Password Security

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2729 bytes. by gssincla (2006)
Barracuda Vulnerability: Hardcoded Password
Password Hacking  
3314 bytes.
Digital Armaments Security Advisory 29.06.2006: Siemens Speedstream Wireless Router Password Protection Bypass Vulnerability [digi
Password Hacking  
3416 bytes. by Cemil Degirmenci (2006)
Wavecon Advisory: Open-Xchange <= 0.8.2 defaultuser with /bin/bash and default password
Password Hacking  
13545 bytes. by Cisco Systems Product Security Incident Response Team (2006)
Default Password in Wireless Location Appliance
Password Hacking  
5115 bytes. (2001)
Password Filtering
Password Hacking   Windows  
5642 bytes. (2002)
Password Selection
Hacking   Password Hacking  
11650 bytes. (2004)
Intro to Password Hacking
Hacking   Password Hacking   World Wide Web  
6322 bytes. by CERT (2004)
Choosing and Protecting Passwords
Password Hacking  
12181 bytes. by SDSC (2002)
Eliminating Plaintext Passwords on Your Network
Password Hacking  
47827 bytes. (2004)
A wwwhack wordlist
Password Hacking   World Wide Web  
29881 bytes. (2000)
A long list of default passwords for many systems
Password Hacking  
24090 bytes. (2000)
Password Hacking by The Fixer
Password Hacking  
3210 bytes. (2000)
11a on Brute Force Hacking
Password Hacking  
957 bytes.
A bit of code that changes /etc/passwd mode to 777 (x86 specific? uses inline machine code)
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
28175 bytes.
A few Unix password hackers
Hacking   Password Hacking   Source Code   Unix  
6957 bytes. (1987)
A statistical analysis of password types on a now-defunct BBS
Hacking   Password Hacking  
1195 bytes.
Access the shadow passwd file on a Riscos machine
Hacking   Password Hacking  
1766 bytes. (1998)
BreezeCOM Wireless LAN products have hardcoded backdoor passwords and other TFTP and SNMP issues.
Hacking   Password Hacking  
875 bytes.
Check Password File (to be run by root)
Hacking   Password Hacking   Source Code   Unix  
2378 bytes.
Cracking Unix Passwords
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
17301 bytes.
Cracking that passwd file!
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
6724 bytes. (1992)
Default Passwords for Many Systems - HP3000, Primos, VM/CMS, VAX/VMS, Unix, Xenix
Hacking   Password Hacking  
11048 bytes. (1990)
Description of the S/KEY One-time password system
Hacking   Password Hacking  
3783 bytes.
Getting ISP Passwords
Hacking   Internet   Password Hacking  
4694 bytes.
Hacking /etc/passwd in FTP sites is lame, but SIN doesn't think so.
Hacking   Password Hacking  
12325 bytes. (1998)
Harvesting AVS (Adult Verification Service) Passes by The Fixer
Hacking   Password Hacking  
10394 bytes. (1993)
How to choose secure passwords
Hacking   Password Hacking  
7776 bytes.
How to crack a Unix password file
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
13869 bytes.
How useful ARE longer passwords?
Hacking   Password Hacking  
256002 bytes.
On CRACKing Unix Passwords
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
7941 bytes. (2000)
One Time Passwords
Password Hacking  
10629 bytes. (1995)
Password Recovery Techniques for Cisco Routers
Hacking   Password Hacking  
15243 bytes. (2003)
Weaknesses in LEAP Challenge/Response
Password Hacking  
1314 bytes. (2003)
Cracking windows passwords in 5 seconds
Password Hacking  
477839 bytes. (2002)
Huge word list for password crackers
Word List  
15299 bytes. (2002)
Common word list for password crackers
Word List  
106780 bytes. (2002)
Common family names for password crackers
Word List  
4010 bytes. (2002)
Famous people names for password crackers
Word List  
40201 bytes. (2002)
Female given names for password crackers
Word List  
40314 bytes. (2002)
More Female given names for password crackers
Word List  
496516 bytes. (2002)
A good password list whose arrangement starts with common or likely passwords before moving on to the alphabetic section
Word List  
468 bytes. (2002)
"MrChrome and Toddles" word list for password crackers
Word List  
8542 bytes. (2002)
A good common password list, not too long.
Word List  
479261 bytes. (2002)
Massive password list for password crackers
Word List  
8642 bytes. (2002)
Words from "The Iliad" for password crackers
Word List  
1069 bytes. (2003)
YAK! 2.1.0 still vulnerable
Password Hacking  
1049 bytes. (1999)
The HyperSeek search engine admin interface by default is not password protected.
Hacking   Password Hacking  
12153 bytes.
The Ultimate Guide to passwd files
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
1006 bytes. (1997)
The top 10 passwords...
Hacking   Password Hacking  
3536 bytes.
Unix default passwords
Hacking   Password Hacking   Unix  
11419 bytes. (1995)
Vulnerabilities in the S/KEY One-time password system
Hacking   Password Hacking  
7194 bytes. (1998)
Yahoo Pager relies on the client side to do password verification. Here's some code that exploits this rather enormous hole.
675 bytes. (1999)
Yahoo! News Ticker installation leaves plaintext userid & password in a log file!
Hacking   Password Hacking
95062 bytes.
Foiling the Cracker - A Survey of, and Improvements to, Password Security. Basically a
Hacking   Password Hacking  
treatise on how to select proper passwords.
25689 bytes.
Microsoft Private Key Recovery
Password Hacking   Windows  

Word Lists for Password Crackers

Due to their size and somewhat repetitive nature, these word lists are compressed.
11286 bytes.
Word List - ACR Index of Pathology
Word List
8406 bytes.
Word List - Acronyms
Word List
47319 bytes.
Word List - The canonical list of acronyms
Word List
24560 bytes.
Word List - Actors' Given Names
Word List
58957 bytes.
Word List - Actors' Surnames
Word List
4588 bytes.
Word List - The Aeneid
Word List
2369 bytes.
Word List - African words, phrases, and sentences
Word List
423399 bytes.
Word List - Afrikaans
Word List
20369 bytes.
Word List - Airport three-letter codes
Word List
10697 bytes.
Word List - Algae
Word List
3807 bytes.
Word List - Legends of King Arthur
Word List
13528 bytes.
Word List - Named Asteroids
Word List
229469 bytes.
Word List - Business Names from the AT&T 800 Directory
Word List
30086 bytes.
Word List - Bacteria
Word List
4134974 bytes.
Word List - THE BIG ONE - The ultimate word file (14 MB!)
Word List
453 bytes.
Word List - Biology terms
Word List
790 bytes.
Word List - Cartoons, Comic Strips and Comic Books
Word List
2477 bytes.
Word List - Comic Strips
Word List
2130 bytes.
Word List - Charlemagne
Word List
1443 bytes.
Word List - Common strings/character combinations
Word List
1074 bytes.
Word List - Chinese Syllables
Word List
33208 bytes.
Word List - Another misc wordlist
Word List
599 bytes.
Word List - Oxford Colleges
Word List
2812 bytes.
Word List - Common Passwords
Word List
2533 bytes.
Word List - Congresscritters
Word List
10846 bytes.
Word List - All U.S. Counties By State
Word List
96695 bytes.
Word List - Croatian Words
Word List
410469 bytes.
Word List - Czech Words
Word List
78963 bytes.
Word List - Danish Words
Word List
757762 bytes.
Word List - Danish Words
Word List
3245352 bytes.
Word List - An ENORMOUS Dictionary file by word length
Word List
331347 bytes.
Word List - French Dictionary
Word List
82762 bytes.
Word List - A nice big WORDS file for your Unix password crackers
Word List
1249 bytes.
Word List - Dogs
Word List
1667 bytes.
Word List - Domains
Word List
8623 bytes.
Word List - Drugs
Word List
61910 bytes.
Word List - Dictionary from englex
Word List
44652 bytes.
Word List - From some merged /etc/hosts files
Word List
123595 bytes.
Word List - Non-English words
Word List
123595 bytes.
Word List - Ethnologue
Word List
5713 bytes.
Word List - Proper Names from Fables & Myths
Word List
45179 bytes.
Word List - Family names
Word List
2081 bytes.
Word List - Famous names
Word List
6761 bytes.
Word List - Nicknames
Word List
941598 bytes.
Word List - Finnish Words
Word List
2004 bytes.
Word List - Finnish First Names
Word List
35115 bytes.
Word List - From Denis Howe's Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Word List
2678 bytes.
Word List - Ftp Sites
Word List
48644 bytes.
Word List - Fungi
Word List
479818 bytes.
Word List - German words
Word List
96368 bytes.
Word List - German Words (smaller)
Word List
2446 bytes.
Word List - Hindu Names
Word List
71145 bytes.
Word List - Hungarian (needs editing)
Word List
3857 bytes.
Word List - The Iliad
Word List
163186 bytes.
Word List - Internet machines
Word List
31781 bytes.
Word List - Jargon
Word List
23532 bytes.
Word List - Common junk strings/words
Word List
36906 bytes.
Word List - Words from the King James Bible
Word List
22308 bytes.
Word List - British spellings of many words
Word List
7807 bytes.
Word List - The Koran
Word List
5952 bytes.
Word List - Computer Languages
Word List
7244 bytes.
Word List - Used by Lewis Carroll
Word List
3004 bytes.
Word List - Microalgae
Word List
79585 bytes.
Word List - Movie Characters
Word List
114403 bytes.
Word List - Movie names
Word List
114407 bytes.
Word List - Movies
Word List
8402 bytes.
Word List - Music - Artists, Albums, Composers, Record Labels etc.
Word List
22319 bytes.
Word List - Music - Artists, Albums, Composers, Record Labels etc.
Word List
40417 bytes.
Word List - Music - Artists, Albums, Composers, Record Labels etc.
Word List
8402 bytes.
Word List - Music - Classical
Word List
63413 bytes.
Word List - Music - Country
Word List
22319 bytes.
Word List - Music - Jazz
Word List
40417 bytes.
Word List - Music - Other
Word List
5383 bytes.
Word List - Characters from myths and legends
Word List
5383 bytes.
Word List - Myths & Legends, AD&D characters
Word List
11639 bytes.
Word List - Female Names
Word List
9760 bytes.
Word List - Male Names
Word List
31625 bytes.
Word List - Given Names
Word List
1614 bytes.
Word List - Norse
Word List
1115 bytes.
Word List - Common numbers
Word List
1117 bytes.
Word List - Numbers
Word List
2026 bytes.
Word List - The Odyssey
Word List
17962 bytes.
Word List - Misc names
Word List
6817 bytes.
Word List - Australian vernacular
Word List
2298 bytes.
Word List - Some non-trivial palindromes
Word List
18879 bytes.
Word List - Paradise Lost
Word List
4147 bytes.
Word List - Quick/Easy/Common words
Word List
4149 bytes.
Word List - Phrases
Word List
2715 bytes.
Word List - Place names
Word List
11944 bytes.
Word List - Monty Python words
Word List
67896 bytes.
Word List - Rock groups
Word List
62410 bytes.
Word List - Words from Roget's book of quotes
Word List
86615 bytes.
Word List - Russian Words (looks like it requires a Cyrillic character set)
Word List
3198 bytes.
Word List - Science Fiction words
Word List
2696 bytes.
Word List - Words from Shakespeare's works
Word List
2696 bytes.
Word List - Shakespearean Characters and Place Names
Word List
1163 bytes.
Word List - Sports words
Word List
128389 bytes.
Word List - Statistics
Word List
58516 bytes.
Word List - Swahili
Word List
21046 bytes.
Word List - From a Technical Dictionary
Word List
1865 bytes.
Word List - Used by J.R.R. Tolkien
Word List
2887 bytes.
Word List - Star Trek Words (edited by Whirlwind Software Jan/2000)
Word List
73278 bytes.
Word List - Turkish Words
Word List
685021 bytes.
Word List - An unabridged dictionary (2.3 MB)
Word List
5373 bytes.
Word List - Unix & Unix Programming Terms
Word List
311696 bytes.
Word List - Usenet Login IDs
Word List
8271 bytes.
Word List - Uunet sites
Word List
911 bytes.
Word List - Viruses (biological ones)
Word List
54564 bytes.
Word List - A list of 50,000 words in the English language
Word List
496182 bytes.
Word List - Dutch Words
Word List
142147 bytes.
Word List - Italian Words
Word List
295303 bytes.
Word List - Japanese Words
Word List
171741 bytes.
Word List - Norwegian Words
Word List
308073 bytes.
Word List - Polish
Word List
37805 bytes.
Word List - Swedish Words
Word List
43278 bytes.
Word List - CIA World Factbook
Word List
2354 bytes.
Word List - World Heritage
Word List
501 bytes.
Word List - Yiddish words
Word List  
2367 bytes. by Shez (2001)
Redhat mkpasswd creates easily brutable passwords
Advisory   Linux   Password Hacking  
25663 bytes. by Ole Buzzard (1996)
On MacCrac
Macintosh/MacOS   Password Hacking  
2260 bytes. (1999)
Getting the shadowed passwd file
Password Hacking   Unix  
30452 bytes. by Various Contributors (2000)
Numerous Default Passwords
Password Hacking  

Password Hacking

16211 bytes. (2002)
Better Password Practices
Password Hacking  
7789 bytes. (1997)
Hacking T-Online Passwords
Cryptography   Hacking   In German   Password Hacking  
1465 bytes. by Liquid Illusion (2000)
Handler and Cracking Passwd Files
Password Hacking  
345958 bytes. by NYU (1999)
The Design and Analysis of Graphical Passwords
Password Hacking  
7258 bytes. by M0f0 (1999)
Walker - Compuserve Password Decrypter 3.0
Linux   MS-DOS   Password Hacking  
This program was developed for educational purposes. It decrypts Compuserve 3.0 ini files (cis.ini) that stores account passwords.
12582 bytes. by Beastmaster V (1997)
Audit Tool   Password Hacking   Unix   World Wide Web  
Brute_web allows for the testing of passwords for simple authentication on web servers. By supplying a host and a dictionary file, the program will try to brute force the username and password on the webserver, and return the successful password when found.
3832 bytes. by Unyun
Easyscan 1.0
Audit Tool   Net Scanning   Unix  
A simple full-connection TCP port scanner. This utility lists the servers that open the specified port.

Word Lists

95703 bytes. by E. Knight (2000)
Default Password List 3.06
Password Hacking  
593687 bytes.
Word List: Businesses with AT&T 800 Numbers
Word List  
388 bytes.
Word List: Computer Companies
Word List  
4333 bytes.
Word List: From the World Heritage List
Word List  
1998881 bytes.
Word List: Dutch
Word List  
4260 bytes.
Word List: Proper nouns from The Odyssey
Word List  
10238 bytes.
Word List: Proper nouns from The Aeneid
Word List  
8924 bytes.
Word List: Proper nouns from the Iliad
Word List  
65485 bytes.
Word List: "Junk" Words
Word List  
105 bytes.
Word List: Abbreviations for famous sayings (try and guess 'em!)
Word List  
105921 bytes.
Word List: King James Bible (including the one shell line used to make this file!)
Word List  
21404 bytes.
Word List: The Koran
Word List  
850532 bytes.
Word List: Italian
Word List  
140766 bytes.
Word List: Internet Hosts

20351163 bytes. (1996)
Word List: The Moby Lexicon Project (HUGE!)
Word List  

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