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Recent Additions

4180 bytes. by AOH Staff (2005)
2600Hz + 3700Hz for 1 second. The 3700 Hz was reputed to hide the 2600 Hz tone from fraud detectors but not from long lines switching equipment. Created by request using dmTS.

107102 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2005)
10-10-324. 1010324 is a local call dialled long distance using the default carrier as though you needed to use 101 to do it. It tries to proceed, but never routes. (Courtesy Falcon Kirtaran)

25391 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2005)
10-10-424. 1010424 is what you get when you try to dial 1010424 from a milennium payphone or 1010424-0 from a POTS line. (Courtesy Falcon Kirtaran)

53603 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2005)
Calgary Stampede Recording. "Howdy! This number at the Calgary Stampede is no longer in service..."

The voice actor sounds suspiciously like Don Knotts... (Courtesy of Falcon Kirtaran)
81189 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2005)
403-232-9999. 2329999 is the voice item maint. line in 403

(not quite sure what this is, but it requires access codes, and I don't know the length) (Courtesy Falcon Kirtaran)
146495 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2005)
403-265-2303. 2652303 is the restricted number recording in 403.

(Courtesy Falcon Kirtaran)
159869 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2005)
311. 311 is the pre-service announcement that kindly replaced the 403 ANAC.

(Courtesy Falcon Kirtaran)
229146 bytes. by M. Edwards (2005)
Facility Trouble recording (SIT Tones) "We're sorry, due to telephone company facility trouble, your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try your call again later." (Repeats then reorder)

SIT Tones are said to thwart predictive dialers used by Telemarketers!
25182 bytes. (2001)
U.S. SIT (Special Information Tones) signal: No Circuit Found
Phreak Tones  
25182 bytes. (2001)
U.S. SIT (Special Information Tones) signal: Operator Intercept (this is the most familiar sounding version to most Americans)
Phreak Tones  
25182 bytes. (2001)
U.S. SIT (Special Information Tones) signal: Vacant Circuit (out of service or nonexistent phone number)
Phreak Tones  
25182 bytes. (2001)
U.S. SIT (Special Information Tones) signal: Reorder (busy network)
Phreak Tones  
World SIT and SIT-Equivalent tones
6912 bytes. by dm (2004)
SIT Tones for the Mexican telephone system. Algorithmically generated using dmTS. 950, 1400, 1800 Hz for 330 ms each with 30 ms between.
Phreak Tones  
24408 bytes. by dm (2004)
"Number Unobtainable" progress tone for the New Zealand telephone system.
Local: New Zealand   Phreak Tones  
This tone is recognized by some switching equipment as SIT and may be effective against some telemarketers. 4 pulses of 400 Hz, 75 ms each, 100 ms in between, followed by 400 ms silence. We have four iterations in this recording. Algorithmically generated with dmTS. This exact sequence is also used to indicate "Number Unavailable" in Guangdong, China.
32184 bytes. by dm (2004)
SIT Tones for the South African telephone system.
Phreak Tones  
950, 1400, 1800 Hz for 330 ms each, followed by 330 ms silence, then repeated. We have four iterations here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS. This is exactly the same sequence used in Finland.
48168 bytes. by dm (2004)
SIT Tones for the Singapore telephone system.
Phreak Tones  
950, 1400, 1800 Hz for 330 ms each, followed by 1000 ms silence, then repeated. We have four iterations here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS. This is exactly the same sequence used in Sweden.
46008 bytes. by dm (2004)
SIT Tones for the French telephone system.
Local: France   Phreak Tones  
950, 1400, 1800 Hz for 300 ms each, followed by 1000 ms silence, then repeated. We have four iterations here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS. Note that the 1400 Hz tone is 2dB louder than the others.
34128 bytes. by dm (2004)
"Number Unavailable" message used in China
Phreak Tones  
May be recognized as SIT (although we don't know if they have a telemarketer problem there). Three pulses of 450 Hz, 100 ms on and 100 ms off, followed by a fourth pulse of 450 Hz, 400 ms, and 400 ms of silence before the next iteration. We have four iterations here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS.
36153 bytes. by dm (2004)
"Number Unobtainable" tone used in Australia.
Local: Australia   Phreak Tones  
Detected as SIT by some equipment. 450 Hz for 2500 ms, silence for 500 ms. We have three iteratons here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS.
28108 bytes. by dm (2004)
"Number Unobtainable" tone used in Argentina.
Phreak Tones  
Detected as SIT by some equipment. 3 pulses of 425 Hz for 200 ms, with silences of 300, 600, and 100 ms, repeating. We have seven seconds here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS.
16196 bytes. by dm (2004)
SIT Tones for the Netherlands telephone system YNL:
Phreak Tones  
75 ms on, 75 ms off. We have 4 seconds of this here. Algorithmically generated with dmTS.
12121 bytes. by dm (2004)
"Number Unobtainable" tone used in the Hong Kong telephone system.
Phreak Tones  
Detected as SIT by some equipment. 480+620Hz, continuous. We have 3 seconds of this here. Algorithmically generated using dmTS.
6480 bytes. by dm (2004)
SIT Tones for the Indonesian telephone system.
Phreak Tones  
Algorithmically generated using dmTS. 950, 1400, 1800 Hz - 300 ms each with 30 ms silence between. Followed by 1030 ms silence before message (silence not included)
43704 bytes. (2001)
SIT Tones for the Thai phone system (algorithmically generated)
Local: Thailand   Phreak Tones  
950, 1400, 1800 Hz - 330 ms each - followed by 990 ms silence before message

Telco Recordings & Test Numbers

44147 bytes. by dm (2004)
951-951-0951 - New Area Code test number

This is a temporary test number for the new 951 (California, ex-909) NPA. Recorded October 2004 from 250.
183600 bytes. by Greyarea (2004)
480-391-9994 - Inside a SASS?

A SASS found in Greyarea's 480 DATU/SASS search The whole scan...
14211 bytes. by dm (2004)
Phone Recordings  
Test number in the brand-new 325 (Texas) area code Recorded February 2004 from 250
14211 bytes. by dm (2004)
Phone Recordings  
Test number in the brand-new 432 (Texas) area code Recorded February 2004 from 250
16823 bytes. by Falcon Kirtaran (2004)
Phone Recordings  
"Please enter a code to remotely access a feature." Recorded February 2004 from 250
30456 bytes. by av1d (2003)
Verizon's new "Audio Logo"
Phone Recordings  
Recorded November 2003 from a payphone in 508
71315 bytes. by dm (2003)

"We're sorry, all circuits are busy now. Will you please try your call again later." With SIT tones and TDD. Recorded 2003/10/10 from 250.
27306 bytes. by dm (2003)

Test number in the brand-new 430 (Texas) area code Recorded 2003/10/07 from 250
43364 bytes. by dm (2003)

AT&T Flex ANI Test - from a non-payphone "Your call has been completed." Recorded 2003/10/07 from 250
134478 bytes. by dm (2003)
Phone Recordings  
Sprint Test Number Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250
112222 bytes. by dm (2003)
Phone Recordings  
Sweep Tone Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250
274432 bytes. by dm (2003)
Phone Recordings  
Sprint Flex ANI Test Line Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250
168960 bytes. by dm (2003)
Phone Recordings  
Probably a TDD. Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250
368640 bytes. by dm (2003)
Phone Recordings  
MCI Flex ANI Test Line (called from a non-Payphone) Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250
63634 bytes. by dm (2003)
Phone Recordings  
Very terse 800 Test Number Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250
35348 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again. 2EK."
39005 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"Your call did not go through. Please try your call again. 604-U2."
28033 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"The Telephone number you are trying to reach is a Canadian number, and cannot be reached using this access code." (This recording pertained to the Paid-Toll-Free service that formerly allowed Canadians to connect to US-only toll free numbers for a nominal long distance rate. That service has since been discontinued...)
35870 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"I'm sorry, your call cannot be completed at this time due to technical difficulties. Please try your call later. Thank you."
24576 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"Please enter the toll-free number you are trying to reach, followed by the pound sign." Added March 6, 2000
31952 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"You will be charged an access connection fee of 18 cents per minute for this call. Please wait while your call is connected." Added March 6, 2000
41617 bytes. (2000)
Telco Recording

"Your call did not go through. Please try again. 0-9-3-T." Added March 6, 2000
77967 bytes. (1998)
Telco Test Number - Humorous

Elvis is alive and well and working for Verizon!
Dial 1-718-238-9901 to hear this without downloading... thankyouverymuch...
67739 bytes. (1998)
Tone side Loop (?)

A 1000 Hz Test Tone. We used to include the number to this but these 1000 Hz tone lines are being phased out in 250, and a human now owns the number we originally called to record this.
63821 bytes. (1998)
Telco Recording

A brand-new (in 1998) recording from the Clearnet PCS network, which came into existence only a few days before this recording was made...
227870 bytes. (1998)
Telco Recording

"The wireless customer you have dialed subscribes to a Calling Party Pays service. This means that YOU will be charged for this call!"
98303 bytes. (1998)
Telco Recording

"We're sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been marked Private, and is unavailable to your Call Return service. There will be no charge. Thank you from BC Tel." This was what they would hear when they'd try to *69 you after you made a *67-protected call. Now that BC Tel is Telus and all their recordings have changed, this site is probably the only place you can hear this recording!
195739 bytes. (1998)
Telco Recording

A Successful *57 Trace!
"This is your Call Trace service. To trace your last incoming call, dial 1, otherwise hang up." (DTMF 1) (Ringing) "We have successfully traced the last call to your line. If you wish to take further action, the police recommend you successfully trace three calls before contacting them. If this is an emergency, contact your police department immediately. Thank you from BC Tel."
36131 bytes. (2001)
"-Three Zero Three. You have dialed an invalid location. (Reorder)"

85241 bytes. (2001)
Male voice reads a series of numbers, plays DTMF tones, then busys

188686 bytes.
Female voice: "This is not a valid number." Then numerous numbers (including 8002458378) and a we

68262 bytes. (2001)
"The 800 Number you have dialed is a test 800 number. This recording will disconnect."

98303 bytes. (2001)
Area Code 734 Test Recording

Miscellaneous Recordings

7668 bytes. by dm (2004)
337-981-4513 - SASS Number ID Failure

What happens when you call a SASS from out of area
36572 bytes. by dm (2003)

"We are sorry, but this program has ended and no further calls are being taken. Thank you for calling." Recorded 2003/10/09 from 250
141061 bytes. by dm (2003)

A DATU. After the tone, we played the access code (we'll leave it to you to decode the digits, but it's not exactly a tough one) followed by a single 1. Then we were prompted with "Dial 7 Digit Subscriber Line Number". We don't know any valid numbers in 732 so we guessed at one, and typed 958-6111. Apparently this is not even a valid prefix.
21524 bytes. by dm (2003)

While recording 89996563.MP3, we observed a little glitch just before the recording. We wondered if what we were hearing was simply line noise, so we amplified it and slowed it to one quarter speed. Could this be digital crosstalk? Leakage? The remnants of an incompletely filtered out-of-band signal? Have a look and see if you can identify this! Recorded 2003/10/07 from 250
61388 bytes. by ozlo (2003)
Phone Recordings  
"Welcome to site 1, Mt. Francis translator, please enter your access code" Recorded 2003/10/05
98220 bytes. by dm (2004)
212-867-5309 - Still Hacked!

Another new OGM for the voicemail box at 212-867-5309 (the number made famous by an unmemorable song by Tommy Tutone and then revived by its attempted auction on eBay). This one was made using "Crystal"'s voice from the AT&T text-to-speech demo as was AOHSTUD.MP3 below. Recorded 2004/03/22 from 250.
54021 bytes. by dm (2004)
212-867-5309 - Still Hacked!

[SIT Tones] [Female voice] The number you have dialed, 867-5309, has been changed. The new number is 206--------. [Different female voice] At the tone, record your message.... AOH Note: If you want to know what Jenny's new number is, you're going to have to download the MP3 and hear for yourself. Recorded 2004/03/21 from 250.
78890 bytes. by dm (2004)
212-867-5309 - Hacked!

[Text to Speech voice] This is Jenny's assistant. Jenny isn't here. She's listening to That's w-w-w dot d-e-f-a-u-l-t-r-a-d-i-o dot com. And remember, don't leave your password on default like Jenny did. [female voice] To disconnect, press 1. If you still want to leave a message for this person, press 3, or simply stay on the line. At the tone, pleae record your message. When you are finished recording, you may hang up, or press 1 for more options. [beep] This is the number that had been up for auction on eBay (until eBay realized that phone numbers belong to the phone company and cannot be auctioned by their "owners"). Recorded 2004/03/19 from 250. Related link:
6896 bytes. by AT&T (2004)
A test message from AT&T's Text To Speech research project demo. [AT&T]

This may be the future of telephone recordings! Click Here for a demo from AT&T Labs! Added February 15, 2004
70531 bytes. by ozlo (2003)

Synthesized Voice: "This is LBB 131.70" followed by some DTMF *'s. Hitting 3* produced a "Testing, Track 3" message.
Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250.
Update 2004/03: Extensive googling has turned up some interesting facts about this "mystery number". For starters, the 806 area code includes Lubbock, Texas. This is relevant because LBB happens to be the FAA airport code for Lubbock. 131.70 is the frequency used by Southwest Airlines for ground operations and dispatch at many airports, including KLBB. So, this line is likely a maintenance dialup for a VHF repeater owned by Southwest at Lubbock International Airport. Some of the astute among you may point out that L B B is pronounced in English rather than in phonetics (Lima Bravo Bravo) as would be used by both aviators and radiomen, but remember that this is a dialup and this message is almost certainly only heard on the line. The actual number of this line is no longer being listed here due to the possibility that messing with it could cause possible safety problems.
293617 bytes. by ozlo (2003)
Phone Recordings  
Computer voice reads time and temperature, and several other variables. Probably belongs to a monitoring system of some sort. Recorded 2003/10/05
174237 bytes. by ozlo (2003)
Phone Recordings  
This number was first posted as the number to an elevator phone or possibly a monitor in some kind of machine room, but when we called it we got this recording instead! Recorded 2003/10/05
202752 bytes. by decoder (2003)
ANI/Caller ID   Phone Recordings  
The dial tone is NOT ours! We dialed this number, got the first dialtone, and then called the popular ANAC at 800-555-1140. The ANAC identified the number we called (435-723-9901) instead of our number in 250!
106496 bytes.
Sexy Talking Clock!

"At the moan, the time will be 1:32. Uuuahhhh!! Hey baby, shall we go for seconds?"
81584 bytes. (2000)
Misc. Recording

"The number for the chatline is 1-473-473-7373. International long distance rates apply. That number again is 1-473-473-7373. Thank you."
36654 bytes.
Cryptic British Recording

"Two Hundred Thirty Three Seven One One Zero" followed by touch tones. (courtesy Phone Losers England)
58858 bytes.
Really Cryptic British Voicemail (?) System

Several seconds of repetetive beeping which we deduced to be a dial tone. The first digit broke tone and after a few random digits (the last was *) a female voice gives a recording in Japanese and the dial tone comes back. (courtesy PLE)
29078 bytes.
Misc. Recording

631-751-2600 (Bong!) "Thank you for calling 2600. The Hacker Quarterly."
45026 bytes. (2002)
Call Waiting Caller ID signal - Run this one through your CWCID box and see what it says!
ANI/Caller ID   Phreak Tones  

Generated with S.O.B. - download it from and start playing your own Caller ID signals today!

Payphone Related Sounds

47229 bytes. by decoder (2004)

"Please deposit nine trillion, nine hundred ninety nine billion, nine hundred ninety nine million dollars and seven cents." Recorded February 2004 from 250
33123 bytes. by decoder (2004)
Phone Recordings  
"Excuse me, please deposit 5 cents for the next two minutes, or your call will be terminated... Thank you for using NYNEX" Recorded February 2004 from 250
104576 bytes. by av1d (2002)
AT&T 10-10-288-0
Phone Recordings  
As recorded on 11/9/02 - They killed the coins! It's plastic only now, phriends...
77584 bytes. (2002)
The end of Redboxing in America is nigh!
Phone Recordings  
This recording from AT&T announces that Coin-Op LD will soon be no more.
135168 bytes. (2000)
Millennium Payphone Rings!

This is the sound of a Nortel Millennium M1231 Payphone ringing!

There has been some heated discussion in alt.phreaking in recent months as to whether a Nortel Millennium payphone is capable of ringing. The answer, of course, is yes, and this file is the sound the phone makes. We at Whirlwind believe that there is a progressive campaign going on in many areas to make all payphones outgoing-only, which means that they are connected to phone lines that cannot accept incoming calls (callers get a recording). This of course is a line setting and not a property of the Millennium (or any other) phone, and while the phone companies have made *most* Nortel Millenniums undialable, there are a few which they "forgot". This one is at 250-389-9075. Added June 10, 2000

94208 bytes. (1998)
REAL Red Box tones!

This is as real as it gets, boys and girls - these are the tones from an actual GTE/Automatic Electric ACTS Payphone. Note the poor quality of the speech compared with the excellent quality of the tones - there is a distortion device on the handset mic! That is how they prevent red boxers in 604/250! Note also that these are the standard 1700/2200 tones, not plain 2200 as some in alt.2600 say Canadian phones are supposed to use. By the way, the phone kept my coins. This file cost me 65 cents to make! To paraphrase TAP, "BC Tel is a cheap mother!"


136964 bytes. (2001)

ANI/Caller ID   Phone Recordings  
ANAC - Reads off your full ANI with ANI-II and other information! Added May 26, 2001
78711 bytes. (2001)

ANI/Caller ID   Phone Recordings  
Toll Free ANAC - reads off your number among several other digits.
100131 bytes. (2000)
Toll-Free ANAC!

ANI/Caller ID   Phone Recordings  
"Thank you for calling MCI Worldcom. Our system indicates that you are calling from 206-607-1000. If this is the number you are calling about, press 1. If not, press 2."
(Whirlwind Note: Our ANI was hidden because we went through a WATS redialer service)
Added March 10, 2000
63560 bytes. (2000)
Toll-Free ANAC!

ANI/Caller ID   Phone Recordings  
"Hello, thank you for calling again. This is your second and final of the day to the Bulletproof Voicemail Demonstration from area code {different voice} 760-555-1212"
(Whirlwind Note: Our ANI was hidden because we went through a WATS redialer service)
Added March 6, 2000
288078 bytes. (2000)
Toll Free ANAC!

ANI/Caller ID   Phone Recordings  
This is the AT&T credit center. I hit 1 then 1 to get the ANAC. Added March 6, 2000
28033 bytes. (2000)
The output of an ANAC. Number unknown?
Phone Recordings  

Voice Mail & Answering Machines

10240 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
Answering Machine Beeps

Ans. Machines/VMBs  
The Beep Tones of a Sanyo Answering Machine.
34743 bytes. by Fixer (1998)
Answering Machine Beeps

Ans. Machines/VMBs  
The Beep Tones of a Panasonic KXT-1000 Answering Machine.
75494 bytes. by Cyber Thief (2000)
Answering Machine Beeptones for General Electric's "Cordless Answering System" model number 2-9740B
Ans. Machines/VMBs  
These tones are reputed to cause Protel payphones to disconnect.

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