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YIPL (TAP) Issue #1, June 1971

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*                        YIPL (TAP) Issue # 1                                 *
=                             June 1971                                       =
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=TAP ON-LINE Courtesy of BIOC Agent 003 & Sherwood Forest ][ -- (914) 359-1517=
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For this selection, I had to turn back through over 360 pages of TAPs which
represent the results of over 13 years of "subversive" work by several dozen
people.  I have tried to reproduce it as accurately with possible since there
are a few diagrams.  As for the format it was a four page booklet (the same
format that is still used 13 years later) -- It was typewritten except for the
larger print which was handwritten.  Today, TAP looks a little more
professional than it did in its former days.  Also, TAP has become extremely
"conservative" compared to the days of its youth when the newsletter was run
by anti-war/anti-government/anti-everything yippies.  Now, onto issue #1.

                                                     - BIOC Agent 003
                                                       Associate Editor
Published                                                    June, 1971


                           We at YIPL would
                            like to offer
                              thanks to
                           all you phreeks
                   out there.  Most of you who are now
             receiving this met us in Washington on Mayday,
             where we distributed 10,000 promo flyers.  So far
             we have received over 50 responses, complete with
             contributions, encouragement, and spirit.  We may
             not have done well percentage-wise, but the fact
          that there are 50 people all over the country willing
          to fight back speaks for itself.  We are sure that from
          the spirit of response, YIPL membership will really
          skyrocket. However, more important than our numbers,
          in our opinion, is the feeling and motivation for this
          movement.  The disappointment we feel toward Amerika has
          turned to hatred as we saw the futility of the movement
          to improve it, and to frustation as our outside efforts
          were repressed and forbidden.  But we did NOT turn our
          backs on the movement for change.  YIPL believes that
          education alone cannot affect the System, but deucation
          can be an ivaluable tool for those willing to use it.
          Specifically, YIPL will show you why something must be
          done immediately in regard, of course, to the improper
          control of the communication in this country by none
          other than the BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY.

          So if your friends want to get in on the fun, let them
         read your newsletter, and you might want to research your
        own questions in your local library, and help to start the
       education of your community of the phone company's part in the
      war against the poor, the non-white, the non-conformist, and in
       general, against the people.  Show your neighbors, friends and the
      representatives of your area how the Bell System and the Amerikan
     government are co-conspirators.  If your friendscan't subscribe to
    YIPL, that; is cool, is convenient for our small staff, and is right on
   if they can send a buck as a donation and read your newsletter.  We also
  need stamps, letters, and envelopes, which maybe they can get from their
  office at work.  Because we are already sending out issues to people short
 on bread, we really do need this kind of help.  We will report on all of our
 finances from time to time, and if you can dig it, we will probably need some
 kind of bail fund set up.  If any YIPL busts happen, we'd like to ask you all
  in advance to work extra hard for the cause.People, thanks again.  Love

                         THE CREDIT CARD CODE
The 1971 Credit Card system works as follows: The telephone number (7 digits)
of the number to be billed is followed by the secret number for the area
code of the number.  They are listed below for several cities.At the end
of the number comes a letter that matches the sixth digit of the telephone
number.  Many people look up the number of a large Company in the area and
use their number, cause using any old number might lead to THAT person
refusing to pay, and the Phone Company's hasseling the person to whom the
call was placed.  They should say that others use that phone, and they don't
know anything. Fraud is illegal, so WE don't think you should make free calls.
This Code has already been printed in many underground papers, as you know.
Detroit-083    Boston-001   Phila.-041  1=Q  4=H  7=R  0=Z
Washington-032 San Fran-158 Pitts.-030  2=A  5=J  8=U
New York-021   Chicago-097            3=E  6=N  9=W

Example- 769-1900-069-Z (I.B.M. ,Amant,N.Y.)


                        TECHNICAL INFOMRMATION

As long as you're paying a bill, the phone company will tend to let you be.
We all know that you might have extra phones you want connected as freebees.
Not Western Electric phones, of course.  Remember, the phone company "frowns
upon" hooking them up yourself, so wwe suggest you have a friend do it.

On-hook voltage:45V
Off-hook voltage:4.5V  Your telephone line is usually a red and a green
Ring pulses: 90V       wire. A yellow is sometimes used for ringing.  Un-
                     screw your storebought phone on the bottom and
you will find a box with a bunch of screws on it.  Connecting as in the
phone will keep it a secret from "Them".

!            ***************************Disconnect this Bell wire(it is red)
!            * ****************       *<---------^^^^^
!            * * **********  *       *     !
!    ---------W W W W* ----*---*--------*----  !
!   (       ) I I I I * O  *  G       R##############################>
!  (   Bell    )R R R R !    O #   Y##  O    ! !
!  -------------E E E E !      #   O ###############################*
!     ! !    -----------------#####################################*##>
!  ----------- (                )          ! !
!  !        (                   )         ! !  Connect the Yellow and the
!  !       (       Dial          )        ! !  Green wires together as one
!  !      (                      )        ! !  where they meet the main
!  !     (                        )       ! !  telephone wires.
!   ---   (                        ) -----  !
!      (                           )      !
Ever wonder how those conference call makers that are sold on the commercial
market work?  What they do is as follows:
            DOUBLE-POLE, DOUBLE-THROW,>>>>>         **********> TO PHONE
        CENTER-OFF, SWITCH              !         *    *****>
                             !--------!<<       !-*----*-!
                             ! I**  I**************I ***I !
                             !   *    !         !   *    !
                             !   *********************    !
               LINE 1         !       !         !        !    LINE 2
     RED<*******************************   !        !  *************>RED
                             !    *   !         !  *     !
   GREEN<***************************I  **I !        ! I*   I********>GREEN
                             !       !         !        !
                             ! ************************** !
                             ! *     !         !      * !
                             ! I   I**************I    I !
                             !--------!         !-!----!-!
                                                ZZZZZZ<-1000 OHM,1 WATT
Flickering a switch up puts the phone on that number.  Flicking it down puts
that number on "hold".  The center position turns the first number off.  The
resistor keeps the line "off the hook" electrically, so if it is on hold,
you will not be able to receive phone calls on that number.  You line would
would appear "busy" to callers.  Simple enough?

Yippies have been know to fool around with shit like this from time to
time without the permission of their local telephone company and even
though they usually get away with it, we at YIPL would never think of
advocating that thype of irresponsible activity.  You should always check
with your local phone company to pay them any extra money that you might
be responsible to them for, before ever fooling around with your phone.
The phone company is our friend, and they are here to help you.



Dear phreeks,
I'm a phreeks in need of information, so I can balance the score between the
Bell Kompany & the people.  I enclose a dollar.  Your brother in the movement-
H.M., Jamestown, N.D.

My dearest sirs:
Nothing pleasure me more than ripping off Mother Bell.Please send newsletter.
Encloses is $1 U.S.  Also-a question...A few friends of mine make long distance
calls free from pay phone booths by holding the mouthpiece of the phone they're
using up to the phone next to it so the operator hears the change jingle and
makes the connection.  I've tried it here in D.C. and the operator says the
cash hasn't registered (which of course it hasn't).  Please tell why.  Thanks a
lot.  B.S., DuBois, Pa.

     In our nation's Kapital there are the shiny new pay phones that work
electronically, instead of the ding (5c), ding-ding (10c) or dong (25c).New
ones have only one slot for depoit, and oon old ones your trick works, but hold
the handset CLOSE to that phone!

Send me the shit and don't rip me off (please)  S.M., Winchester, Pa.

Dear Y.I.P.L.,
I thought you might be interested in a movement started here in Lancaster.  The
movement is to have people who wish to see our troops out of Vietname this year
call their local phone company manager and have their phone removed.  The
manager must be told why if it is to have any effect.Hopefully enough people
will feel strongly & give up phone service to begin showing up on the profits
of the phone company.  This would push the phone lobbies to speak out (Bell
especially) to end our continued involvement there.  If you can assist in any
way by encouraging this to take place in other areas it would be appreciated.
Thanks!  J.G., Lancaster, Pa.

Hi People,
Here's my bill, send me shit on fucking the Bell System.  Man do I need info on
this kinda shit thanks D.B., State College, Pa.


Our example of eavesdropptin that touches a vast number of Americans was
related to the Subcommittee by Joseph Beirne, President of the Communications
Worker of America.  He revealed that the phone company does not limit its
invasions of privacy to assisting the FBI an other government tappers.He
pointed out that " as part of its training program, and as part of its cont-
inuing close supervision of its employees, the telephone industry has developed
equiptment for monitoring its operators, its service assistants, its commercial
office employees-in short, all of its employees who deal with the customer.
Such monitoring means, of course, that the customer is, in effect, monitored at
the same same time."
"An alert snooper is sometimes able to obtain the information he needs simply
by calling the telephone office and posing as a telephone repairman.  Or, if
the tapper is a law-enforcement officer, here may be able to secure the
outright cooperation of the telephone company in the placing of his taps.  In
Kansas City, the existence of just such an arrangement between the telephone
company and the chief of police was reveled."
The above two quotes were made by Senator Edward V. Long.

In the office we call it "The System", and use of the word "the" means dog-
matic finality.  The wall comes up pretty fast when you start tampering with
the way things are done within The System, and you either slow down and do
things Bell's way or knock your brains out.-AT&T junior executive,spring,1967


In April of 1966, as the government was excalating the Vietnam war, Congress
passed a law raising the Federal tax on telephone service to 10%.  "It is
clear," said Rep. Wilbur Mills, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee,
"that Vietnam and only the Vietnam operation makes the bill necessary".
-Congressional Record,February 23,1966.

The War Tax Resistance is showing people how to refuse to pay this war tax.  In
most cases, the IRS will come to collect with 6% interest but your phone
service will continue. But the more it's done, the more it costs Them in time,
trouble and embarrasment for Uncle Sham.  Do it, and tell your friends,
relatives and neighbors to do the same.  Include a letter to this effect to the
phone company and your congressmen:


BECAUSE OF THE BRUTAL AND AGGRESSIVE WAR the United States government is
conducting against Vietnam, the amount of federal excise tax, $.............,
has been decucted from my payment of this bill.  I have opposed this war and
protested against it in many ways.  Now I must testify to my opposition by
refusing to pay this tax.

   The telephone excise tax was raised in April, 1966, only in order to help
pay for the war in Vietnam.  Paying the tax means helping to pay for outright
atrocities, for the murder of innocent women and chidren.  It means helping to
pay for the indicscriminate bombin and napalming of defenseless villages.  It
means helping to finance the shipping of American boys half way around the
world to die defending an unpopular, totalitarian and corrupt regime.

   I am sorry for any incovenience my tax refusal may cause your office and
hope you will understancd that this protest is not directed against the
telephone company.  I hope also that you will soon join me and the many others
others who have decided that it is now necessary to oppose the war by refusing
to pay the telephone exciese tax that helps finance it.

   Sincerely in peace,

Distributed by WAR TAX RESISTANCE/339 Lafayette Street/New York, N.Y. 10012


How do we communicate with our people serving time in Nam?  WPAX has a way.
They're putting rock and sould and rap and education tapes on the air through
Radio Hanoi, who is donating free air time to broadcast these "subversive"
sounds, now banned by our government's stations.  But WPAX need YOUR blank and
recorded tapes, and of course, bread.  Send what you can.  If you want ot
record your own show to be aired, ask them for details and they'll be happy to
supply them.  WPAX, Box 410, Cooper Station, N.Y.,N.Y. 10003


Obviously, as the people join up later on, they're going to want info that was
already published.  So we'll have a stock of past issues, available at the
ridiculous (?) price of 50c each.  This MIGHT start to erase our deficit, but
we'll lover the price if we can get enough contributions.


We will have more letters, info, shit, and our man on the scene, Al Bell, will
have some INSIDE INFO on the "Blue Box' that people all of the country are
using on Ma Bell.  Plus a dialouge with Russel Baker and Abbie Hoffman on Fones

*****Picture of the OLD, OLD Bell logo (the one with the bell that has 'Bell
System' written inside) with No. 1 written in the bell and Public Enemy written
in the circular outside ring.

We beg you consider donating a small percent of what YIPL helps you save.

One year of newsletter is $4.
YIPL,Room 504, 152 W. 42 St., N.Y.,N.Y.


[Courtesy of Sherwood Forest ][ -- (914) 359-1517]

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