan-Feb 1980)

Better Living Through Chemistry, Computing for the Masses, By The Balls, Laughing Gas, etc.
465053 bytes. (1980)
TAP No.62 (Mar-Apr 1980)

Milo Fonebill's Automatic Blue Box Explained, Everything you always wanted to know about 1633 Hz Tones But Were Afraid To Ask, Legal Stones, Update on Manufacturing Seals
433049 bytes. (1980)
TAP No.63 (Summer 1980)

How to Modify Your Bell Touch Tone Fone to have 1633 Cycle Tone, 1980 Credit Card Code, etc.
353626 bytes. (1980)
TAP No.64 (Fall 1980)

Channel 68 Decoder, NSF Check Racket, Free Books, etc.
466697 bytes. (1981)
TAP No.65 (Jan-Feb 1981)

Hints on Getting Started in Pirate Radio, AT&T Newslines, 1981 Credit Card Code, Fun with Remote Transmitters, Live Better With Free Movies, Can Jumping, Ring Job, etc.
487671 bytes. (1981)
TAP No.66 (Mar-Apr 1981)

Fortress Fun-Ding, Producing Short-Run Circuit Boards, 144 Computer BBSes, Nick's Easy Guide to CCITT Signaling Systems, More on Autovon, etc.
469635 bytes. (1981)
TAP No.67 (May-Jun 1981)

Picking Mushrooms, So You Want To Get A Phone, Free Postage, Super Duper Snooper Light, Bootleg Radio Booming, Reality Sandwiches, etc.
535127 bytes. (1981)
TAP No.68 (Jul-Aug 1981)

The Green Box & The BrownBox, At The Front Lines, etc.
474569 bytes. (1981)
TAP No.69 (No date, 1981)

Computer Phreak-Out, Remobs & Silver Boxes, Dr. Atomic's Underground Drug News, etc.
498032 bytes. (1981)
TAP No. 70 (No date, 1981)

Freebasing Cocaine, Do It Yourself Call Forwarding Device, How To Cheat Your Ass Off In School, etc.
428642 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.71 (January 1982)

Simon Jester Issue
430608 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.72 (February 1982)

Homemade Fireworks, 1982 Credit Card Code, COSMOS, etc.
489736 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.73 (March 1982)

Rip-offs, Screws, and Outright Swindles, Sex Spray Attracts Women, Homemade Fireworks part 2, The Polygraph Test, Freebasing Tips, etc.
480403 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.74 (April 1982)

Telenet, Another Way to "Get Lost", Accessing PRIME, etc.
475441 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.75 (May-June 1982)

WATS Extenders, Alarms, New Economic Policy, 8BBS siezed, Computer Security and the Breaking Thereof, etc.
506371 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.76 (July-August 1982)

Life & Death & Dope, In Rebuttal, Alarms (II), The Ins & Outs of SCC's, etc.
431641 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.77 (September 1982)

An FBI-View of Computer Crime, IBM Time Sharing Option (TSO), More on Computer Security, More Confusion about AUTOVON, OK Buddy Let's See Your Registration, Fuzzbuster, Inmates Build Helicopter, etc.
442268 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.78 (October 1982)

Free Pay TV "Legally", The Unix Security Problem, CN/A, Firearm Discharge Residues, etc.
390781 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.79 (November 1982)

Fred Steinbeck Issue, Blue Box Equipment & Usage, The ARPANET, Gibberish, Unix Wizardry, ACTS Update, etc.
424368 bytes. (1982)
TAP No.80 (December 1982)

Getting In, Build an MDS Downconverter, Dr. Atomic's Underground Drug News, etc.

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