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           --TAP-- excerpts. 
Chosen and edited by the Infomaniack. 
It reads smoothly, and should give you
all ideas to come up with your own 
great schemes.

.        ***disclaimer***          .
. These are excerpts from old TAPS .
. and YIPLS. Nowhere here online   .
. are there entire issues. For the .
. most part, there arent even that .
. many complete articles. Just     .
. excerpts.                        .
.   So, please, TAPsters. Dont get .
. mad at me and change my credit   .
. rating, or card sneakers to my   .
. house, or make my rent payment   .
. late, or anything like that.     .
. Prime says, hehehe.              .

you're paying your bill, the phone 
company will tend to let you be. We 
all know that you might have extra 
phones you want connected as freebies.
Not Western Electric phones, of 
course. Remember, the phone company 
frowns upon hooking them up yourself, 
so we suggest you have a friend do it.

  IN NEED how do we communicate with 
our people serving time in Nam? WPAX 
has a way. They're putting rock and 
soul and rap and education tapes on 
the air through Radio Hanoi, who is 
donating free air time to broadcast 
these "subversive" sounds, now banned 
by our government stations. But WPAX 
needs your blank and recorded tapes, 
and of course, bread. Send what you 
can. If you want to record your own 
show to be aired, ask them for details
and they'll be happy to supply them.
  MINEOLA, LI--Armed with a court 
order, detectives of the prosecutor's 
rackets bureau and telephone company 
personnel searched the home at 26 
Henhawk Road last night. They said 
they found a small box measuring 5 by 
6 by 3.5 inches attached to a youth's 
  The prosecutor did not say who had 
made the box. The telephone company 
said similar devices had been used 
elsewhere in the country before.
  The telephone company became 
suspicious when computer cards showing
the amount of time used for 
information calls indicated that some 
calls were taking much more than the 
usual one to three minutes.
  CAUTION (from issue 2) July 1971. 
YIPL does not advocate making free 
calls. However, YIPL doesnt believe in
paying for calls either. If caught, 
you may be charged with fraud and 
theft of services. So consider 
carefully whether you need to make 
long distance calls, and if you do,, 
consider whether of not you believe in
   f r e e   s p e e c h.
  (tuning your organ; or how to blow 
  (file these numbers away. they may 
work again at anytime)
Richard M Nixon 202-456-1444
Spiro T Agnew       265-2000
John N Mitchell     965-2900
Melvin R Laird  301-652-4449
Henry Kissenger 202-337-0042
William P Rogers301-654-7125
Earl G Wheeler  703-527-6119
  "Until AT&T and the other 
corporations really become public 
services rather than power and profit 
goblers, we'll continue to rip them 
off every chance we get. If you want 
to discuss this further, call me up 
sometime. Because of all the agencies 
claiming to have me under 
surveillance, it's one of the fastest 
ways to speak directly to your 
      --Abbie Hoffman--
AUGUST/71)  If you are a Bell System 
employee, you know well enough just 
what a skinflint company you work for.
Write us your documented experiences 
about working for the largest most 
powerful piece of shit in the whole 
world. If you don't work for the phone
company but know someone who does, 
tell them to write us.
Other suggestions would be to post 
issues of YIPL inside the telephone 
building of key places where pissed-
off workers are likely to see it.
We want to have specific examples of 
sexism, racism, anti-semitism, pigism,
and any other ism you can think of.
aware that they are probably under 
observation by the FBI, the phone 
company, and their local precinct. For
that reason, we strongly urge that you
be wary of your telphone, (hey sorry 
about the fuckin typo) because if 
you're doing anything that's against 
the law, that's how they'll try to get
you. They've got your number.
  When sending in phone bills, or 
income tax returns, forgetting to put 
a stamp on the envelope won't hold up 
delivery. So when you do such things, 
save 8 cents.
  HE HAD THEIR NUMBER (issue 8) A Los 
Angeles man who figured out how to tap
himself into PacTel's computer by 
using his pushbutton fone was arrested
Tuesday for stealing more than $1M 
worth of the company's equipment. 
Police said Jerry N Schneider, 21, had
been ordering the computer to have 
equipment sent to a company warehouse 
where he had acquired keys, and he 
picked it up early in the morning 
hours before warehousemen arrived. The
gambit became so successful, police 
said, that Schneider started his own 
business selling telephone equipment, 
and had hired 10 employees to help 
  Dear YIPL, here's a toll free loop 
around no. in Miami. 821-9005 or 821-
9006 (often busy). You can get free 
local service by calling the operator 
and saying "Operator I just lost my 
dime in the fucking fone" and she'll 
either give a free call or she'll send
you a dime in the mail. By the way, 
always call the operator after a fone 
call and ask her to refund the 45 
cents you lost before you found out 
the phone was buster (the one across 
the street) or when at home, after you
made a cheap call, call the operator 
and say you didnt get thru but got a 
recording instead and you want credit 
for the call. Many Bell offices accept
collect calls, as do some pig 
  Sunday I tried to call London and 
the overseas operator got suspicious 
and put a recorder on the line so I 
hung up the phone and ran across the 
street and a pig car came within 30 
seconds. Whew! I didnt know you could 
get a pig that fast even if you called
for one. Tell everyone about being 
careful with overseas operators! Keep 
on dialing. MF. Somewhere, USA.
  Here's a little trick I picked up 
and I'm letting you know in case there
is a need to stop traffic in LA. The 
signal boxes on streetcorners can be 
opened by a sharp blow with ones fist 
on the side of the box even level with
the keyhole. Now the door will swing 
open and one can control or stop or 
freeze the signal. Can be useful if 
you're in a hurry.
  Here is a tip for people who are 
going across country. Take along phone
numbers on both coasts that wont 
answer. Whenever you stop near a pay 
phone tell the operator you want to 
call the further away of the numbers, 
and put the coins in the phone. After 
she returns the money, insist that it 
didnt come back. Give her the address 
you're going to and when you get there
you'll have lots of refunds waiting. I
also think it's a good idea to dial 
operatore whenever you're near a 
payphone and say you lost a dime and 
already made the call, so would they 
send you the dime. Then select a 
random name for them to send it to 
from the phone book.
  Readers who missed the Phirst 
International Phone Phreak Convention 
will be able to read about it in the 
latest issue of Ramparts Magazine, and
in Telephony, the magazine of the 
Telephone industry. The Telephony 
article, though somewhat biased, 
plugged our address for company execs,
advising them not to reveal identities
when writing us. Cute, huh? Now we've 
got AT&Ts execs reading YIPL! However,
we applaud Telphony on the rediculous 
accuracy of their name, and salute 
their new readers with finger upheld!
  If fone freaks want to get in touch 
with each other, try these Colorado 
loops. They are not free, so dont call
from a home fone cause they'll cost 
area code: 303
343-0009 & 343-0068  One of each has a

355-8414 & 355-8424  tone, which stops

758-0009 & 758-0000  if someone then 
calls the other number, and then you 
and they can talk. We suggest not 
giving out numbers because they are 
monitored, but exchange info if you 
want. Don't stay on long.
  If you are approached by the phone 
co., do not tell them a thing, but try
to find out what they want, and after 
they ask you that first question, kick
them out. Refuse to say a word. They 
are not police. They cannot arrest, 
subpeona, question or even ejaculate. 
Speak to a lawyer, one who you can 
relate to. Even if they come with 
police or campus officials, you dont 
have to answer any questions or let 
them in, if they dont have a warrant 
to search or arrest you, which they 
usually wont. Too many people have 
been screwed by trying to outguess or 
lie to them when they come to talk, so
OUT. This infuriates them more than 
anything. Make sure your friends read 
this issue, and understand that when 
you deal with pigs, you're bound to 
step in it.
  -always sound middle aged, and in a 
hurry and pissed at operators, but 
willing to give her one chance.
  DONT GET BUSTED (march/april '73) 
Phone phreaking, perhaps more than any
other pastime, requires a great deal 
of savoir faire. If you want to be 
free to phreak, you have to know how 
to watch your step. There is a 
definite art to speaking on the 
telephone. For example: it simply isnt
cool to call up a friend and speak 
openly about illegal activities. The 
chances of a phreak's call being 
tapped are significant, and your 
friend wont appreciate it either. Wait
for operators to click off before 
beeping. Other common sense rules 
include not giving out the names and 
numbers or those places where phone 
phreaks hang out or buy their 
equipment. Listen always for the 
operator to click off, and even then 
never assume the line is completely 
cool. Also remember short frequent 
calls are more effective than long 
calls. The fewer times you continue to
use the same phone location the cooler
it is also.
  Many of the phone phreaks whom we 
know have been busted have known 
common sense rules in general, but 
trusted too many people into their 
confidence. As a rule, never let too 
many people know you are a phone 
phreak; informing by others is the 
most common bust. Sometimes these 
informants turn out to be "friends". 
If you suspect someone is going to 
bust you stop phreaking for a while. 
This goes for any suspicions you 
mmight have. If you feel heat merely 
stop phreaking or find a totally new 
  Remember above all that using your 
home phone for blueboxes is the 
easiest way to have Ma Bell come 
knocking at your door. Play it cool, 
and dont pay.
  Dear YIPL, While on the phone with a
friend, I heard clicks on the line. 
Then an operator came in and told me 
that there was another party trying to
reach me and that it was an emergency.
I heard the clicks a long time and 
when I asked her why she was listening
in so long she told me she was trying 
to find out if my conversation was 
important enough to break into. And 
when I asked her her name, she hung 
up.  -RK, NY-
  Toll restrictors are usually used at
motels that have direct dial out type 
phones. 9 or 8 gets an outside line. 
Try this. Dial the one digit required 
to get a dialtone (usually 8 or 9) 
then dial the first two digits of the 
exchange you're in plus the digit 1 
and you will find a new dialtone and 
the world at your fingertips. You may 
dial direct and the motel line is 
charged for the call, or you may use 
your favorite box without worry, 
assuming you have used another name at
the register. 

This has been yet another Prime Anarchist Production. 
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