TAP 81-100

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513775 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.81 (January 1983)

On TAP, Security Alert!, Buying Chemicals, ATM Technology, The ARPANET part 3, More Unix Wizardry, Credit Cards, Technology Illustrated, etc.
420503 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.82 (February 1983)

Still in Saigon, Where to Get It, Decoding UHF Pay TV, Opening a Rented Mail Address, etc.
430342 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.83 (March 1983)

Dr. Atomic's Underground Drug News, Video Voodoo, Open Sesamee, Under The Influence, Call Without Coins, etc.
468967 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.84 (April 1983)

Rate Steps as Forbidden Knowledge, Modifying Your Phone for 1633 Hz, More Fun With Alarms, A Word About Cans, More Free Electricity, Short Takes on the Sendero Luminosa, etc.
645298 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.85 (May-June 1983)

12th Anniversary Issue, 1983 Credit Card Code uncracked, Just Passing Through, How to Fight A Traffic Ticket and Win, Phree Western Union Calls, Won't Get Fooled Again, Correction to V&H Program, etc.
572963 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.86 (July-August 1983)

The Burglar's Tool Box, Gibberish III, The Phone Phreak's Ten Commandments, How to Infiltrate TAP, Free Waterbeds, MCI Connecticut, etc.
517710 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.87 (Sept-Oct 1983)

The Great Fire of 1983, The Hackers Anthem, The Philosophy of a Phone Phreak, Gibberish V, The Telephone Pioneers of America - A Navy Plot?, Flag Etiquette, Miscellaneous Information, etc.
566945 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.88 (November 1983)

Telecom 1983 - Techno Toyland!, Phreaking with the TI-99/4A, Highway Radar Jamming, Black Boxing Update, How to Write for TAP, Dealing with the Rate & Route Operator, Verification, etc.
554844 bytes. (1983)
TAP No.89 (December 1983)

1984, Join The Party of Your Choice!, Exchange Scanning, Getting Sprint Numbers, RS-232 - Getting the "Standard Interface" to work, How & Why I Testified On Behalf of Pa Bell (by Cheshire Catalyst), Department Store Phun, etc.
411040 bytes. (1984)
TAP No.90 (Jan-Feb 1984)

Your Rights as a Phone Phreak, Hacking Dun & Bradstreet, Hacking Western Union's Easylink, The Coming "Snowstorm" in Telecommunications
549529 bytes. (1984)
TAP No.91 (Spring 1984)

The last of the "old" TAP. Dun & Bradstreet - Do they know something that we don't?, Yet More Phun With Unix, Hacking Western Union Revisited, A Lesson in Phreaking and Hacking Morality, Passport Checksums, Europe: Not Half Bad, Bell Pie.
457301 bytes. (1990)
TAP No.99 (June 1990)

On TAP, Review of The Iron Feather Journal, Ringback in 502, Hacking the IRS Criminal Lab Team, Free TAP
1589497 bytes. (1990)
TAP No.100 (July??? 1990)

Fuck the Police, Hacking Answering Machines 1990, Hacking Stamps Update, The Scoop on A.T.I., BillyBob on Fone Security, If It Says "Welcome" Hack it!, How to Construct a Bug, Voice Mail Hacking Alive and Well, Dumpster Divers, What to Do When the Feds Come to Your House, A Unix Experiment, New York ANAC and Ringback #'s, Interesting Scans, Review of Phrack 31, etc.

TAP/YIPL Supplemental Info Sheets and Flyers

457841 bytes.
TAP Supplemental Sheets 1-4

131331 bytes. (1971)
The YIPL May Day 1971 Flyer

132027 bytes. (1990)
Flyer for the "New" (Kentucky/1990) TAP

Transcriptions of the Text Articles (Sorry, this section is -very- spotty)

12390 bytes.
Old TAP/YIPL excerpts

17411 bytes.
YIPL (TAP) Issue #1, June 1971

19428 bytes. (1974)
TAP Issue 27

45782 bytes. (1981)
TAP Issue 70

14532 bytes. (1983)
Various articles from TAP Magazine (mostly issues 88 and 89)

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